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  1. 815 Alpha user here. It’s been a few years and I can’t kick it out of the bag. I’m a habitual driver purchaser too, and the only club that replaced it for about three months was the G400 LST. To me the Alpha just has the perfect mix of feel, low spin, good looks, etc.
  2. Yeah, I'd be really into a mini marksman like they did with the Jailbird. I was playing around with my old Jailbird today up against the Mini and the mini is just the right size.
  3. Yeah, it’s definitely bigger than the mini. The Marksman doesn’t quite feel as big as the two ball fang, but it’s darn close.
  4. First, just know that the fitter wants to fit you into a club that will make you happy. I think it's important to speak up during a fitting, don't look at the fitter as a all knowing person. Talk to them while you're hitting, you know what a good swing or a bad swing feels like for you ... if you hit a bunch of bad ones in a row, let the fitter know. Fitting should be a back and forth team effort with the fitter. Also, think about your expectations. There's things a club can't fix, like if you have a nasty hook, etc. Remember, you can always do it again if you didn't like your results.
  5. Hey man, just saw stumbled on this post. I'm tournament director for Sepulveda Mens Club : smgc.org We only have one match play event, The Presidents Cup. We are currently a couple of rounds into it. I'm hoping to add another match play event at some point as it's my favorite format as well.
  6. Got mine yesterday. Not a fan of the insert, a little disappointed. It's my fault but I always assumed the insert would be more like the old pure roll insert. This one feels kinda dead off the face.
  7. It's definitely for the better. They had given golf now their dead time to sell, and it really ruined the courses on the weekends. With the six minute intervals and no dead time, they were getting 30-40 minutes behind on the weekend, was really bad. Now with the new eight minute intervals it's so much better.
  8. Dave52

    Lost Canyons

    I have no confidence that conditions have improved. Last time I was there was probably a year or two ago. Course was completely dried out, no grass. No water on the course obviously, but no drinking water either. No scorecards, the scorecards they gave us were photocopy's of the website scorecard ... and no pencils, seriously no pencils. They looked broke as hell with no turning back.
  9. [quote name='jprk1024' timestamp='1437496949' post='11992738'] [quote name='ragrave' timestamp='1437464360' post='11990626'] [quote name='Reif' timestamp='1437258714' post='11974658'] I played industry hills a couple of years ago and thought it was pretty good. I think I played Eisenhower. Anyone concur? [/quote] I also recommend Industry Hills gc #Ike. Around $100-125 you can play at Trump. (Check teeoff.com and coupon on this link [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/856894-ezlinkscom-coupon-codes-inside/"]http://www.golfwrx.c...n-codes-inside/[/url]) I paid $99 and $125. I
  10. I hear good things regarding Ben Krug at Angeles National.
  11. [quote name='jprk1024' timestamp='1436918558' post='11950120'] thanks for all the help guys. anyone know where I can find a grass range? [/quote] Grass .. Angeles National & Woodley (both in the valley) Rustic Canyon, not sure about South of you.
  12. [quote name='jprk1024' timestamp='1436917231' post='11949962'] [quote name='markheardjr' timestamp='1436915500' post='11949774'] [quote name='jprk1024' timestamp='1436911303' post='11949324'] anyone have any recent experience with robinson ranch or lost canyons? [/quote] I refuse to return to Lost Canyons. I will play Robinson Ranch but I heard the drought is getting to them worse than most. No chance to keep balls in fairways, it just rolls and rolls out to rough. Brookside is the typically 1960's ish feeling Los Angeles course. It has some bigger older trees. I have played it in under
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