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  1. Nailed it they are absolutely the best for ease of use & forgiveness Please, I beg you look into some of Cleveland line of Hibore
  2. Anyway I would pay whatever they asked for if Ping would custom stealth clubs I do mean anything
  3. I bought some spin milled vokey off them on the Bay years ago and wore it out completely Gave it a buddy of mine & he still swears it's best club he has
  4. Please resist the urge to punch me right in face because I know you're gonna want to I had a set of Burner irons years ago black with the face being closer to chrome so after a few drinks of Liquid courage I was wise enough to take a palm sander to the face of these irons Horrible results but I've played better since the "Incident"
  5. Sorry I'm new to using the reply icon That putter turned out amazing Very Nice!
  6. Dammit FistFullo'Beer what's the verdict?
  7. Is there a link to Kenny Perry using this driver I can't find anything
  8. This guy is 62 years old Some kind of Yamaha blue headed driver Knight 3 wood from certainly a Wal Mart Halo 2 hybrid by Cleveland Cleveland TA5 3-PW Cobra Phil Rogers S & L wedges White Hot CS putter at least a decade old His driver floats about 240 & he hits his 3 wood straighter than I can putt! He can't be much bigger than Bilbo Baggins but this guy's the best golfer I've ever seen. Jerry Webb you are my hero. Please adopt me & will me that set of magic sticks
  9. I just ordered Ping G hybrids & Crossover 5 with Green NV 2KXV. Already had a great set but I am after all a WRX'r. Complete overhaul of all 14 clubs complete. $2000 later I've gotta make this pledge. No club purchases for 1 year
  10. City/State: Amsterdam, Missouri Handicap: 5 Swing Speed: 115 MPH GolfWRX Testing: Never, However soon to be rectified Current gamer: Srixon Z Star X Yellow Have I played Srixon ball in the past: Yes Do you agree to participate in an ongoing discussion and post your review/feedback of Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV: Yes I would & I'm looking forward to testing the new generation of Z-Star X & XV
  11. Yes I have Black KE4 Tour, which is why I was looking forward to another review here. Not many posts here about Malt by but I find the KE4 Tour to be an incredible club. Perfect combo of forgiveness in a cavity back & also the great finish with very little offset. There is a weight in the toe of the club that can be adjusted to change ball flight also. I bought them March of 2014 haven't hit anything else better...ever. I would like to hear more about the DBM for sure
  12. What happened to buying the DBM? I have Maltby KE4 Tour & was hoping to move into the DBM.
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