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  1. I think just about everyone would be interested in something like that
  2. I have no problem feeling the ball with 400g counterbalanced putters, and coincidentally I have always preferred the heaviest pool cue I could find.
  3. Gonna predict a broken shaft in your future.
  4. I attended a seminar introducing the new Callaway equipment and a similar question came up (What's the lowest spinning configuration for people coming from a SZ head). The Callaway response was to go with the Max LS head at 9* turned down to 8* is the lowest spinning configuration of the 3 drivers. They specifically mentioned the Max LS is geared at the young/college type players who prefer a neutral sitting head to play straightish shots with high launch and low spin, and the SZ heads were too low spin for too many which is why they went away from it.
  5. Got my fitting done and my results were a little surprising. Going with 3/4" long and 3* up, which isn't super surprising as I've always played +1/2"-+1" but always standard lie. Was really surprised to fit into the C Taper Lite 115X though. We tried lots of stiff and x flex shafts in that weight range and that was the one that had the best results. Was not expected with only an 85 mph 6 iron but the results spoke for themselves. My fitter recommended ZX5 in the 4-6 and ZX7 in 7-AW, I like the look of the ZX7s better though so I may do those 5-AW and do ZX Utility as the 4 iro
  6. Getting fit for a full bag of Srixon/Cleveland tomorrow. Most excited to hit the irons, will actually be the first time I've been fit for irons/wedges. Will be interesting to see how close I was to ideal specs in past sets.
  7. Is he playing the same version that will be available at retail or an altered Tour version? I will have to see these in person but they look really nice in pictures.
  8. 1. 2nd Swing 2. St. Paul, MN 3. 12 Handicap 4. Cobra Amp Cell with Rogue Black Stiff 5. 2nd Swing 6. TSi3 7. Absolutely!
  9. If said shaft gave me no additional yards but gave me the dispersion Matt had after the adjustments were made in the latest video I would absolutely pay $750 for a shaft.
  10. Not sure how feasible it would be in your situation, but when I installed simulators at the course I was working at we actually broke out the existing concrete floor and sunk down the area for the simulator bays by 3 feet. The end result was similar to a bowling alley where you step down into the hitting bays.
  11. Most NBA players have long arms and standard or a little longer than standard length clubs work just fine for them.
  12. Thank you for the very insightful posts! I will work on these drills and see if I can start finding some fairways.
  13. I've been struggling all year to get the face squared up at impact with my driver, I am making center impact and have good launch characteristics, but I have an uncontrollable fade veering into slice territory at times because I cannot get the face square. Below is a video from the driving range yesterday that is representative of how things have been going. I made great contact on this swing, ball launch angle and peak height were good, but after starting straight there was about 20-30 yards of curvature to the ball flight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5jTHwcU8aA
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