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  1. Named after the number of sales the putter will have
  2. Peter Millar Featherweight polos would be the perfect polo if it was 3 buttons instead of 2
  3. Underneath that tweet he actually clarifies, it's $1m bonus for a W with the driver in the bag, $500k with the putter.
  4. This tweet seems relevant https://twitter.com/acaseofthegolf1/status/1479540641432588293?t=A7i6GVUKDytilJx1MoAWog&s=19
  5. The Rollback looks like the old Ray Cook putter my old man used for years
  6. Would love to see Srixon bolster the staff with Wolfe. Outside of Hideki, pre Koepka their staff was rather underwhelming for the quality of product they produce.
  7. Following, I'm not sure there's an extension on the market that fits in a Stability shaft but I'd be happy to learn otherwise.
  8. If your average spin isn't cracking 2k that club won't be super playable on the course
  9. Two LAGP Trono X flex shafts $175 each or $300 for both. Trono 65X is 40" in length and has a CPM on the butt sticker of 278 Trono 75X is 39.5" in length and has a CPM on the butt sticker of 273
  10. Same as the XV, I believe 96 is the number Srixon has given
  11. I play my ZX5s 2 degrees weak from 5 iron through 9 iron and have no issues with bounce. My 4 iron and PW are both 1 degree weak and the 3 iron is standard.
  12. Not nearly as good of margins as soft goods though!
  13. You can send a putter in to Odyssey through an authorized retailer to have an insert replaced. You don't get a choice on the insert however. The putters I sent in to Odyssey in 2021 got Microhinge inserts.
  14. Hoping for an armlock version of this, I quite like the shape.
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