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  1. [quote name='502 to Right' timestamp='1389403793' post='8438703'] I have no idea how this works financially. This planned course is in the middle of nowhere. And I say that as a resident of Wisconsin. The nearest relatively "major" airport is 108 miles away (Madison). At least with Bandon you have the Pacific Ocean. Here you have cornfields and dairy farms. [/quote] I completely agree. Living n the area I'm excited to see this come to life. But, if there was a more remote, boring location for a GC in the US you would be hard pressed to find it. There are some really great courses within 30 miles of this area and they struggle bringing in enough outside play. Plus, Sand Valley will be competing with Kohler, if you are planning a trip to WI to golf. If costs are similar, Kohler will win. I bet few will drive between the two and play both. Sand Valley needs to build a destination that travelers will spend thousands $$$ on a trip to come and play. Sand Hills, NB seems to be the same concept. If they can get players to NB, perhaps they can get them to the Town of Rome, WI. But, I'm glad I am not an investor.
  2. Great course tour. I've played the River course over a dozen times and it still kicks my butt. If you are lucky enough to get to the green in regulation, a two putt is an accomplishment as well! Thanks for sharing.
  3. I live near this area of central Wisconsin and it is a great area for golf. This course would be very close to the two Lake Arrowhead courses as well as the replica course Castle at the Bay. Top rated Sentry World and Green Lake courses are within a reasonable drive too. Adding a few top tier courses to the area could make it a true golf destination. The key will be to bring in the out of state golfers, similar to Bandon. This area is relatively in the middle of nowhere in the state, and the local golf population, and traveling WI/IL golfers won't keep the tee sheet full enough to support a course of this caliber. The other factor is if you are going to fly to WI will you play here, or at the Kohler courses. And, if you think Kohler is remote, wait until you stay in the Town of Rome. This is a great area of Wisconsin to play a number of great courses. They will truely need to build something spectactular to get the people there from accross the country. I hope they can make it a reality.
  4. I play at an above average public course, that has seen its better days. The clientele is a mix of vacationers as well as the local weekend hacks/hicks that know little of golf, or actual etiquette. As a result, every green gets pelted with ball marks, and the course doesn't seem to be making any attempt to fix this phenomenon. What have you seen done at your local courses to improve the conditions of the greens and get players to repair their ball marks?
  5. My course is run so poorly that it is rarely busy and I can usually fly through 18 holes is 3 hrs, and sometime 2 hrs if I'm solo. I guess that's a positive.
  6. Once I took my Pings out of my trunk at the car wash to vacuum the inside, forgot to put them back in, and promptly went on vacation for the weekend. Didn't realize I forgot them Until I was heading to the golf course. Never saw them again.
  7. I take a mulligan or two every round. I paid $800 to play Pebble Beach. I can't stand my local pro. I browse at Golf Galaxy all the time, but rarely buy anything. I have a fear of the shanks I like to talk trash when I golf. I know everything that's wrong with my playing partner's swing. I think I can't hit the ball further than I actually can I enjoy playing golf with my wife I don't post my really bad scores
  8. I stayed at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso for a week and played this course as well. The resort is absolutely over the top, and the Pete Dye course was impressive. This will be an interesting season to watch.
  9. We went to Olympic on Sunday last year and the merchandise was pretty picked over. But, I would expect a good selection on Friday.
  10. Wow, those greens are horrible! Finally the pros have to play on the same conditions we have to play.
  11. ukalum

    Shag balls

    Over the past few years I have collected a few hundreds balls of shag status. These are typicallyl balls that I have found during rounds that are not worthy of gaming. My question is, what should I do with these balls? I've considered hitting the into the lake, but don't want to pollute the waters with scuffed up Top Flites. What do you do with your shag balls?
  12. With the poor weather up here, it's a shame that most can't take advantage of this special. Weather isn't going to beat 50 degrees for the next 10 days. Going to be a late opening this year.
  13. I found a Rolex in my golf cart one early morning. Turned it into the proshop, but never returned to see if the pro was wearing a nice Rolex the next week.
  14. My golfing legend has been defined by this one event.... Hitting into the 18th hole I had about 250 yards to the hole. Water left, in front of the green, and homes to the right. I hit a 3w that was slicing toward the home of a friend of mine off the 18th green. It was surely going to hit the house, but I was praying for it to land on the roof. No luck. The ball squarely hit the open patio door, went through the screen, bounced on the tile floor, bounced up into the kitchen skylight, and ricocheted into the living room. My buddy was cooking breakfast in the kitchen and comes out screaming "What The Hell.......!" I was unbelievably lucky he had the patio door open. I replaced the screen for $30, and now laugh about it, and am reminded about it, almost every round. I not tend to lay up on that hole, not wanting a repeat of that event.
  15. I ballooned the RBZ 3 wood with stock stiff shaft. Went to a TItleist 910fd with ahina 72g shaft and the flight was much better for me. I felt the RBZ was made for higher handicaps that couldn't get the air. That wasn't my problem.
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