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  1. I had this extra shaft from a Bettinardi center shaft and a QB11…. Don’t know the exact specs though
  2. Need to sell since I bought a new truck! 1. Custom LAB Directed Force Putter 2.0. SOLD SOLD SOLD 2. Stability Shaft= Raw Length is: 32.5 inches. This is for an over the hosel putter. Asking $100 shipped
  3. Need to sell unless you have some PXG Gear that could tempt me! 1. Bettinardi Limited Release Inovai 7.0 Slant Neck. All blacked out with Super Stroke Pistol GT 1.0 with backweight. Putter is in perfect condition with Shaft Band as well. Headcover included. Putter plays 35 inches long. Asking $425 shipped
  4. Need to move this one since I have to many Hybrids.... yet I want more!!!!! 1. This one is basically brand new, no scratches or anything. I never hit it and looks like it has never been hit. 2 iron with Thump 100 X Flex. All standard with Taylor Made Grip. These are going for right around $200 on the BAY.... Asking $185 shipped
  5. I guess I added the same pairs of pants twice. So in total. 7 Pants and 3 Club/Golf Items. Just looking to sell really. 1. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X-100. 4-PW with the Raw 5 iron length at 36 inches and 5/8 inches. Full disclosure... the 9 iron is a brand new shaft which I bought since I lost the 9 iron in the previous set make-up. I haven't cut it or anything. I know when the pics post they will most likely be not in the correct order so feel free to email me. Some of the labels are peeling/falling apart a bit... SOLD 2. Callaway 815 Tour Issue Driver Head 9 degree. Small blemish on top that I tried to take a pick of. No paint Loss or anything. Asking $60 shipped 3. Titleist u510 3 iron with Evenflow Black 90 X Flex. Head is super clean.... SOLD 4. Bonobos Pants.... Ok multiple sizes and everything!!!!! No stains or anything. All of them have the little zippers on the cuffs.... 6 Bonobos Pants------ 1 Under Armour Pant ALL PANTS SOLD
  6. Only thing I would be tempted on is a SiK Putter or TSI2 3 wood 1. Ping i210 HEADS ONLY 3-PW Black Dot. These are in Fantastic Shape. Used for 1 Round and then maybe 5 range sessions. PW shows the most wear. All the same Serial Number. (Currently these do have shafts. But I intend to keep them unless someone wants them X-100 Tour Issue... the price will go up to $800) SOLD 2. Would LOVE to package these together BluePrint 8-PW Heads Only (Red Dot, But if wanted I can bend them to black). RAGE stamped on the back cavity (pretty small). SOLD 3. Bettinardi BB54 this thing has been my gamer forever but moving on to ArmLock (or at least I think I am). If this doesn't sell I won't be mad. 33.5 inches. No Headcover (lost it my last round). Putter has been used and shows some wear. Asking $275 shipped 4. Tour AD- DI X-Flex Hybrid shaft 85 Gram. One time pull from a PXG. 38 1/4 raw length. Asking $100 shipped 5. Bettinardi Lot of Headcovers. Regular Stock Blue, and then CONFIDENTIAL. Both headcovers are basically new. Velcro is in GREAT SHAPE. Don't know where to start so how about.... $135 for both (CONFIDENTIAL is the one the is more....)
  7. Only need to sell. 1.Titleist T-100S Heads Only. 4-PW I did bend these to standard loft and lie for a set of T-100 (TruBlue Loft and Lie). There is a minor ding on the 9 iron toe. Other than that just normal wear from maybe 15-20 rounds of golf and some range time. If you want some better pics let me know.... SOLD
  8. Looking to sell unless you have a G425 LST 3 Wood or Hybrid 1. Bettinardi DASS JAM. Putter feels great just not for me (more of a mallet guy I'm starting to figure out!) Putter has a few superficial marks but no real dents or dings. Great feeling putter and great to set up to. Comes with headcover as well. Putter plays at 34 inches long. SOLD 2. Apex Hybrid 2 18 degrees. Small mark on the head that seems to be just clear coat. Comes with Fujikura Black ATMOS 9X Tour Spec. Plays at 41 inches long. Asking $115 shipped 3. Set of AMT White X100. Tour Velvets installed in great shape and the 4 iron raw length is 37 1/4 inches long. Asking $115 shipped TAKE IT ALL FOR $700 SHIPPED
  9. Picked this up.... but just not digging it. Would be tempted by i210 X-Flex shafts.... 1. Bettinardi Queen Bee 10 Blacked Out Limited. Putter is perfect condition along with the headcover is also in perfect condition! Putter plats at 33 1/4 inches long. Comes with Deep Etched Sink Fit Grip. SOLD
  10. Would really like to track down a TSI2 3 wood (X-Flex) The two irons have the SAME serial numbers 1. Titleist T100-S 3 iron. AMT White X-100. Great Shape. Super Stroke Grip. 38 3/4 inches long Asking $100 shipped 2. Titleist T100-S GW Wedge. AMT White X-100. Great Shape. Tour Velvet Grip. 35 1/4 Inches Long Asking $100 TAKE THEM BOTH FOR $175 3. Set of Onyx S-400 Tour Issue. Ok I believe there are different sets. These look to be more like a matte finish. One time pull from a set of PXG. Longest raw iron is just a touch under 38 inches. Asking $175 OBO TAKE IT ALL FOR $315 SHIPPED
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