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  1. Dunski.... 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE......done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE......done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Philadelphia, PA 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Just a driver 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Irons Thanks!
  2. Had the 60s in my Epic Flash for a while and really liked it, but felt like i had to kind of wait on it during transition, like if I didn’t swing nice and easy it would go a little left on me. Recently switched to a 60x and that issue is gone, i can pretty much go after it as hard as i want. First time in a while im not afraid of it going left. Trajectory was about the same for me with both shafts, dispersion is better with the X stiff. Great shaft for under $100.
  3. Had the 60S and liked it a lot, it was great as long as i focused on a smooth swing, but i would lose it left once in a while. I switched to the 60X and pretty much cant miss it left now, much better dispersion overall, and can swing as hard as i want. Im hitting it a little further but i think just because im swinging more freely without the fear of the left miss. Definitely glad i made the switch. SS is 100-105 with smooth transition. I've never really used an X stiff driver shaft before. I think this is probably a good tweener shaft.
  4. A couple of things up for sale today, prices include shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. Thanks. 1. Scotty Cameron Futura 5s putter in very good condition. A few very minor dings/scratches but nothing major. Not a lot of these center shaft Scottys around, and most are beat up. Plays at 34" and includes head cover.....sold 2. Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black 6.0 Stiff flex driver shaft with Mizuno adapter. Shaft is in very good condition. Measures 43.5" tip to grip.....asking $110 OBO
  5. A few things up for sale today. Prices include shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. 1. Cleveland HB Premier 11 putter....SOLD 2. Aldila Rogue White Callaway driver shaft......SOLD 3. Mizuno S18 gap wedge......SOLD 1. Cleveland HB Premier 11 putter with slant neck in mint condition, only used a few rounds, could pass as new. Plays at 34.5" and includes head cover. Pure midsize grip......$135 OBO 2. Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60S Callaway driver shaft in excellent condition, no paint chips or scratches. 43.5" tip to grip, plays at 45" when installed......$85 OBO 3. Mizuno S18 50* gap wedge in excellent condition, used very little, grooves still like new. Dynamic gold wedge flex shaft....SOLD
  6. Couple of items up for sale. Prices include shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking. Callaway Epic Flash 15* 3 wood in very good condition with HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 70g stiff shaft. Crown and topline are clean. Plays at 43.5" and includes headcover. No wrench.....SOLD Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Blue 65 stiff flex driver shaft w/Callaway adapter. Shaft is in pretty much perfect condition, wasnt used much. Measures 43.5" tip tp grip and plays right around 45" when installed......SOLD
  7. Just one thing up for sale. Price includes shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades at the moment. Thanks for looking. Taylormade 2017 M2 Type D driver, 10.5 loft with Kuro Kage DC Tini 60s shaft. Club is in very good condition, couple little spots on the topline not noticeable at address. Plays at 45". No headcover or wrench included...........SOLD
  8. One item up for sale. No trades. Includes shipping to the CONUS. Thanks for looking. Mizuno MP 20 MMC 4 iron in excellent condition, used only a handful of times. It is head only, but I do have a couple of KBS shafts if you want a complete club. I have KBS C-taper 120 Stiff and a KBS Tour 90 Stiff......SOLD
  9. Hows the RX versus the XS for like a 105 SS?
  10. Some stuff up for sale. Prices are OBO and include shipping to the CONUS. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking Summary: 1. Mizuno MP 59 heads 4-PW........SOLD 2. Mizuno S18 50* wedge.......SOLD 3. Ping Karsten TR putter.......SOLD 4. Torched Cleveland Classic 1 putter.......SOLD 5. Fujikura Atmos TS Black 70S driver shaft......SOLD 6. Aldila Rogue Black 60 X driver shaft......SOLD 1. Mizuno MP 59 heads 4-PW. Heads are in very nice shape for their age, no browning or major dings/dents. Lots of life left in these. Standard specs as far as i know........SOLD 2. Mizuno S18 50* gap wedge, 07 bounce. Club is pretty much new, very little sign of any use. Stock DG Wedge flex shaft........SOLD 3./4. Ping Karsten TR Anser 2 putter in very good condition, 34" with newish Odyssey grip. No headcover........$95 obo Cleveland Classic 1 putter in very good condition. I torched this for fun, its a nice finish and soft milled face, 34.5" with Tour SNSR grip. Stock headcover........SOLD 5./6. Fujikura ATMOS TS Black 7S driver shaft with TM adapter. Shaft is in good condition, 43.5" tip to grip. The adapter was pulled and reinstalled and got a little jacked up......$75 obo Aldila Rogue Black 95 MSI 60X driver shaft with TM LEFT HAND adapter. Shaft is like new, 43" tip to grip.........$45 obo
  11. Any long term reviews on the 639 CB? I see a lot of info on the 699's but not a ton about the 639. Thinking about pulling the trigger on a set. Would the closest comp to these be Bridgestone J15 CB?
  12. Played KBS Tour for a while and picked up a set with the Elevate Tour just recently. Im closer to X Stiff speed wise but have a pretty smooth tempo so usually stick with Stiff flex. For me, the KBS are smooth, mid penetrating flight, tight dispersion with a little stiffer feel throughout than the elevate. The Elevate are super smooth, peak flight is higher, still good dispersion with the big difference being a distinguishable kick through the ball and better overall balance. I could see having issues with the Elevate if you have an aggressive transition.
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