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  1. Former baseball player who went on to play a lot of slow-pitch softball. I think the slow-pitch softball swing is more applicable to golf than baseball because the swing needs to deliver all of the power and right elbow isn't as high. There are a lot of similarities between my golf swing and my softball swing that have worked wonders for me. One aha moment was the movement of the arms in the backswing. In baseball/softball, I realized my arms don't move and they get behind me through my rotation and coiling up behind the ball. That realization made a big difference in the role of m
  2. I pretty much exclusively use my 60 degree around the greens. I adjust the ball position for trajectory and preset my wrist and shaft angle. From there I just turn back and through the ball. If I need to add speed for a longer shot I just release the club and wrist angle through the ball. For me, this is the easiest way to get consistent trajectory and spin. If I want to add spin I open the face and open my stance a bit to cut across it. Just find a system that works for you and experiment hitting different shots with that system.
  3. The stronger grip pressure led to better contact and a more consistent ball flight. I can't really give you the reasoning for why it happened, but after I switched to a stronger grip I was very inconsistent with my ball striking. One day at the range I just focused on keeping the clubface square to the ball longer during the takeaway and hit pitch shots so that I could make more consistent contact. While doing this, I noticed my grip pressure was much stronger than normal. For whatever reason, it worked and I was able to progress to full shots and had the same success.
  4. Stronger grip pressure was the difference for me. If my pressure was a 5 with a more neutral grip, it is probably a 7 with the stronger one.
  5. Here's an old article with Louis Oosthuizen where he addresses this: 4. PAUSE AT THE TOP Rushing your downswing can kill good contact. Here’s the way to start down—and crush every iron. I believe that if you get your top position right, solid impact happens almost by itself. The only thing that can mess you up is rushing the start of your downswing. So don’t do it! Every good player I know pauses at the top, if only for an instant. That tiny pause harmonizes all the moving parts happening in your swing, creating the smooth tempo needed for pure contact. Try
  6. Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  7. Just looking for a quick comparison between the two. I haven't hit either and was able to come across a used set in each that meet my specs. I currently play Titleist CBs for comparison. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I am not an instructor and I'm not suggesting I swing it like DJ, but I have had some success doing a few things similar. Got back into the game after a long layoff. Previously played junior golf to a mid-single digit handicap and had one of those cookie cutter swings that everyone who grew up playing in the 2000's was taught. Was awful when I got back into it this summer, got a video lesson, and one of the primary focuses was strengthening my grip. I had never played with a strong grip before and ended up in a weird position at address with my hands pressed forward and club slight
  9. I'm looking to buy a set of used irons for the winter season. I'm currently playing Dynamic Gold SL X100's and was wondering what shafts by other manufacturers are comparable. I started playing again after a long layoff and am unfamiliar with KBS, Nippon, etc. and am just looking for what the nearest equivalent to my current shafts would be. It seems most of the sets available aren't equipped with DG shafts.
  10. I stumbled into an early wrist set this summer and it has made all the difference for me. It's literally how I initiate my swing and then the rest is just a slight weight shift and proper turn. I also feel like my swing is significantly shorter (however it's not much shorter on video) and I've actually increased my distances because I'm hitting the ball flush more often. For those who set their wrists early, whenever I feel like I'm losing that sensation or what was working I watch videos of DJ. This one is only of him hitting a pitch shot, but I try to make my action similar with
  11. Not the exact same, but something similar happened with me this year. I used to play junior golf and then in the summers throughout college. Handicap was consistently around a 6 throughout that time. Then I didn't play for a little over 8 years and got back into it over the middle of this past summer. When I first started playing, I couldn't make consistent contact. Shanks, weak push fades, etc. Distances were 15-20 yards shorter with my clubs compared to when I last played. It was a nightmare and I had no idea why. Went and got a lesson and realized my grip was a mess. Worked that
  12. I've been dealing with pain in my left hand (I'm a righty), throughout the top of my hand. I've experienced this from time to time at work from typing, but it's really been bothering me the last few weeks when playing golf. Hitting off mats seems to make it worse, as well. I looked online for tips, braces, etc. to relieve the pain, but haven't found much. I live in the northeast and only have a few more weeks of being able to play, so I'd like to just manage the pain and then hope it gets better with rest once the season ends. Has anyone experienced anything similar and
  13. Honestly, I just position my phone so that it sits between two headcovers in my bag, but there are attachments that you can buy that mount your phone to your bag. https://www.amazon.com/SelfieGolf-Record-Golf-Swing-Accessories/dp/B07PRJK85J/ref=asc_df_B07PRJK85J/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=343227706686&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1919634013051159735&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9003743&hvtargid=pla-693949958050&psc=1&tag=&ref=&adgrpid=68258019599&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvadid=
  14. I was going through something similar. I hadn't played in almost a decade, but grew up playing junior golf and was a mid single digit handicap most of my life. I got back into the game a few months ago and couldn't get any sort of consistency with my swing. It was infuriating. Videoed my swing and sent it in for an online lesson. Turns out 90% of my issue came from my grip and setup. I also started videoing my swing whenever I went to the range. I was able to pick up on a few things that needed to be corrected or that I needed to work on. I'd recommend doing the same and seeing if
  15. This is how I've always been and where I'm currently at. Played on Tuesday and hit the ball great. Had a few simple swing thoughts - left arm parallel to target during takeaway, early wrist set, and stay more centered over the ball. I was flushing almost everything when I focused on those 3 things. Took some swings this morning trying to focus on those same things and noticed the left arm parallel thought had turned into taking the club away with my arms and not turning as well. I'll try and find a different thought that achieves the same goal of not yanking the club inside, which
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