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  1. Club is in very good condition. Some marks on the face and the sole but crown is spotless. Includes head over, and bag with wrench and draw/fade weight. $95 includes shipping.
  2. https://www.retailmenot.com/offer/N3HDRMTWO5DV5JJFWX23RMAABQ/ I saw this listing but I can’t get it to work. Anyone have any luck?
  3. I’ve been playing true temper dynamic gold s300 shafts in mizuno blades for at least the last 15 years. I really can’t complain as I like the ball flight and spin I get with them. However I am looking at getting a set of Taylor made p770s and I’m thinking it might be time for a change. I’m really looking at the kbs c taper tour since from what I’ve read they have similar low launch low spin characteristics, are 10 grams lighter, feel better, and are longer. I do hit the ball on the high side with a good amount spin and I’m average long. I hit my 6 iron 165-170. Anyone use both and can ma
  4. Clubs are in very good shape. No rust or worn grooves. Some bag chatter. Grips are also good. Dynamic Gold S 300 shafts stiff. I’ll pay the shipping. $400.
  5. I got a sleeve today at the course and played 18 with them. I really didn’t notice much difference from the pro v1. Ball flight and distance looked similar. Maybe on a launch monitor there would be a difference but I was hitting from all the same spots off the tee and the irons were the same. Only thing that seemed different was irons into the green. The ball seemed to have a little less bite than the pro v 1 but it could also be the greens were hard and sandy. Overall very similar to the pro v 1.
  6. I bought callaways short flight foam balls and use them in my yard. I think they’re pretty good. They have some firmness compared to other cheap brands I’ve tried. They’re not totally indicative of a what a real ball will do but they’re fun to hit. I would say a 7 iron goes about 30 yards with them.
  7. I have played a Mizuno cavity back players iron for the last 17 years in one form or another. Two years ago I went from the MP 63 to the MP 5. I hit it well when I tested it and I didn’t like the MP 25 at all. It also was advertised as being more forgiving than a traditional blade. With two years of experience with them I have found it is not forgiving as I would like. Sadly mizunos new offerings don’t interest me. I definitely don’t want the pure blade of the 18 and don’t like the looks of the 18 SC or the wide sole. I do however like what I see with Titleists offerings. I really like the C
  8. In I would like to try them out and see if the alignment aid reallly works. It would be very useful for me with my driver.
  9. I play blades because I hit them straighter then GI clubs with more offset. I have had sets of both and I get very crooked with GI clubs. The lack of forgiveness is a trade off. Although I play mizuno mp 5’s which are nothing like blades of yesterday. They are truly a modern blade simply because of the size of them.
  10. You’ll see the biggest difference in irons and chips around the green. When people talk about how the ball has changed the game this is it. A premium ball, any brand, has solid core distance and wound ball spin around the green. Before the pro v1, it was one or the other. The pro v1 with its urethane cover which grips the club face and spins it, and solid core combined the two and changed the game.
  11. Well Tiger Woods has a ping grip on his Scotty Cameron. If he can do it anyone can.
  12. 22 dozen golf balls would last me 10 years. Ok maybe 7. I think you guys went a little overboard.
  13. I use any premium ball. Usually the pro v 1 but I will also do others based on price. I’m playing the Bridgestone bxs right now because I got a dozen for $35. The spin around the green is a big deal for me. You’re not going to get that spin with a cheap ball.
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