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  1. Pretty much as the title states. Slant neck is a must. Thank you!
  2. Looking for one of these, 42.5" or shorter. Let me know what you've got! Ping 5 wood tuned down could work too I think.
  3. Old range and chipping area.
  4. Got these two clubs just prior to the snow and permafrost hitting Colorado...so haven't had a chance to play them at all. They're just sitting around, so hopefully someone who needs a new long game will put these to good use. Shipping together obviously will be a cheaper price. PayPal for payment, send DM for email address and any other questions. 1. Tour Edge CBX T3 13* - 43" - HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 76g - $120/obo Ordered this direct from Tour Edge, and hasn't seen a ball outside. All standard specs. I've hit this off a mat in the house about 20 times. Tried to capture the
  5. Not often you see a company create stuff out of nowhere, with no hype or otherwise, and it just shows up on Tour just like that - crazy! The blades look just like MP20s, so I am already a fan.
  6. 921T ordered around Thanksgiving, received earlier this week.
  7. Ordered 921T around Thanksgiving - just shipped this week. About 6-7 week turnaround.
  8. Is there anywhere to find more info on this? I've seen the heel grind and some other things before but have not heard about this bounce grind. Thanks in advance to you or anyone who can share more insight on this.
  9. Have played 919T and have 921T on order...I did notice a difference - in the 921T the shorter irons are a bit smaller, and the longer irons seem to have more help built into them. The scoring irons are definitely more "MP" like in terms of playability, and overall, they did feel more stable. 919T had a lot of toe weight, which was fine, but it seemed like it muffled the feedback/feel just a tad (still better than almost other comparables though). 921T plays more blade-like in terms of performance, seems a hint more stable, has a little better feel, and has a more noticeable progr
  10. T20 is mediocre in my books, not as versatile as the T7. I wish they would release a wedge based on the T4, 5, and 7. So easy to hit any type of shot around the green. T20s are so bulky...good for full shots but that’s about it for me.
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