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  1. I'm not currently playing competitively, but I grew up playing a bunch of competitive junior and amateur golf. During those days I was very long off the tee and often had under 150 yards in on par 4s. Wedges were the strength of my game so I hope I can give you the answer you're looking for. From 115 yards and in I was pin high the majority of the time. My misses were both left and right of the target, but my distance control was usually very good. From 115 yards and in I was also much more feel than mechanical. I didn't focus on taking it back to certain points for certain yardages, but I know many excellent wedge players that had 3 distances for every wedge based on 75%, 90%, and 100% swings. It's all personal preference. Back pins I would play it back and flight it lower, front pins I would play more middle and take it over the pin and spin it back. Again, I am a heavy feel player with my wedges so this may not apply. From 115-145 yards I would miss long, short, left, and right. A 3-5 yard circle around my target was probably a reasonable expectation. Left and right were the more common misses, but distance control wasn't as strong as 115 and in. Also, I was much more conservative with my target from this range. A full pitching wedge wasn't a green light if it was a tricky pin. Lastly, I practiced this a TON. I probably spent half of my range sessions hitting a variety of wedge shots because I had those clubs in my hands so often. If your son is consistently missing left it is either mechanical or equipment related, IMO.
  2. Yup, just figured I'd give an alternative reason for the left miss if it's only with certain clubs and consistently in the same direction.
  3. Any chance this could be lie angle related? I recently ordered wedges that were too upright for me. As soon as I hit them I realized something was off because my distance control was solid, but my shots were starting 2-4 yards left of my target and staying there consistently. Wedge play is probably the best part of my game so I knew this was equipment related. Got them adjusted and have not had the same issues.
  4. This is pretty much exactly how I grip it now. Straight back and straight through stroke with a face balanced putter and I use my right palm to guide the club directly away from my spot and then back towards it. I can't explain how much this has helped me recently. Could just be a hot streak with the putter, but it feels very repeatable and a very simple motion.
  5. I think it's also important to keep in mind whether you have a face-balanced or toe hang putter when it comes to the grip. For me, if the putter is through the lifeline and feels like the shaft is more in line with my forearms it compliments a face balanced putter much better than a toe-hang. If the putter is more in my fingers and I use a face-balanced putter I will miss everything left. I've been most successful with the grip through the lifeline with a face balanced putter. It allows me to feel like all I need to do is direct my right palm towards my target and I can start the ball on line much more often than my old grip which was more through the fingers with a toe-hang putter.
  6. I'm more like Tiger with trying to hit draws. If I try to hit cuts or spin it straight back I find that I'm not as consistent and don't always judge the spin right. I'll try and hit the draw on anything I want to roll out whether it be a pitch or chip. If I want it to check I will try and focus on backspin or cut spin. For me, focusing on the spin and how I want the ball to release takes care of all the technical stuff. Also, I've switched over to the TP5x Pix recently and visualizing the logos spinning one way or the other has helped tremendously.
  7. Happened to me once and I focused on feeling like both eyes started behind the ball and stayed behind the ball. Also feeling like my chest stayed centered throughout the swing helped.
  8. Thanks! The more I read about it and get feedback from this thread I'm thinking that I will just play with the grind and bounce that I have if they won't exchange it. I don't know enough about this stuff or have a trusted clubmaker that would be able to point me in the right direction.
  9. I carry a P790 UDI 2 iron with a Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.5 100g shaft that took me a couple weeks to get used to. For me, it was a setup tweak that I needed to get the best results. Now I setup somewhere in between a long iron and fairway wood and I am getting great results. If you're too shallow with the club maybe you need to feel like covering it more with your chest at address? My issue was the opposite and now that I've backed off it a bit at address this club has become my fairway finder off the tee that I can shape much better than my hybrid.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Honestly, I don't know anything about grinding and what it will do to do wedge. I only know what I've played and what I like/dislike. I ordered the wedges and mixed up the grind/bounce options on my 54 and 60 when ordering and realized a couple of minutes after I placed it. I immediately called TGW and they made the adjustment to the 54 but not the 60 unfortunately. I don't think they'll take it back since they're +.5" and a custom order. Still waiting on confirmation from them regarding that. I haven't played with the 60 yet because I'm hoping they'll exchange it. If not, I'll play with it as is and see how I like it. I was wondering if it could be ground to a different shape in the event that I don't. I'd usually order another in the M grind from Titleist, but it took me 7 weeks to get this order in and at that point I'd be getting towards the back end of my season between weather and work.
  11. Hi all, Placed a custom order for SM8s through TGW.com that I made a change to shortly after ordering. Unfortunately there was a mixup and I received the original order and not the bounce/grind I updated it to. I currently have the 60 degree with 10 degrees of bounce and S grind with the raw finish. The order was supposed to be for 8 degrees and M grind. Are there clubmakers I can take this to that can grind this themselves to reduce the bounce and shape? It sounds like I'm SOL in regards to getting the bounce and grind I want because this was a custom order and there are no returns/exchanges.
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