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  1. Up for sale is 4 putters that have all been lightly used and all with original headcovers. Please let me know if there are any questions or if any other pictures are needed: Evnroll ER5 Black, 34in, 370g, Blackout Shaft, SS Grip....Asking $275 TM Spider X Chalk, Slant Neck, 34in, Pingman Blackout Grip...Asking $220 (This putter has some lead tape on the bottom, see pics) Odyssey Limited Edition California Highway 101, 35in, Odyssey Leather Stichback Grip...Asking $300 Evnroll ER2, 34in, SS Grip....Asking $250
  2. I lived in Raleigh (and still visit a few times a year) and now live about 40 mins outside Charlotte with pretty good knowledge of the city and closer suburbs. Let me know if you have any specific questions about either area and if I dont know the answers I have plenty of friends in your our age range that will.
  3. I went down to see a buddy who works in the industry a few Novembers ago. Had the opportunity to play Old Marsh (private) and Old Palm (private) both were incredible courses and quite the challenge and I highly recommend if you can find your way on. The other course I played was abacoa which is where the gentleman I stayed with lived (not the same guy that got me on the other courses). IMO it was one of the best public tracks I have played when it came to the consistency and quality of the greens. The fairways, bunkers and rough were nothing special but the greens were not too far off from the private tracks I got to play so I highly recommend checking it out when you are down there. Again this was a few years ago so hopefully nothing has changed but when I played it I was pleasantly surprised.
  4. I just got fitted for this shaft in a Sim2 head. Im currently gaming the rogue silver 130 in a 400max and I would say the feel and stiffness are very similar in the 60g stiff that I was comparing....I wish I could comment on spin but the taylormade guys only had the rogue silver 110 which is not the same and spun way more...Before getting the ad xc I am probably going to have my club guy swap out my ping tip for a tm tip and give that combo a go once my sim arrives and I will reach back out.
  5. Ordered one for my dad through my local club on Feb 16 and I asked for an update last week. He sent me this direct from PING: These bags have yet to arrive to us from our supplier. The bags were part of that containership that hit a storm and had damage. The damage forced them back to Japan and I believe they are on their way back. From what I have been told bags part of that shipment are looking at May before delivery.
  6. I had commented earlier about my quote time and not having any indication of shipping or coming early...Well I just got back to the office and here sits my new wedge 1 month exactly from when it was ordered. Only compliant I have is I ordered logo down and of course it came logo up despite the build sheet showing logo down...A quick email to Mizuno customer service and I have a new z cord coming on Monday...
  7. I ordered a T20 54* from DD on 3/9/21 (upgraded shaft and grip). Expected ship date was 5-6 weeks from order date which is what he said they were quoting on all Mizuno orders. Today marks 4 weeks and no shipping notifications so it does not look like things are shipping early...
  8. Im trying to collect an ornament each year and doubt I will get to go this year so I am definitely interested...
  9. I can only speak to playing most of these courses as I live about an hr from most of them. My favorites from design and condition standpoint would be: Carolina Providence Longview Pallisades Raintree Pine Island Firethorne I have not played cedarwood or ballantyne cc so cant chime in on those. Pine island is fun but has some quirky holes that seem like they just ran out of room. As someone else mentioned, Pallisades is definitely not a course you want to walk. Raintree gives you options having 36 holes but I dont feel like it is in as good of shape as the others. I have not played providence since the renovations but plan to play with a buddy later this summer but in my opinion its one of the best layouts in Charlotte...
  10. https://www.dogwoodgolf.com/collections/putting Good guy that I went to college with started this company. I havent kept up a ton but I am pretty sure he has some tour guys using the product.
  11. Did anyone try the low bounce W in this? I am between that and the C grind. Also want to compare the C grind in md5 to C grind in md4 from address. A buddy picked up a MD4 C a few months back and I have loved the shape and feel since. I would order that but they are no longer available so I am looking for the low bounce W or C comparisons in the MD5. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Ive played CC of Asheville and Providence (pre renno). Both were very enjoyable and wouldnt hesitate to go back to either.
  13. My button fell off on my UA shorts last night in the wash so time to upgrade (had about 3 years already)...I used the DSG $20 off $100 when you sign up for text alerts and got a pair of ISO-Cool (on sale for $56) and the a pair of showdowns (on sale for $48) for $90 shipped so if you are still looking that is my recommendation on the way to go.
  14. Mine ended up coming a day later than originally planned. Tracking was odd because after I got my message about covid the tracking showed that it was going back to the sender via the same 2 hubs but ended up turning back around and showing up the next day as mentioned...I understand the delays and am not complaining just an odd sequence of events...
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