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  1. The face on pics of the short irons look off...but at address they seem fine. Weird. Overall look good even with the (seemingly) 238047 grooves.
  2. 120X in the irons and wedges, Evenflow White 6.5 in fairway, Hzrdus Smoke 6.5 in driver.
  3. Raised sightline on that Odyssey RSX is phenomenal. GLWS.
  4. Cheaper armlock may be interesting...
  5. He is signed with Srixon for the ball and he is a big face for them for that...so Zipcore is not a totally outrageous suggestion.
  6. JPX 921 Tour/Forged combo if you want Mizuno. MP20 MB is too big a step from AP3.
  7. Glide 2.0 and 2.0 Stealth TS is fairly unique in that there doesn't seem to be much out there like it - the 3.0 didn't do it but those wedges in general didn't do it because they are rather large for some reason. I hope Ping's new iteration goes back to a more normal size. I barely practice with my Stealth's because I don't want to wear them out before a hopeful new version comes out.
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