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  1. An iron with a well-designed variable thickness face will be more consistent than a blade or mb. Why do basically all drivers have variable thickness face tech?
  2. I don’t know. I’m not a TK fan, but (for me) his clubs have always performed. I don’t think a nostalgic brand needs to stick with classic designs. If he genuinely thought he had better ideas on how to make irons I can’t fault the guy. Some old Hogan designs were pretty radical. but he did probably take a hit in the marketplace for not keeping with classic Hogan aesthetics.
  3. Bryson isn't at Champ's speed quite yet. Didn't Champ average 189 ball speed last year?
  4. It won’t ever end. Rich, entitled privileged guys can't help but whine. They are too used to their own perfection.
  5. TM face welds drive me nuts. That M2 looks like it could crack at any moment. Fun seeing Vijay bag W/S gear. Reminds me of the old days. Maybe he'll go back to rocking some Transitions lenses as well?
  6. I am super interested to see the new Wishon design!
  7. I switched to progressive with their name your own price tool.
  8. I do! But they're not irons. They're iron-woods! But yeah, as far as metal on a stick goes, Tour Edge makes great stuff, especially in the Exotics range.
  9. The back on these look like someone lost control of a tapping bit.
  10. But you haven't 'minimized the differences' just by playing the same shaft/grip combo in two different heads. You have no idea from a real technical standpoint which of those two drivers launch higher/lower, spin more/less, like to come in open/closed add loft/subtract loft due to CG placement, have a shallower/deeper face, perform better/worse on mis-hits, are more/less aerodynamic, etc. Not to mention the psychological impact of playing a familiar driver vs. a new one and what that means for how a club gets tested. These variables (plus many more) may or may not add up to increased yardage.
  11. You may want to just do a quick search to see how much the 1%’ers earn. Might surprise you. Can someone name the OP for us? Since he was so kind to out his loser, nobody pro? Just kidding. Who on earth would do that?
  12. Thank you, Tom, for the reply. I'm excited to see and learn more about your next SL wood/hybrid/iron lineup. Sounds like most of my wishes about the next generation will come true! Giving people options at the top end is smart, I think. I personally like my 'longer' irons to launch high and land softly, so any sort of CG positioning to aid that will be appreciated by this golfer. The Sterling wedges launched noticeably lower than other SL heads I tried, even at a comparable 36.5" length. Which is good! Will your new wedges have an even higher CG?
  13. I think the OS model allows the player to more easily dial-ate on their yardages.
  14. Truss as a name is meh. Not terrible. Worst/best/most hilarious golf club name all-time: drumrolllllllll.......... Maltby CER-VX Ladies iron.
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