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  1. Currently in the midst of planning an annual golf trip and this year we are doing MB/ Pawleys Island. We will be playing 4 rounds with Caledonia, True Blue and TPC MB already decided on. Our fourth round is currently booked at Pawleys- first round the day we arrive, I figured I would use the “worst course” for that round. However I am just wondering if there is any better option in the area with a similar price point. I have heard decent things about both Willbrook and River Club, would one of those be a better option. We have already done Heritage Club a few times in the past so not really considering it. Thanks
  2. I have done a few trades and we have each sent one another $1 PP G&S just to have a verified address and agreed on the same shipping date and carrier. Other than that, never exchanged money.
  3. A tracking number showing they have been delivered to the verified address on the PP account.
  4. The person who did not receive the clubs can file a PP claim and would have the amount they sent refund as they did not receive the goods.
  5. The person who did not receive the clubs can file a PP claim and would have the amount they sent refund as they did not receive the goods.
  6. Looking to sell some excess inventory to soften the blow of being fit today for new irons. Not really looking for any trades except the below: SIM/SIM2 10.5 driver, head only of stiff shaft ‘19 20* Apex Hybrid New Bushnell Range Finder I will not hold any items, first to PayPal gets it, please don’t waste either of our time with lowball offers as I think everything is priced fairly. Moving on to the goods. TaylorMade Spider X Hydroblast Grey/white @ 34”, used 2x and could pass for new. Comes with headcover, $200 shipped/obo EvnRoll ER2 @ 34”, has been used 1 season and has some wear. Comes with headcover but missing ballmark. SOLD Ping Sigma 2 Kushin @ 34”, No headcover. Used 1 season but in good overall shape. SOLD Brand New without box, Footjoy ProSL blue/ grey combo size 9.5. SOLD
  7. Yes, I am well aware. However if the buyer didn’t have them for 14 days, but installed them and realized he didn’t like them, it seems like based on your first response above (and I could be wrong) that it seems like the auction "rules" would supersede (thus accepting a return) then the actual principle of returning used goods.
  8. Sounds like that answers the question. "Accepts Returns" does not mean install them, try them out and then determine, pull them and then decide they are not for you. Did you read the entire thread? Once anything is used the return policy is null and void, this shouldn't be Golf Galaxy of PGASS.
  9. Looking to buy a Odyssey O-Works 7s Black @ 34” in very good/ mint condition. May consider similar slant neck putters. Thanks
  10. Interested, how does the medium fit compared to other brands? Specifically FJ?
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