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  1. Callaway- after being subject to several lengthy wait times and having an order cancelled by them I cannot with good conscience order from them again. But the new Apex Pros look really good. and a combo set with some MBs is on my mind. If I had unlimited funds I would order them now. So I guess none. I'll use what I like if it works.
  2. Maybe I didn't dodge the lefty bullet after all. I will not buy new irons I will not buy new irons i will not buy new irons.
  3. Change nothing. Just keep cashing the big checks. He has come within inches of winning multiple times in the past two years and his record in Majors has been very solid as well. Cash the checks. Enjoy your family. Rinse and repeat.
  4. I'll wait a few weeks to order. Seeing as how it is a %&*^*^% blizzard outside right now it's not like it matters if I have a new driver.
  5. Just a new driver is in the works for me. As much as I like new stuff after the past few years of searching I feel like I really like where by bag is at. Ask me tomorrow.
  6. I'll say it again. I dodged a bullet they don't make them lefty.
  7. Hopefully we hear something fairly soon. Based on shipping times we can then order for next summer.
  8. If I was rich I might just own all the Bettinardis. Well the lefty ones.
  9. It's a whole other side of the tour most(including me) don't ever think about. The pressure has to be completely off the charts. I am sure there are guys out there who are just "giving it a shot" without a lot of worry about money but there are some that this is the ledge. Crazy if you think about it.
  10. Yeah I am going to say that even if they did come LH they would be out of my price range for what they are. I didn't pay any where near that for my Pings.
  11. Oh man now I want those too. Can we have the product launch already?
  12. Is is the 29th yet? I've got new wedges in my cart awaiting a driver.
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