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  1. 921T ordered around Thanksgiving, received earlier this week.
  2. Ordered 921T around Thanksgiving - just shipped this week. About 6-7 week turnaround.
  3. Is there anywhere to find more info on this? I've seen the heel grind and some other things before but have not heard about this bounce grind. Thanks in advance to you or anyone who can share more insight on this.
  4. Have played 919T and have 921T on order...I did notice a difference - in the 921T the shorter irons are a bit smaller, and the longer irons seem to have more help built into them. The scoring irons are definitely more "MP" like in terms of playability, and overall, they did feel more stable. 919T had a lot of toe weight, which was fine, but it seemed like it muffled the feedback/feel just a tad (still better than almost other comparables though). 921T plays more blade-like in terms of performance, seems a hint more stable, has a little better feel, and has a more noticeable progr
  5. T20 is mediocre in my books, not as versatile as the T7. I wish they would release a wedge based on the T4, 5, and 7. So easy to hit any type of shot around the green. T20s are so bulky...good for full shots but that’s about it for me.
  6. Understood. It's all personal preference and if it's visual, can't do much about it. However to account for that they called it a "Flow Tapered Blade," adding weight up top to move the CG/sweetspot higher in the scoring clubs. I've never had an issue with a ballooning scoring iron, believe me. https://mizunogolf.com/us/layers-of-feel/ Detailed about halfway down on that page.
  7. Everyone screamed at Mizuno for years about those oversized 8-P though!! I like the small scoring irons, looks so sleek and smooth to me. I really like the MP20 - very forgiving as well.
  8. All good choices. Depends on personal preference. I think Mizuno offers that shaft for free. Plus they have the ability to easily combo long irons that are more forgiving. So, that could be a starting point?
  9. Two items up for sale - they aren't quite as exclusive or expensive as some of the limited edition irons that have popped up recently, but are certainly much more affordable and should help your golf game. 1. Srixon Z585 4 Iron - ordered direct from Srixon a couple of weeks ago Loft: 22 (Standard) Length: 38.5" (Standard) Lie: 1* flat (Ordered this way but haven't measured myself) Shaft: Nippon Modus 120X, Logo Down Grip: Lamkin Crossline Black/White +1 wrap, Logo Up Took a punt on this when I got a tip that these heads were almost sold out, ma
  10. I think that would make sense as well - no need to release pure MBs every two years, one would think.
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