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  1. Great looking shoes! Just got an identical pair at Christmas. Taking on my Florida trip at the end of February!
  2. LOL!!! I think I out-kicked my coverage with her. Appreciate it!
  3. Not a purchase but my birthday haul from the wifey today. 2 Nike golf shirts, dozen Pro V1's, 2 golf gloves and a G Fore gift certificate. Not pictured--a Peter Millar 1/4 zip sweater that has to be returned for a larger size. I must have been a better boy over the past year than I thought....
  4. G/Fore MG4. They aren't inexpensive but the fit/comfort of these shoes is second-to-none. You can tell just how nicely they are made once you have them in hand. The insoles even have little "ridges" that massage the foot. I'm already looking for my next pair of G/Fore's.
  5. PUTTERS for SALE (NO Trades/CONUS Only) ODYSSEY STROKE LAB DOUBLE WIDE ARM LOCK -42" -Some minor wear on sole of putter (outside edges) -Excellent Condition -Good Condition -Head Cover Included -Price Includes Shipping SALE PRICE: $165.00 PING Sigma G Tyne -35" -Minimal Wear -PP60 PING Putter Grip -Very Good Condition -Head Cover Included -Price Includes Shipping SALE PRICE: $135.00
  6. Picked this one up very late in the season. May have to keep it awhile...
  7. I've had my Club Glove Last Bag since the mid-late 90's and it still works and looks great. The only visible signs of wear are on the "skid plate" and wheels. Granted, I normally only travel with my clubs once a year but it has (obviously) been a great investment. I use my Stiff Arm, take the heads off of my woods, insert the shafts grip-side out inside my staff bag and wrap my clubs with golf/beach towels. As others have said, the Last Bag folds up easily and uses less room in my rental (as well as taking up less space in our home closet). Yeah, it's a handful "fully packed" but I can get two pairs of shoes, golf towels and everything else that will fit inside my staff bag. I had a hard case prior to the Last Bag but it didn't last 4-5 years before the latches became inoperable.
  8. The wife got me some new G/FORE shoes for Christmas. My first pair (a buddy of mine was raving about his G/FORE's).
  9. My wife and I have two tickets for Saturday's round (originally got them through the lottery for 2020 spring--was guaranteed getting tickets again via reentering the lottery). Will be our first time there and as excited as I am to finally see the course, my wife is even more excited. Playing golf mid-late week prior in Charlotte with in-laws and staying Friday night in Columbia for the 60 mile trek to Augusta Saturday morning.
  10. It looks to me like there is quite a bit of offset pressed into the PXG’s compared to the PING’s (you have the toe end of the PXG hanging down compared to the PING which accentuates the 425 offset). I have the G425’s and the offset is much less than my PXG 0311 XF’s. Just my opinion....
  11. Not a big fan of the Alta CB shafts. The counterbalancing in these shafts has thrown my swing off and all I do is top/thin my shots with my new G425 woods. After 2 weeks of this nonsense, I’m going to reshaft the 425’s into my trusted Handcrafted Project X Evenflow’s!!!
  12. I'm now 27 holes in with my new G425 irons. Almost aced #16 today with an 8 iron from 145 yards. Hit a foot short and ended up a foot left of the hole. These irons fly high and long and are a so much fun to swing. I'm officially a G man
  13. It took 7 weeks and one day but my G425 irons and Glide 3.0 wedges arrived yesterday. 27 holes in and they were definitely worth the wait
  14. It took 7 weeks and one day but my G425 irons and Glide 3.0 wedges arrived yesterday. 27 holes in and they were definitely worth the wait I was quoted 4-5 weeks on the irons and 6-7 weeks on the wedges. Red dot/UST Recoil 95 shafts/ + 1/4"/ MCC Plus 4 Green grips on the irons. Hope everyone who is waiting gets their sticks very soon!
  15. I've had the XF's in the bag for a few years now and was looking at a variety of irons (Hot Metal Pros, Srixon ZX5's, Taylormade P790's and the PXG 0311 XP's) just to switch things up. I ultimately hit the G425's a little better and was able to reduce the amount of draw bias in my iron play with a stiffer shaft and going flat with red dots. I love the feel of my PXG's and they will always be my backup set but the PING's just looked better (maybe just different to me as my PXG's are black). The G425's offered me all the forgiveness that I could ask for and I was able to hit them a tad bit higher than my gamers. Now if they would only ship soon (it will be 6 weeks in a couple of days).
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