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  1. Do you mean injured his back when he wrecked his car? The FST under the care of the police was the safest he had been at any point that night. If he had re-injured it at any point. Heck, you've taken a pretty good jolt if you bend your wheels in an accident. Or, if he had injured himself during the field sobriety test. If he had, I wouldn't be placing any blame on the Jupiter PD. Yes the Jupiter PD was super nice to the guy, I mean you see the second officer actually try to catch Tiger from falling over.
  2. Yep, and watching that entire video, it looked like he was finally starting to come out of it near the end when he arrived at the police station. I think I heard him asking the officer some questions, or possibly smalltak?
  3. Hmm did the mods delete this thread or something, then bring it back? It was gone like couple hours ago. Weird, thought they had enough or something.
  4. Because all the "millennials" (oh how I hate that term) know everything, because they can look up stuff on their phone, so they are superior to old grumpy men.
  5. My first thought when I read the topic was Joe Paterno. He is the clear winner here. Helped wreck children's lives and the discovery killed him. Why Joe Paterno? You do know that it was Sandusky that was the molester. Joe didn't molest anybody, the only thing wrong Joe did was he tried reporting the behavior of Sanduski, and the Penn State management wanted to sweep it under the rug. Leave Joe alone he was a great coach for like 30 yrs. Lynch mob mentality with that case, very wrong they blamed him for it.
  6. Wow when I first saw this thread, I was like this has to be a short list. Now I remember all these, and there are a LOT of sports celebrities that fall from grace. Crazy! OJ has to be the biggest nut job. There may have been others that murdered people. But OJ was the only one who got away from a double homicide, and he was stupid enough to end up back in Jail. (Karma's a b**** OJ).
  7. Yup I agree. A couple weeks ago I went to my local GG to check out the new Mizuno 900 Forged irons. I walk in, the place wasn't busy at all. So I'm there at the irons, waiting waiting for somebody to help me. NOTHING! So I start walking around and found a guy who worked there. I said I need to check out these Mizuno's please. So the guy ushers me to the hitting bay. I'm sitting there hitting like 30 balls or something. And nobody came. I'm like WTF these guys dont want to make a sale? There's literally like 3 other people in the store, and and about 8 I saw employees. So I'm really pissed off at that point, about ready to walk out and go to the PGA Superstore (but its a long drive). I ask for a manager. The manager comes to me, and this guy was just an idiot. I said I've been here for like 45min and I want to buy some clubs. He looks at me like I was bothering him. I said "You're the manager?" How in the word did you get that position when you run your store like this? I stormed out and told him I'm taking my money elsewhere. Went to the PGA Superstore and bought the irons.
  8. Why can't these drug companies create a sleeping aid drug that doesn't make em do crazy stuff? I've seen heroin users have more coherence than Tiger was looking like. Either that or just plain outlaw this crap! Oh and while they're at it, can they please outlaw these goddamn drug adverts on TV?
  9. If you believe Haney's book The Big Miss, and nothing has ever come to light that sheds doubt on anything Haney wrote in that book, Tiger is definitely the type who reads everything. Haney tells a story of driving to the course with Tiger and Stevie during Masters week 2010 and Tiger was on his phone surfing the net reading aloud all the things folks were saying about him. Haney said Tiger seemed to get off on it somehow. Hmm wow that is very interesting, didn't know what he was like with media, people talk. Its very strange that celebrities really like this stuff. Bad things happen and no matter how bad things get, they still enjoy the attention. I am the complete opposite of an attention whore. I like my privacy, and I don't even like it when people stare at me. I look back like what the hell this guy lookin at me for.
  10. I wonder what Tiger is doing right now? Is he watching all the media coverage of him? Some celebrities watch all the crap (like Trump too). And some celebrities avoid watching any media when stuff like this happens. So which one is Tiger?
  11. Crazy friend story. A friend of mine (we play a weekly round together), last year. He's had these really old Taylormades. I dunno why but I keep hounding him to buy new clubs. He tell me "its not the arrow its the indian. He's been struggling a bit with his game. He just refuses to buy new clubs (he can afford to buy PXGs if he wanted to). So last year we're playing a round. And I had the 2016 EZ forged. I forced him to try it. He hit one shot and said "HOLY CRAP THAT FEELS SO NICE!". I laughed and told him its Mizuno forged. He's been playing steel CGI clubs forever. So he immediately bought the exact same set as me. And his game started to come around too! Every swing he says "HOLY BUTTER". LOL So now that I got the new 900 forged. He took one swing, and bought the exact same set! LOL
  12. ... and Michael Jackson, and Whitney Huston, and Jim Belushi, and just about every other celebrity that has died from drugs. (long list)
  13. I don't understand. Well I understand that not sleeping will drive you nuts. But why can't these drug companies create a sleeping medication that doesn't turn everybody into zombies, and sleep walk?
  14. Uh oh... everybody must have taken their ambien and went to bed already?
  15. In the video Tiger gives out his girlfriend's Erika number. So I just called her and asked her for a booty call, since Tiger is busy right now. She said no because I'm about a billion dollars too short on cash.
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