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  1. Typically this is how my rounds go, but my rounds this fall have been odd. I've come out striping everything pure for 7-8 holes. Then I lose it.
  2. Get the handicap under 5. Currently a 9.7
  3. Thanks for the replies. My ball striking just goes to s*** after 9-10 holes. I do eat at the turn typically. On christmas eve, we stopped at the #8 tee box for about 20mins to hide from a big rain shower that came in. After that, nothing seemed to be working any longer. Maybe the 2-3 miller lites are affecting me more than I think. Im not a heavy drinker by any means, but I do typically split a 6 pack of light beers with my playing partner over 18 holes.
  4. Looking for some tips here. My last three rounds have been 43/47, 42/45, 41/49. I am falling off badly after the turn. I was 1 over going into #8 on Thursday and shot a 90. UGH. Any tips on how to keep up the better play throughout my round?
  5. Im dealing with a case of Achilles Bursitis in my left heel and have discovered shoes without the heel counter help tremendously. Anyone know of golf shoe models without the heel counter?
  6. Update: after taking 10 days off, I had another range session yesterday evening. MUCH MUCH better. My confidence is back!
  7. I just moved from Sac to Charleston, SC, but prior to leaving I took a few lessons from Dave. He was fantastic. Completely rebuilt my stance, grip and swing and dramatically improved my ball striking. Highly recommend Dave Carr.
  8. I was hitting balls with full swings. There really wasn't a purpose other than working on alignment and honing in distance with each club.
  9. After a couple lessons, I have been striping the irons on the range and on the course over the last two months. I played Friday and pured most all iron shots all day. Then, yesterday I went up to the range to hit a bucket. EVERY SINGLE iron shot was off the toe and about 30 yards short. Every single ball mark was in the exact same spot on the toe, on every single iron I pulled from the bag. I've been so discouraged all day. I'm hoping the next range session will go better and I haven't developed some weird habit over the weekend.
  10. I bought a full set of TEE CB forged irons at 25 years old and am still playing them 10 years later.
  11. I'm right there with ya man. I bought my Tour Edge Exotics CB extreme forged irons in 2011 and have been playing them since. As much as I want to buy a new set, Im extremely focused on getting back to being good again. I took about 3 years off from 2017-spring 2020 and my game has suffered. I keep telling myself that my swing and consistency needs improving, not my clubs. Maybe in 2021, I'll be ready to splurge.
  12. I'm in the market for new irons as it's been 10 years since my last set. I've been researching lots of club fitting options, but keep coming back to the same idea. Why would my irons get adjusted to my swing problems, if I'm constantly trying to perfect my swing. Wouldn't adjusting the loft, etc. to my swing now hamper my ability to strike it pure as I became a better iron player?
  13. I ended up reducing the number of driver tee shots on the back nine, not because of his reasoning, but instead, because the short holes would cause us to have to wait until the group in front were up on the green putting. Taking the driver out was slowing us down. Of course, my back nine score was much worse than my front nine. I need to get my iron game back!
  14. I played a short muni course (par 68) recently with new group of friends. I'm just getting back into playing after taking a few years off. The driver is the only club that has stayed consistent through my hiatus, so naturally I tend to hit that off the tee more often than not. Most of the holes set up driver, short wedge for me through the front nine. I was up 3 strokes on everyone after nine. As we were waiting to tee off on #10, one of my playing partners tells me that I am essentially cheating and I needed to be hitting irons off the tee to properly play this course. Do you think he's
  15. I took a couple years off but have since gotten heavily back into playing. When I stopped in 2017 I was a 7 hcp after playing consistently for 7 years. Since starting back this spring, during my range sessions and playing, I've noticed that all of my irons are about 15 yards short of where they were when I left off. I'm playing the same clubs, and still feel like I'm hitting them super solid and straight. Anyone have any insight or tips? I was 165 with my 7i, but now am using that 7i to go after 150-155yd pins.
  16. Thanks for your help, biola. I'm definitely looking to become scratch or better. I'm currently a 7 hcp, and getting better by the day, but any help would be greatly appreciated. One gripe about my swing coach that find is that he seems content with making the best of what swing I currently have. He tweaks some minor things, usually grip and tempo, and makes sure Im making good contact. I feel like I have the work ethic and athletic ability to turn my swing into something great. I'm 27 years old and have been playing for right at two years. Can you explain how I should get my lower half g
  17. The pro giving me lessons has said he's not concerned at all with my 3/4 swing. I'm still hitting my 7 iron 165yrds which is suits me fine, but you're right, when I seey swing on film, it definitely looks like I'm shorting myself some power.
  18. Ive been reading the responses. Thanks to you both. I never thought I had a "casting the club" problem. That's interesting. I've been working on my shoulder turn, but when I do fully extend and get my left shoulder under my chin, I have trouble bringing the downswing back on plane. When I began golfing a couple years back, coming from a baseball background, I had quite the slice. What fixed it was the towel under the arm drill. Now, that swing has been engrained and has been difficult to separate the right elbow from my body.
  19. Anyone else think that playing with an worn out glove affects your game? I'm not one to play with a new glove each round, or every few rounds, but I've noticed when my glove is smooth, gray, and lacking that tackiness, I seem to play a bit worse. Maybe lack of feel or something, not sure.
  20. I've been working since my last video post on correcting an over exaggerated inside take away. My ball contact has become centered on the face since doing so, so that's a plus. I still need to work on getting some separation between my body and right elbow on the back swing. Also noticed on the face on that I sway toward my right hip a tad on the take away. Thoughts?
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojxnqxQP0Iw&feature=youtube_gdata_player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obhR944bSck&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  22. You'll be fine. Get em! I hit them several months ago at a demo day and liked them alot. Plenty of forgiveness and a thin top line to boot.
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