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  1. Cobra, Callaway and Ping take really good care of us lefties. When I started playing in 1986 there was not much available.
  2. Personally I would no blame him if the travel tour life was not what he thought it was. I can unequivocally say I would not want that life. I do not like travel enough to do it all the time and people in general annoy me. The weekly grind of tour life has to be terrible on a lot of levels. Matt seems like a decent kid. Hopefully this is just a bump in the road if he wants to "live the dream". I would gladly accept a tour level golf game though in case you were wondering.
  3. When you get some time post some of your work. Personally I am terrible at anything artsy but I am amazed at people who are so I would enjoy seeing what you produce. I do feel that people should spend some time getting good at something they enjoy. It makes the suffering of life more tolerable.
  4. Was using my planemate yesterday and thinking through some of the ideas in NTC. Had a serious lightbulb moment and went from struggling with my swing a bit to simply killing it. Cannot wait to play. If you haven't bought the NTC video yet do it. So much good.
  5. This whole thing has been such a phase shift in terms of wait times. We have been spoiled for quite some time. As someone said to me in a similar post "if you aren't willing to wait a couple of extra weeks did you really want it in the first place?" Valid point. Waiting is still tough especially when the weather is good for such a short period for many of us.
  6. We have a couple of guys at our local muni who just come and chip and putt around the practice green. Sometimes they get a cart and drive around the course and give us guys playing a hard time. I love listening to their stories and visiting with them. Makes me hope that some day I'll get to be that guy still enjoying the social side of the game even after the physical side is taken from me. I wish you the best.
  7. MP 33s. Wish I had them around to play with during the winter.
  8. It really is amazing to see all the threads about this topic. I wonder how this is going to play out in terms of overall sales for the golf companies. We all (including me)tend to be "want it now" when we order something. I guess we have grown spoiled over the years with relatively fast lead times. I am betting there is a percentage of people who will not order something simply because of the wait times. Thoughts?
  9. Based on some of the wait times people are experiencing we may have to table this conversation to 2022. I will say that there are not too many irons out this year that I totally dislike. I am betting most fanboys are happy with their OEM offerings.
  10. Well earned victory with some gusty play and ability to bounce back from mistakes. Hopefully this helps grow the game worldwide somehow. If it brings some joy to the people of Japan and some increased fame for Hideki all the better. It was an odd Masters because it seemed like a bunch of people might have a chance today and really only about three people had any real chance. Very classy an honest interview from Xander. He seems like a very genuine person who hopefully gets his chance to hoist a big trophy some time soon.
  11. It's almost like he is from another culture or something. Oh wait.
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