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  1. Yup, they definitely came out several months later, somewhat out of the blue.
  2. Anyone have an inkling if Mizuno are updating their shaft offerings with this line? I know they had a fairly robust update with the 921 line. Hoping that MMT is an option with reasonable upcharge.
  3. Do we have a more definite price point yet? Or just speculation still?
  4. Cleveland frontline and then Taylormade FCG have been onto this tech…the putter head just wants to return to square.
  5. Just one item today: 1) Oban Kiyoshi White 65-05 (X-flex) - $170/obo Length: ~42.3" Adapter: TaylorMade (fits SIM, 300 Mini, etc) Grip: New Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Condition: Excellent - some minor markings near tip magnified by the white paint, but could pass for new Good shaft for 300 Minidriver, 3W, or cut down driver. Was part of my 300 Mini shootout, so just range time on this guy - nothing on course. Price is via Paypal and includes shipping to lower 48. Other locales, let's talk a little more. Please DM with questions. Thanks!
  6. Really like these. They seem to me, to be a nicer looking (at address), polished version of the S55, which is one of my favorites. The thin misses are incredible for this style of iron.
  7. Anyone thinking of going 17/21 combo?
  8. Are people tending to more sweep this club or hit more down on it like an iron?
  9. It all looks really good, especially the irons, but they've gotta be kidding me with that font on the first two pictures. Looks like a US Kids wedge.
  10. Looking for any updates on this now that some folks have had longer-term experiences. Specifically looking at the IO 6.5 as it looks like it could be an ideal Modus 115 alternative (the shaft that never was). Liked the feel of the LS 6.0 interestingly enough, but it did not seem to reduce any spin vs comparables. 6.5 however was too boardy for me.
  11. Tested these yesterday and as compared to regular PX, found the LS had: -slightly less ball speed (slightly) -nearly equivalent spin -slightly less peak height -much better feel -much better dispersion Didn't read through this whole thread but am curious if others felt this way.
  12. Mizuno has even said that the 223 will be smaller than the MP20 MMC…so…
  13. Looks like all the PX (LZ, IO, LS) are already available for the existing lines.
  14. Shipping likely via USPS and Paypal is preferred payment. Prices include shipping. 1. Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 - $99/obo 35 inches Black Winn Excel 2020 VSN Medallist Grip Mint - has only seen a few balls indoors Standard loft and lie OEM headcover included in excellent shape Retail version 2. Odyssey White Ice 3 - $75/obo 35 inches Red/Black Odyssey White Ice Grip Has been gamed off and on but no major dents, gashes, scratches, etc - face is immaculate Standard loft and lie Will include non-OEM Craftsman Golf magnet blade putter cover 3. HZRDUS RDX Smoke Blue 60g 6.0 Taylormade Tip - $SOLD 42.6 inches grip to tip of adapter Taylormade Grey Golf Pride Z Grip Standard Pulled from Taylormade Mini Driver Brand new, direct from Taylormade 4. Project X Evenflow White 6.5X 90g Hybrid Shaft, No Adapter - $SOLD 38.125 inches from grip to tip No adapter Pulled from Titleist U500 Lamkin Crossline Black/White Standard Grip 5. KBS C-Taper Lite 115X 3 Iron Shaft, No Adapter - $SOLD 38 inches grip to tip No adapter, ferrule still present Golf Pride Z Grip Align Standard Happy hunting, DM for additional pictures or questions. Sorry for the shaft pictures, they came out cropped and rotated for some reason.
  15. If the Modus 115 is stock for everything, that could be a big positive - I have wanted to try that shaft ever since I heard it was coming out (but now looks not to be?).
  16. av1084

    Ping i59

    Karma is truly a you know what. After years of complaining about Ping not making forged irons, they hear the feedback but charge fairway wood prices for a single iron. Never have I wanted just an old school, ugly, bulletproof cast iron with a block of tungsten in the toe in true Ping fashion more than I do now.
  17. Not trying to be a hater here, but does anyone find those wedges at address appearing quite bulbous?
  18. Don't see this taking off on tour personally, but I would appreciate this for the putting alignment and immediate on-course feedback.
  19. Better question may be what is the most forgiving compact iron head, but compact will have to have a definition. Ie. equal to or smaller than T100?
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