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  1. I recently got the Vessel Lite Lux bag. I love the bag, but due to to way the bag sits on my Clicgear pushcart, it keeps hitting the front wheel. I did some trouble shooting and tightened the nut on the cart to prevent it from sagging, but it still gives me like a mm of clearance and still hits. I think it’s just the way the bottom of the bag functions, but curious if anyone else with a Vessel bag has ever had the same issue?
  2. Are the double straps pretty easy to use? I had a Jones bag that had two single straps that made a double, but they constantly got twisted and weren’t nearly as easy to use at my Sun Mountain.
  3. Thanks! Anyone can become a Nike member, no? Also, I meant what time of day? Like 8am PST?
  4. When it says the Nike US Open shoes go on sale next week, specifically what time? Are they only available via the Nike website?
  5. > @MidwestGolfBum said: > > @"the bishop" said: > > > @mocokid said: > > > I don't mind the ball search that took 3+ minutes. 17th hole is another matter. He caused the move. > > > > Yeah but in Mayfair's version of the story he told his caddie to keep an eye on time because he was aware of the 3 min rule but according to the rules official when he approached Mayfair he claims Mayfair professed ignorance of the rule change. Given his history I'm gonna go with the rules official's version of events. > > Well, depending on where in his s
  6. I have gamed the MP-18s for the last 2 years and just got fitted for the MP-20's at Club Champion. The MP-20s did feel noticeably softer to me and I liked the thinner top line. I hit the MP-20s a good 5-8 yards further, but that could come from different shafts. My MP-18s have Project X and for the MP-20's, I went with the SteelFiber 95 shafts. They were especially softer than (mainly because the shaft), but even apples to apples with the same shaft as I have now, the MP-20s were still better feeling to me.
  7. I recently purchased a SkyTrak and while the distances in my longer irons seem accurate, the distances I’m getting with my wedges seems way off. That is strange because it seems like most have the opposite problem. I my 7i about 170 IRL and on the SkyTrak. With my 56 degree, I typically hit it 107-113, but in the SkyTrak I can barely get it more than 90 yards. The device is perfectly level. Any ideas as to what could cause this?
  8. The irons are all the same (Mizuno MP-18). The 7-9 irons are all 2 degrees strong to match with the MP-18 MMC in the 4-6 irons. I thought that might want to get that checked as well, but then my wedges are Titleist and haven't been tweaked. Up until a few months ago, I was hitting a 56 degree closer to 105-110, but my 7i was only 155-160. That is what made me think it was swing related and not gear related, but I could still be wrong.
  9. I have been taking lessons on Rebellion golf and overall, I've seen my distances improve, but only with certain clubs. I have a SkyTrak in my garage and I thought that I was maybe getting some incorrect results, but now that I've played a few rounds, I've noticed the SkyTrak mirrors what I'm seeing on the course. I've been hitting a 7i 165-170 yards, an 8i 154-160, but beginning with a 9i, I'm struggling. My 9i will barely go 140 (closer to 130-135), my PW will go 120-125, my 52 will go 105 at most and then my 56 is going around 95 yards. I feel like I'm getting solid contact with my wedges, b
  10. Thanks! It also said “prototype” if that matters. Since the seller has 100% positive feedback (though hasn’t sold anything in a few years), posted the Certificate of Authenticity and has pictures from all angles, should be good to go?
  11. I found a putter I was considering buying on eBay. It is a Scotty Cameron Circle T. The seller posted the picture of the Certicate of Authenticity and it looks legit, but when I searched the serial number on the Scotty website, it says it isn’t found. Is that a red flag? Or are circle T putters not on there or something? Just want to make sure before I drop a good chunk of change on this. Thanks!
  12. I was more so trying to feel the weight on my heels to over-exaggerate the change. I don't normally swing that way. I did watch that video by Tyler and it looks like my feet are doing exactly that, so maybe the issue is more with not rotating properly?
  13. Essentially, if you were looking at my swing straight down-the-line and you drew a vertical line to mark where my butt is, as I start the downswing, my butt moves off that line and towards the ball. Does that make sense?
  14. I've been struggling a bit with moving towards the ball on the downswing, which was causing inconsistent contact and the occasional shank. It was originally my whole body, but I've been working on keeping the weight more towards my heels and have been able to limit the head movement, however, I haven't been able to keep my backside from collapsing (even though my head is no longer moving). My instructor has had me hitting balls with a chair behind me to maintain contact. That has helped a bit, but with the longer clubs (driver in particular), I cannot seem to get it sorted out. My instructo
  15. I played the Hard Rock Golf Club last summer and it wasn't anything special. We rented clubs and they weren't the greatest. Balls were beyond pricey (something like $20-25/sleeve for a mid-level ball). Course was in decent shape and didn't detract from anything, but the layout was pretty blah.
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