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  1. I have a set of Project X 6.0 LZ 4-9 iron shafts for sale. The shafts are standard Titleist length as shown by the pictures. Looking for $210 + shipping OBO Let me know if you have any questions! Cheers IMG_7516.HEIC IMG_7517.HEIC IMG_7518.HEIC IMG_7519.HEIC
  2. Even Flow Blue! Do not currently have one but hit one on an epic a few times and loved it! So smooth and felt great - definitely looking to pick one up someday for my M1!
  3. The straps are very comfortable, they're still thick but not quite as plush. They have a climate control material in them (cant remember the technical term) and it does seem to help, but bottom line, very comfortable straps.
  4. I just bought a Ping Hoofer 5-way and love it. It's such a well thought out bag, a ton of storage, and even storage pockets inside pockets. I would highly suggest the Hoofer. IMO I think adding an auxiliary strap is good in theory but never as good as a bag with the two strapping system. I added a two strap system to a Sunday/pencil bag and it works, just not the same. The fastening points are hard to get perfect. Just my .02 cents but definitely suggest the Hoofer!
  5. Two items for sale today. Feel free to PM me with any questions or offers! Thanks for looking! Only trade interests are TaylorMade Spider Tour Red 35" I'd also send cash along with the deal as well. HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 63g M1/M2 Tip Non-Hand Crafted. SOLD! Shipped OBO Sun Mountain H2No Ultra-lite Carry Bag. Bag is waterproof, shows some signs of use but nothing major. No tears or rips and zippers are in 100% working condition. Comes with rain hood as well. $210 Drop to $195 Shipped OBO
  6. Haha I love how different of options there are on this shirt! I personally like it but just think it's funny/awesome how people either love it, or hate it. No middle ground :rofl:
  7. Played 18 in 90° weather the other day in NH with this glove for the first time. Was very impressed, glove felt great, durability for the 18 holes was impressive, looks like it wasn't even worn apart from a few grass stains from cleaning the ball. Obviously can't speak for long term durability but looks promising! Like others have said and confirmed, they do run a little small. I usually wear a Cadet Medium and that's what I got in the UA Strikeskin in the same size. Fits a little snug but still fits fine. One thing I did notice was after the fact, with it being so hot and humid, the glo
  8. Following on Facebook and Twitter Fit System Recommendation: C-Taper S+ Low Launch, Low Spin, Signature Feel. Pretty accurate description!
  9. I hit them at a demo day about a month ago. It didn't have the normal shaft in it that I play with, but I wasn't blown away. For the price, my AP2's felt better and C16's didn't seem worth the extra ~$1500.
  10. I don't own one but from the time that I've rolled them in store they're just so easy to make a consistent stroke with very little face manipulation. There's no wobble or taking it away outside the line. The difference between the black and red for me was only the insert. I feel like they'd both be easy to line up. I have heard people say the contrast from red head to the green make it easier but I feel that's a stretch as well.
  11. The revolve will fit into a cup holder? I've seen them in store, and thought they looked too large in diameter to fit. And I'm talking about the smaller one, know there's a large and small one. And I agree with the other posters here...the Bose Bluetooth speakers are the best sounding by far. And I normally hate Bose. It will fit into the bigger cart cup holder that's in the Ez-Go's. I'm not sure about club carts but definitely in the EZ-Go. I have the smaller Revolve as well.
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