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  1. I was going through something similar. I hadn't played in almost a decade, but grew up playing junior golf and was a mid single digit handicap most of my life. I got back into the game a few months ago and couldn't get any sort of consistency with my swing. It was infuriating. Videoed my swing and sent it in for an online lesson. Turns out 90% of my issue came from my grip and setup. I also started videoing my swing whenever I went to the range. I was able to pick up on a few things that needed to be corrected or that I needed to work on. I'd recommend doing the same and seeing if
  2. This is how I've always been and where I'm currently at. Played on Tuesday and hit the ball great. Had a few simple swing thoughts - left arm parallel to target during takeaway, early wrist set, and stay more centered over the ball. I was flushing almost everything when I focused on those 3 things. Took some swings this morning trying to focus on those same things and noticed the left arm parallel thought had turned into taking the club away with my arms and not turning as well. I'll try and find a different thought that achieves the same goal of not yanking the club inside, which
  3. Save the video to your phone or computer and either drag the attachment to where it says Drag files here to attach at the bottom of the text box or click choose files.
  4. Good catch. Will keep an eye on that.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Went to the range and sent my video to iteach. He had me tweak my grip and takeaway and it made all the difference. Still have a lot to work on, but after not touching a club for 8 years and struggling as badly as I was I’m happy to have at least made consistent contact today. IMG_4140.MOV IMG_4141.MOV
  6. Yeah I noticed my head is all over the place. That and my left arm gets sucked in pretty early and my shoulder turn gets pretty flat. And then on the downswing my right hip gets out towards the ball, right shoulder isn’t down enough, and spine straightens out like you said. For now I’m just going to work on the left arm during my takeaway and keeping my head more steady. Trying to keep it simple for once.
  7. Quick Summary - Have gotten back into the game after a 7-8 year layoff. I used to play junior golf and played to somewhere between a 6-8 handicap in my early 20s when I last played. Since then I've gone from being very active to the opposite and have suffered a PCL tear and lateral meniscus tear in my right knee. I say that because I think there's some hesitancy on my part to trust my knee which may be causing me some issues. I've been going to the range 2-3 times a week and have gotten out on the course a few times as well over the last month. I have absolutely zero consistency wi
  8. Learn how to play golf and not just hit a golf ball. Scoring takes planning, knowing where to miss, knowing when bogey is a good score, etc. That was the biggest adjustment for me, opposed to pulling out driver on every hole and aiming at every pin.
  9. I'm just getting back into the game after a 7 year layoff. Last time I played I was in my early 20s and was playing somewhere between a 6-8 but was always a very good ball striker. Scoring was typically my issue. But physically I'm much different than I was back then. In simple terms I was fit and more flexible where now I'm out of shape and stiffer than a board. I started going to the range again last week. I had the shanks, was hitting a weak push-fade, or flipping and hitting pull hooks. I couldn't hit the ball with any consistency until my last few swings. On those swings I literally felt
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback and happy to see others are getting back into the game like myself. Going to the range later today to see what kind of swing I have to work with and then back out on the course with my dad next Friday!
  11. Thanks, I appreciate it. I know I need to go the fitting route, but I think my ego is getting to me and I don't want to go out there and struggle hitting my irons so I was looking for a quick fix. What you're suggesting is the smart thing to do. In my head, I'd spend $400-$600 on a used set now, hopefully hit them well enough while I get back into it, and then go for a proper fitting once I have a swing to work with. My ego is looking for immediate gratification so I can play better faster, when I'm probably better off just playing with what I have and putting the $400-$600 towards a new set w
  12. Hello all, I'm getting back into playing after a 7 year layoff due to my work and travel schedule. My dad is really pushing me to pick it up again so that we can play together before he gets up there in age. With that said, I'm thinking about picking up a new or used set of irons because I can't imagine myself playing enough to consistently hit what I currently have, plus I imagine they're extremely dated at this point. Current irons - Titleist 695 CB, +1.00'', True Temper Dynamic Gold SL X100, shafts, unsure on lie adjustments. I got these irons when I was around 20 years old and playing co
  13. He said the only three things all great golfers have in common is that their left pocket moves away from the target in the backswing, their right pocket moves towards the target, and that at impact they are all similar with forward shaft lean. Besides that, he said swings are like a fingerprint and each golfer has their own.
  14. MC21

    Driver Help

    [quote name='SurfinTurf' timestamp='1331880083' post='4518179'] [quote name='Myherobobhope' timestamp='1331850713' post='4515459'] [url="http://www.aldilastore.com/servlet/-strse-Closeout-Shafts-cln-NV/Categories"]http://www.aldilasto...n-NV/Categories[/url] Get the NV Pink 55g in X stiff for $17. [/quote] NV? In Pink? At 55 grams? Did you say your name was Barbie? Sorry... I can't condone this but it's your 17 bucks. So maybe think Harris English, retail PX 6.5. He plays a G15 and is ninth in driving distance at the moment (303.6 average) with a SS just shy of
  15. MC21

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    [quote name='SurfinTurf' timestamp='1331845431' post='4515065'] [quote name='MC21' timestamp='1331845042' post='4515039'] [quote name='SurfinTurf' timestamp='1331844345' post='4514963'] S flex huh.. at SS-116-122? You must be quite the smoothy. Get a G15 cause they're cheap now. Drop a PX in it cause that's what I'd do. No charge for my expert fitting advice. [/quote] Haven't played since I was 19 years old when I purchased the driver when my swing speed was lower and it fit my swing. Looking to purchase a new one because I'm significantly stronger and bigger and the driver no longe
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