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  1. Looking for something in the 70-80 Gram range and ideally with a firm mid and tip section. Open to stiff or x depending on the shaft but must have a G410/G425 tip. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. Like New PXG 0311T Gen 2 4 - PW with Elevate (stiff) Shafts. Great irons that I would have no problem playing, but I am just impatient and not willing to put in the time to get them dialed in. Irons have been used for 2 range sessions and 1 round, that's it. I am not even sure all irons were even hit. Looking for $900 shipped OBO. Some trade interests are below, not really interested in much else: SIM2 or Sim MAX 2 Driver (9 or 10.5) Ping G410/G425 LST or Max (9 or 10.5) SIM Hybrid 19 or 22* Hybrid with an aftermarket shaft Tensei Pro Orange 7S w/ TM or Ping Adapter
  3. Unless it was a custom set, most Titleist sets have the serial number only on the 6 iron. That along with the strange paint wear would be a hard pass for me. Ryan
  4. Looking to trade (in similar condition) for the same in 10.5. Overall head is in mint condition and has hit less than 20 balls. Would consider trades for a SIM Max as well. Since I have to include a price let’s say SOLD shipped OBO but would prefer a trade. Includes headcover.
  5. I think you are missing the point. It seems like in your eyes it is acceptable for @Nail_It to act this way but not others. You can not have banter if it is one sided, and in reading through most of this topic, that’s how it appears to me. The OP has not once teased or ridiculed @Nail_It, yet they have time and time again poked fun of the OP. In my eyes that is the definition of a bully, apparently others disagree.
  6. Wow, I am impressed. Good for him for coming on here and 1. Posting a Swing Video and 2. Posting a video of him working out. There are a lot internet tough guys that can't back up most things they say and hide when criticism arises. This guy hasn't back down and has tried to back up all his claims. Admittedly I was skeptical at first but I am thinking with this guys sheer strength and flexibility, he can probably muscle it up there close to 110. Although I think there are some basic fundamentals that need working on. I hope to be alive and walking when I am 55, let alone have thi
  7. For what it is worth, the 17th @ Eastwood (in Fort Myers, FL) is 351 from the back tees. Are we talking about the same course? Ryan
  8. Everyone needs to settle down a bit here, I don't think the poster was trolling, if he was he wouldn't have posted a swing. I give him plenty of credit for actually posting a swing a swing as well. As some others have unkindly suggested, I think you might want to recheck your device as it seems it may be incorrectly calibrated. The "quickest" way to confirm would be to post your average driving distance. If you are swing 110+ and have a decent smash factor, launch and spin, you would be carrying it 275-295, total drive of 300-315. There seems to be a lot of moving parts in your swing and it ap
  9. Also if both sides do not believe the fault lies with them, why doesn't the seller file a claim with the shipping company? You clearly have before and after photos.
  10. Maybe I am the odd man out but I really do not think the buyer damaged this club. He clearly buys and sells dozens of items monthly on eBay, so why is this the one item he decided to get fraudulent with? At the same time I do not think the seller knowingly sold a damaged club. I think somehow it was damaged in transit or someone else messed around with the putter after it was received. Which yes in this case the onus would fall on the buyer. It isn't the buyers first transaction and is very active on eBay. Just my two cents, take it how you would like.
  11. Unloading some extras in order to purchase some new toys for the upcoming season. All prices are OBO and first to send PP get the items, will offer discounts for multiples. 1. Taylor Made M3 10.5 Head, has been used for 2+ seasons and does show wear but has plenty of life left. Come with headcover (I think). $135 shipped OBO. 2. Mitsubishi DIamana DF 70 Stiff Shaft w/ TM 2 +/- adapter @ 44 3/4", has been used 2 rounds and a few range sessions. SOLD 3. Scotty Cameron Custom Shop Nylon Headcover, used for 1 season, velcro still in good shape. SOLD
  12. trying to unload a few items to pay for some new toys, all prices are OBO. First to send PP gets the item and trade interests are below SM7 Vokey 56* SIM Max Hybrid 18 or 22* with an aftermarket shaft (stiff) SIM Driver, 10.5* and will add cash. 1. Cleveland RTX4 56 & 60 wedges, stock shafts, used for 2 northeast seasons. Ideally would prefer to sell as a pair so lets do $SOLD$ 2. Footjoy Performance 1/4 Pullover in Grey, size Medium, worn twice. These retail for $90 so how about $SOLD$ 3. BNWT Callaway Opti-Dry Polo in White, size Medium
  13. But you are also making the assumption that it was being used and (more importantly), have you ever used navigation? There are plenty of instances in which the maps shown are rather misleading, making a slight turn in the road appear to be a hard left/ right or vice versa.
  14. I am not the biggest Tiger fan either and agree he did not look his best on Sunday, however before speculating about what he may or may not have been on, let's think about the following. He was traveling north and possibly was unfamiliar with the roads. Thinking he was supposed to exit left of the roadway went into the wrong lane and another car was coming. He attempted to avoid them and veered into the ditch, trees, etc? The overhead video makes that road look somewhat confusing and easily misinterpreted.
  15. Just received my PM and am very excited, I did have a quick question regarding starting out on the Protocols. They mention there should be slight tension and I connected a 60* (similar to what they did), what has everyone else been starting out with? A wedge, 9 iron, 7 iron? Not sure if it really matters assuming you still hit pitches, etc. Regards Ryan
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