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  1. I hate to say it you are still cheating, and you are cheating your friends as well. What does this teach your kids? Is winning without putting in the effort what we want them to think. It is no different than the hot bats. Jordan Speith is a lot shorter than most tour guys, but he gets it done? Practice and put your time in. Drive for show and putt for dough.
  2. You have to include the RIP Beta 85! It is a great shaft, that can be had for almost nothing!
  3. I do not want to participate, but really a new driver from TaylorMade? I love my M2; but really?
  4. I am going with I would expect the shaft, and my honest deduction would be the head buyer got the other weight. The post clearly says the shaft is still available. Next time can you send the shaft and a bag full of $100's?
  5. How hard is it to come up with new designs and compounds to construct the grips from? The MC's are my favorite grip of all time, but it would be nice if you could get some of the same colorways that are manufacturer specific? I.E. Callaway Epic?
  6. If the putter traveled through the mail, than this is a mail fraud case. You should file complaint. This the link; https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/contactUs/filecomplaint.aspx.
  7. I went from the Callaway XR Pro's to the S55's and am playing the best golf of my life. My distance as well as ball striking has improved tremendously. I liked them so much I actually picked up another back up set. It is surprising how forgiving they are and the confidence they inspire. I would highly recommend them as well.
  8. I would be surprised if he did not donate anonymously. I see Jordan as one that would take on the helping of others as a means of not promoting his status or fame. Regardless; he is not bound by our perceptions. He is his own man, and that is not for me to judge.
  9. I would just figure for a custom order on a $400 club, that this should be a non issue. I know Callaway had no issue with it.
  10. Why does TaylorMade have to make their drivers stupid lengths, and then if you want on at something normal they care less about swingweight? It is a great club, but they are dropping the ball on this.
  11. I must agree the Chrome Soft X is pretty amazing. I love the Truvis tech too. It is the only ball; I have actually bought in years. It spins great, is long off the driver; and I love the roll I get with it as well. Kudos Callaway!!!!!!
  12. I will be at the Lincoln Financial Box on Thursday if anyone is around.
  13. I appreciate all the input. Anyone have any comparisons to the C-Taper Lite 110's. It is easy to just pick up a set of S55's to try, and if they fail. I will just put them back on Ebay.
  14. I found the head I like, and now doing a shootout between the S55's with KBS C-Taoer Light, Dynamic Gold and Nippon Modus Tour 120. Anyone have any experience as to what I should look for or expect?
  15. I can tell you I rarely buy drivers, but with the 150% trade in trade up why not. I ended up minus the trade with a custom epic 9 degree at 44.5 inches, and my favorite Diamana Kaili all in for $60 bucks. It was a no brainer! It was between the Epic and the M2, but with the ability to request swingweight and the trade value; the decision was easy. Give it a look! Kudos Callaway!
  16. I have been struggling with my XR's for quite a while; so I picked up some S55's as an experiment. The funny thing is I not only hit the 55's better, but they seem just as forgiving? Anyone else had a similar experience?
  17. I do not understand why we have to denigrate a member for trying his best to provide real world results with his swing, and multiple irons. He is sharing his results nothing more. I appreciate his info, and if you have issues move on!
  18. i have the same loft PW, and I go 52 and 59.
  19. Cedarbrook will be much cooler than the others. The new owner at Salem Glen Darren is awesome, and I would highly recommend it. I really do not think many other than the 7th at Salem or the 16th require a bit of a forced carry. You should not have a pace of play issue either.
  20. I will go the other way, and say I am biased towards Salem Glen and each course is a bit different. I agree on the Cedarbrook greens, and it is much more of a mountain course than the others. They all have their unique calling cards. Oak Valley has a great back nine, but Salem's greens this year are so so good. You would be hard pressed to go wrong with any of these!
  21. What are you looking for? I have played them all?
  22. Go with the Oakley Turbine XS Prizm Field Polarized. They are not cheap, but hands down the best lenses I have ever owned! http://www.ej-sunglasses.com/Sunglasses/Oakley-Turbine-XS/Oakley-Turbine-XS-OJ9003-0957
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