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  1. I have a variety of g400 shafts and I want to try something in the 70+ gram range. I have a GD IZ 6s, GD tour ad ysq 65s, xtorsion 60s, fubuki zt 60x, GD ys-6+ s and a tour issue matrix velox 60 nf 105+. Pm me if you want to discuss a trade.
  2. Adapter fits g30, G, g400, g400 max. Shaft is in good shape. I have several I'm testing and this is the first to be cut. End of tip to end of grip is 43 5/8. Should play 44 3/4. 65 shipped to your door. Add 5 shipping west of the Mississippi.
  3. I played vardon for 20 years. After trying interlock on the range, I've played with it every since (around 5 yrs). Vardon feels less controllable now.
  4. I agree they've all got their own niche and are aimed at a different area of golf.
  5. After watching several of the video's, I was wondering the same thing. As to why, I don't know enough about the variables in LM's to venture a guess.
  6. I haven't compared them but I can't believe you'd gain much distance going to the other choices. G400's are tough to beat.
  7. Whichever one fits your swing the best will be the best overall performer.
  8. Take a few breaks if you want to get a lot of practice in. Ball after ball for hours isn't good practice.
  9. Yes, hzrdus yellow should spin a little less.
  10. I have access to a set and I've had the same results. Never know, sometimes it's like picking up a new putter and you hole everything.
  11. Any of their softer, higher launching shafts should work.
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