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  1. Having never broken 80 and being 1 over after 11 holes ... then going triple, double, triple on 12-14.
  2. I have a fairly typical bag setup (Driver, 3W, 5W, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid, 5i-GW, wedge). I'm sure I could pull a couple of clubs and not be very affected. But, I wouldn't mind adding a 4 iron for punch shots and long shots into the wind. Note to self - update club details in signature block.
  3. Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB 52/10 I've gotten comfortable with this club playing out of green side bunkers. I can't remember the last time I pulled my 58 degree wedge.
  4. Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker play Bridgestone J15 CBs. They are pretty good players.
  5. 7 years old. I recently went back to J40 DPC irons from J15 CBs. It is definitely not a step back. It may be that the swing weight on the J40s is lighter, but I'm liking the change back.
  6. On a good walking course, I have no problem keeping up with cart riders. Likely another case if it were just one other golfer on an open course.
  7. 4 off the tee once. No water, just houses.
  8. I'm scheduled to play the course Monday. Hopefully the rain ends and the course is not a swamp.
  9. Their gloves are the best bang for the buck IMHO. I've used them for a couple of years.
  10. Pulled shafts. Lengths listed from shaft tip to butt of grip. True Temper GS95 R300 with Golf Pride M21 grips (Mizuno Logo): 36-1/4, 35-3/4, 35-1/4, 34-5/8, 34-3/8, 34-1/4 True Temper Dynamic Gold XP R300 with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips (Taylormade Logo): 37-1/4, 36-3/4, 36-1/4, 35-3/4, 35-1/4, 34-3/4, 34-1/2 True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 with Golf Pride M580 Grips (Titleist Logo): 37-1/2, 36-7/8, 36-3/8, 35-7/8, 35-5/16, 35-1/8 True Temper Dynalite Gold XP R300 with Golf Pride M21 Grips (Mizuno Logo): 36-3/4, 36-1/4, 35-3/4, 34-3/4, 34-1/4, 34-1/4 $55 for each set with shipping to lower 48.
  11. I pulled an approach shot left of the green into some trees. I went searching for my ball. The area was covered in 6" deep decaying leaves. I lost my footing and fell down, impaling my leg on something. It was a gusher. Luckily I was at the 8th green and close to the club house. I high tailed it to the club house and kept pressure on it until the gushing stop. I made it to an emergency and got stitched up. Went back later to get my 9 hole rain check.
  12. When the stars align, my play is slightly less than sh*tty!!!
  13. Due to back issues that limit my abilities, I rarely keep score. If I happened to have a good round, I can recall the entire round and come up with a total score. A few weeks back I tallied my score from memory at the turn and shot 46. My goal at that point was to keep it in the 90s. I ended up with an 87. Happy day!!
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