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  1. Spieth still but the margin is getting closer. JT needs two more majors before Jordan gets another and he'll pass him.
  2. you and I are similar. I started playing in 2011. Bought my first set of clubs with the TM Burner Plus irons. Within a couple of years I was low 80's, in the high 70's a few times. Decided I was good enough to play a players Muscle Back irons. For the first couple of years I continued to play a ton and played well. Then grad school, jobs and life has taken some time away and I struggle to hit them consistently. I often dream about the days when I was on the brink of breaking 80 each time I played while using those TM Burners. I think this summer Im going to get fitted for more of players game improvement iron like the 790 or Apex just to help with forgiveness and the lack of practice time.
  3. film yourself in slow motion. You're likely extending your hips up and towards the ball at impact, causing the thin/topping shots.
  4. It was an Adams IDEA V3 3hybrid. I'm very intrigued with the utility irons. I think they may work for my needs. More often than not, the 200-210 yard shot that I need is off the tee from a long par 3. Seems as if the reachable par 5's are at least 225 out, which I can go after with the 5 wood. I'm laying up if any further than that. I've committed to playing only smart golf in 2021 to see what it does to my handicap.
  5. Interesting. Oddly, my instructor changed my grip from very weak back to strong this past summer. Even with my old very weak grip, I was still only able to hit the right to left shots with control, although the misses were much worse. I'm not sure the grip is my issue at the moment.
  6. You sound a lot like me. If I try to hit a fade, Im slicing it big time. The draw and right to left is the only shot shape I can control on command other than straight. I think the first two years of my golf career I worked so hard at removing the baseball "over the top" slice swing, that I have created a swing that cant shape it left to right. Can you explain your revelation regarding the club face?
  7. I can hit a low punch shot that moves right to left all day, but I struggle figuring out how to hit a straight or a left to right low punch shot (Im a righty). Setting up with the ball back in my stance and covering the ball produces a low draw that is very consistent. Any time I am in the trees on the right side of the fairway and need to bend it back to the right and keep it low, I struggle. Any tips?
  8. Duck hook after duck hook. The left hook was and still is the miss from time to time with the longer clubs, but I was having to manipulate my swing to hit it straight at all. Looking back on it, I was new to golf and obviously the shaft or something wasn't correct.
  9. I hit my 4iron around 190-195 and carry a 20 yr old TM200 series 5wood that I hit around 220. I used to carry a 3H a few years ago, but I struggled to hit it. My pro instructor also couldn't hit it when I asked about how to hit the damn thing, and suggested I should just start playing the old 5wood in place. I still have quite the gap in my range. Anything between 205-220 I am quite screwed. Should I give the hybrids another chance?
  10. Ugh. You really drove that realist nail deep into my heart. You sound a lot like my wife, she'll cut through the bs and speak the truth often. But you're absolutely correct. I don't have issues off the tee box with a driver. Now long par 3's, and approach shots greater than 175...look out. Maybe it's time to upgrade the irons instead?!?!?!?
  11. I bought my first and only driver when I started playing in 2011. A 2011 Taylormade Burner. I upgraded the shaft with a Adila NV in 2012 and have been hitting it 260-280 with a baby draw pretty consistently straight ever since. I'm having the hardest time dropping the cash on a new driver when I hit my old one fairly well. Someone talk me into upgrading!
  12. Just made the switch to the classic GP Tour Wrap 2g on my irons. Have been playing the MCC for years, but decided I wanted to try something new.
  13. Typically this is how my rounds go, but my rounds this fall have been odd. I've come out striping everything pure for 7-8 holes. Then I lose it.
  14. Get the handicap under 5. Currently a 9.7
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