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  1. Personally, I wouldn't. They wouldn't feel like mine. I don't stamp, but I custom paint to give my irons a personal feel. But...if it was a pro's initials, I'd probably make an exception.
  2. It wasn't too bad. I put my paint removal paste on, let it dry, and took and old toothbrush to scrub it down. You must be careful as to not scratch the chrome. Took about an hour after the removal paste dried.
  3. Same here. Took the paint off my Moduses. Very clean look.
  4. Not sure what others use but personally, I've used several things such as a hard bristle toothbrush to a safety pin. Post up some pics when your work is done.
  5. 158 vs 148 in the 5 woods per the catalog.
  6. Great work here. But they're Packer's colors. Can. Not. Upvote.
  7. Oh gotcha. No. I still look at all the WITBs, but they don't influence me at all.
  8. Call me strange, but I don't care if a 3 wood is "hot." My F9 Tour goes exactly where I want it. I'll have the 3 and 5 in the bag for 2021.
  9. Would love to know as well. I have my back up set of TM RAC MB TPs that I absolutely will not sell, or likely ever use again, but I'd like them refinished.
  10. Colors aside... When the average hacker inevitably slices one into the woods, then ferociously bashes the driver into the ground, will "forged aluminum" hold up?
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