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  1. This doesn't make sense. PING will not talk to customers in regards to orders. They will only talk to the account holder. You would not even have the necessary information for them to pull your order.
  2. The i210 is not discontinued yet. Backed up in orders but not discontinued.
  3. I reached out to quite a few people on this before doing mine and ended up adding 4 grams which is equivalent to 2 wing weight points. I put my hot melt in the middle of the sole. Some people said for most dramatic change in sound to place on crown because it is the thinnest surface. I don't know if 2 grams would make a difference but I wanted to keep my CG low. Due to the difference in length from changing the Arccos grip out for the midsize CP2 grip the swing weight came out about D3.5. FYI If you have an Arccos grip on your club you will lose about 3/8 of an inch in length when changing
  4. I received an email today from Callaway Pre-owned offering 20% off Asian Authentic clubs. Anybody know the difference?
  5. I am looking at the new G425 irons and I am considering going from the Regular flex Alta Slate to a Stiff flex due to the fact I am going plus half inch in length. I know the response will be to get fitted but I would like to try before committing to a fitting. Minnesota's COVID restrictions makes this not possible right now and I doubt the PING fitting cart would have the Alta shafts at plus 1/2 inch anyways. My swing speed is in the regular flex range and think the extra swingweight that comes from a longer club will make the shaft play somewhat soft. Does anyone have any thoughts or expe
  6. Very interested in this thread. I have been going back & forth about switching from the Gen 2 317X's and the PING G425's. The only way you can test clubs up here is to go through a fitting.
  7. I love my Gen 2 hybrids but I am thinking I need a little more height. I was looking at the new G425's when it dawned on me that moving the weights to the back might make a difference in height, spin and possibly forgiveness. I am from the north so not able to try for a while. Has anybody else tried this and what sort of difference did you see if any?
  8. Mine also came in at 202 grams. By shortening the playing length to 45.25 I was able to add 3 grams of hot melt to achieve a D3.5 swingweight and quiet the club down a little a the same time.
  9. If you are that worried about the sound hot melt it. It does help.
  10. How much weight are you suggesting to the crown and what part of the crown would be considered neutral?
  11. Thank you for your response. The results are fine. My main concern is quieting it down a little. I had a G400 Max that I played at D4 with no problem so I thought since the two clubs are considered comparable I would be able to get the same feeling with this one at D4. This would allow me to possibly mute the sound with the addition of some hot melt.
  12. I apologize for another hot melt topic but after searching and reading 5 pages I have not found enough consistency in the feedback to make me comfortable doing this. I have a new 425 MAX driver that has a swingweight of D1.5 with a 45.25 inch Accura shaft. The head weighs 202 grams but since the swingweight is a little lower than I prefer I don't see a problem increasing the weight of the head with hot melt.(please let me know if I am wrong) My goals are to mute the sound of the club and possibly give it a better feel. My questions are: 1) Where is the most efficient loca
  13. One interesting thing that I found out by experience was that after removing the stock PING grip with Arrcos and replacing it a CP2 wrap the club plays 1/2 inch shorter. Not a problem for me since I was going to change the length to 45.25 but would be a surprise to anybody wanting to play at longer length with a different grip for sure. arrcos.heic
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