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  1. Ugh. You really drove that realist nail deep into my heart. You sound a lot like my wife, she'll cut through the bs and speak the truth often. But you're absolutely correct. I don't have issues off the tee box with a driver. Now long par 3's, and approach shots greater than 175...look out. Maybe it's time to upgrade the irons instead?!?!?!?
  2. I bought my first and only driver when I started playing in 2011. A 2011 Taylormade Burner. I upgraded the shaft with a Adila NV in 2012 and have been hitting it 260-280 with a baby draw pretty consistently straight ever since. I'm having the hardest time dropping the cash on a new driver when I hit my old one fairly well. Someone talk me into upgrading!
  3. Just made the switch to the classic GP Tour Wrap 2g on my irons. Have been playing the MCC for years, but decided I wanted to try something new.
  4. Typically this is how my rounds go, but my rounds this fall have been odd. I've come out striping everything pure for 7-8 holes. Then I lose it.
  5. Get the handicap under 5. Currently a 9.7
  6. Thanks for the replies. My ball striking just goes to s*** after 9-10 holes. I do eat at the turn typically. On christmas eve, we stopped at the #8 tee box for about 20mins to hide from a big rain shower that came in. After that, nothing seemed to be working any longer. Maybe the 2-3 miller lites are affecting me more than I think. Im not a heavy drinker by any means, but I do typically split a 6 pack of light beers with my playing partner over 18 holes.
  7. Looking for some tips here. My last three rounds have been 43/47, 42/45, 41/49. I am falling off badly after the turn. I was 1 over going into #8 on Thursday and shot a 90. UGH. Any tips on how to keep up the better play throughout my round?
  8. Im dealing with a case of Achilles Bursitis in my left heel and have discovered shoes without the heel counter help tremendously. Anyone know of golf shoe models without the heel counter?
  9. Update: after taking 10 days off, I had another range session yesterday evening. MUCH MUCH better. My confidence is back!
  10. I just moved from Sac to Charleston, SC, but prior to leaving I took a few lessons from Dave. He was fantastic. Completely rebuilt my stance, grip and swing and dramatically improved my ball striking. Highly recommend Dave Carr.
  11. I was hitting balls with full swings. There really wasn't a purpose other than working on alignment and honing in distance with each club.
  12. After a couple lessons, I have been striping the irons on the range and on the course over the last two months. I played Friday and pured most all iron shots all day. Then, yesterday I went up to the range to hit a bucket. EVERY SINGLE iron shot was off the toe and about 30 yards short. Every single ball mark was in the exact same spot on the toe, on every single iron I pulled from the bag. I've been so discouraged all day. I'm hoping the next range session will go better and I haven't developed some weird habit over the weekend.
  13. I bought a full set of TEE CB forged irons at 25 years old and am still playing them 10 years later.
  14. I'm right there with ya man. I bought my Tour Edge Exotics CB extreme forged irons in 2011 and have been playing them since. As much as I want to buy a new set, Im extremely focused on getting back to being good again. I took about 3 years off from 2017-spring 2020 and my game has suffered. I keep telling myself that my swing and consistency needs improving, not my clubs. Maybe in 2021, I'll be ready to splurge.
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