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  1. Need a new 4 wood. Looking for one of the following, stiff flex shaft. Kind of on a budget so not looking for fancy crazy expensive shafts. Not interested in sub zero models. Rogue 4 wood Mavrik 4 wood Epic Flash 5 wood Thanks
  2. One item up for sale. No trades. Includes shipping to the CONUS. Thanks for looking. Mizuno MP 20 MMC 4 iron in excellent condition, used only a handful of times. It is head only, but I do have a couple of KBS shafts if you want a complete club. I have KBS C-taper 120 Stiff and a KBS Tour 90 Stiff......SOLD
  3. Hows the RX versus the XS for like a 105 SS?
  4. Some stuff up for sale. Prices are OBO and include shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking Summary: 1. Mizuno MP 59 heads 4-PW........SOLD 2. Mizuno S18 50* wedge.......SOLD 3. Ping Karsten TR putter.......SOLD 4. Torched Cleveland Classic 1 putter.......SOLD 5. Fujikura Atmos TS Black 70S driver shaft......SOLD 6. Aldila Rogue Black 60 X driver shaft......SOLD 1. Mizuno MP 59 heads 4-PW. Heads are in very nice shape for their age, no browning or major dings/dents. Lots of life left in these. Standard specs as far as i k
  5. Any long term reviews on the 639 CB? I see a lot of info on the 699's but not a ton about the 639. Thinking about pulling the trigger on a set. Would the closest comp to these be Bridgestone J15 CB?
  6. Played KBS Tour for a while and picked up a set with the Elevate Tour just recently. Im closer to X Stiff speed wise but have a pretty smooth tempo so usually stick with Stiff flex. For me, the KBS are smooth, mid penetrating flight, tight dispersion with a little stiffer feel throughout than the elevate. The Elevate are super smooth, peak flight is higher, still good dispersion with the big difference being a distinguishable kick through the ball and better overall balance. I could see having issues with the Elevate if you have an aggressive transition.
  7. Pretty much as advertised, they keep the same flight as a standard Dynamic Gold but easier to swing in the long irons.
  8. One item up for sale. Price includes shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. Srixon Z565 irons 5-PW with Tour Issue AMT S400 shafts. Clubs are in excellent condition, normal minor bag chatter, no dings or dents to speak of. Standard loft/lie and +1/2" playing length. Grips are like new Golf Pride Microsuede Tour Wraps, midsize plus a few wraps.......SOLD
  9. I have a Madison in this finish and think its kind of blah as well. I absolutely love the putter so i was thinking about getting it redone. Ive never had the finish on a putter changed so i wouldnt know where to start. Not sure why but i like putters that look old and used, not like dinged and beat up but like a nice patina. Would love to see some pics of this Toulon finish after a redo.
  10. Some nice items up for sale. Prices are OBO and include shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking. 1. SRIXON Z765 irons.......SOLD 2. Modus 3 105X pulls......SOLD 3. MIZUNO ST190 Driver......SOLD 4. MIZUNO ST190 3 Wood.....SOLD 2. Nippon Modus 3 105X shaft pulls, 5-PW .355 taper tip. Shafts are in excellent condition, they played about +1/2" over standard when installed. Grips are midsize golf prides with some life left, they are built up a bit to play more like oversized.....SOLD
  11. A few things up for sale. Prices include shipping to the CONUS. No trades. Thanks for looking. 1. Golf Pride MCC Align grip pulls, 12 Midsize 2 Standard.......SOLD 2. Cobra Fly Z driver......SOLD 3. Aldila 2KVX 70x fairway wood shaft......$45 obo 3. Aldila NV 2KXV 70-X fairway wood shaft in excellent condition, no adapter. Measures 41" tip to grip.......$45 obo
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