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  1. Just looking for something non stock, non major OEM brand, open to all colors, if velcro please make sure its still in good shape
  2. Srixon 2 and 3 H85 with PX HZRDUS Black 6.0 shafts. Both in excellent condition. All stick with headcovers. prefer to sell as a set for $130 $80 each if sold separately. thx
  3. My OCD is so bad I'd switch to Mizuno irons just to have the bag....what is wrong with me
  4. Selling as a set only, $150 shipped. SM7 56S/10 playing at 55* (stamped), plays a hair under 36 inches, black KBS Tour Custom shaft SM7 60M/8 plays a hair under 35.5, black KBS Tour Custom Shaft, both have new MCC Plus 4 black red grips to match shafts, both clubs in great shape
  5. Looking for a stock length Ping Tour 65 Stiff shaft with tip for Ping G model. Will consider similar profile shafts playing 45-45.5 and stiff. Max budget $100, thx.
  6. Selling as a lot only, all XL, I shrank they didn’t FJ half sleeve, Bear Lakes (West Palm) logo, never worn Travis Matthew Black 3/4 zip full sleeve, never worn, no logo Adidas Black 3/4 zip, full sleeve, Woodland CC (Newton, MA) logo...worn 4-5 times blue Callaway 3/4 zip, full sleeve, warm weather, Lighthouse Sound (Ocean City) logo, worn maybe twice
  7. No doubt, just found another colorway I wanted more or these would be in the rotation this year!
  8. Brand new in original box, limited edition seasonal Gallivanter. $180 shipped to Cont 48.
  9. Just trying to pass them along to someone who will appreciate em, I've got 20 other pairs that need to be worn too!
  10. Brand new, never worn, will ship in original box. $245 shipped
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