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  1. Pretty much as advertised, they keep the same flight as a standard Dynamic Gold but easier to swing in the long irons.
  2. One item up for sale. Price includes shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. Srixon Z565 irons 5-PW with Tour Issue AMT S400 shafts. Clubs are in excellent condition, normal minor bag chatter, no dings or dents to speak of. Standard loft/lie and +1/2" playing length. Grips are like new Golf Pride Microsuede Tour Wraps, midsize plus a few wraps.......SOLD
  3. I have a Madison in this finish and think its kind of blah as well. I absolutely love the putter so i was thinking about getting it redone. Ive never had the finish on a putter changed so i wouldnt know where to start. Not sure why but i like putters that look old and used, not like dinged and beat up but like a nice patina. Would love to see some pics of this Toulon finish after a redo.
  4. Some nice items up for sale. Prices are OBO and include shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking. 1. SRIXON Z765 irons.......SOLD 2. Modus 3 105X pulls......SOLD 3. MIZUNO ST190 Driver......SOLD 4. MIZUNO ST190 3 Wood.....SOLD 2. Nippon Modus 3 105X shaft pulls, 5-PW .355 taper tip. Shafts are in excellent condition, they played about +1/2" over standard when installed. Grips are midsize golf prides with some life left, they are built up a bit to play more like oversized.....SOLD
  5. A few things up for sale. Prices include shipping to the CONUS. No trades. Thanks for looking. 1. Golf Pride MCC Align grip pulls, 12 Midsize 2 Standard.......SOLD 2. Cobra Fly Z driver......SOLD 3. Aldila 2KVX 70x fairway wood shaft......$45 obo 3. Aldila NV 2KXV 70-X fairway wood shaft in excellent condition, no adapter. Measures 41" tip to grip.......$45 obo
  6. Would love to try out the 16.5 degree head. My current fairway wood is about 8 years old and havent been able to replace it, this one looks pretty darn nice. Thanks for the chance.
  7. We are on lock down here in PA, no ranges or golf courses open.....Looking for some feedback on backyard practice hitting into a net. Is it beneficial? Im worried that hitting into a net only for the next month or so with no feedback might be a bad thing. I love chipping around the yard but when it comes to hitting balls i usually get bored even at the range, i prefer to play over practice. I won a net last year at a scramble and threw it in the basement with no plans on using it, but its now been almost a month since i hit a ball and dont expect anything to be open for another month (who kno
  8. Just for a second, just to see how it feels.
  9. I got 3 dozen last week. Couldn’t be happier, there were like 4 balls that were ever so slightly off color. Besides that pretty much perfect. On a side note, they shipped them in a full length golf club box. Kinda weird. When it came in i thought that i bought a club and forgot
  10. Got some items up for sale. Prices include shipping to the CONUS from a healthy home. No trades at this time. Thanks for looking. Nippon Modus 120s pulls....SOLDKBS Tour 90 stiff pulls.....SOLDOdyssey Works 7s putter......$100 oboAldila Rogue Black TM driver shaft......$60 oboAldila Rogue Black Titleist hybrid shaft......SOLD #3. ODYSSEY O-Works 7s putter in mint condition. plays 35", im pretty sure it has a shaft extension. Shaft has a couple paint chips, nothing major. Includes head cover......$100 obo #4 Aldila Rogue Black 70 stiff driver shaft with Taylormade adapter. In excelle
  11. I just got one of these Rogue Blacks new uncut for $18 + S/H from Proclubs.
  12. Im using a Rogue Black 95 MSI stiff 70g version in my driver. It has a surprisingly strong flat flight, something ive struggled to find in the past. Nice shaft, i think i paid $80 for it.
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