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  1. Thanks, I don't sell stuff too often so maybe I'm giving out too good of a deal, it's hard to come up with prices! LOL
  2. Ping G425 4 Hybrid 22* with Stock Ping Alta CB 70 Stiff Shaft - $SOLD shipped to CONUS Stock settings from Ping. I tried to like hybrids but they just don't work with my swing. I've only gamed this for 2 rounds so it could pass for new. I did not activate the Arccos grip so you could do that if you'd like. Fujikura Vista Pro Hybrid Shaft 70 Stiff Shaft with Ping G410/425 .370 adapter - $SOLD shipped to CONUS Measures 39" tip to end and plays 39 5/8" in a Ping 4 hybrid. Take them both for $SOLD
  3. The boiling water trick saved me a headache tonight. Thank you!!!!
  4. All prices include shipping to US lower 48. PayPal only. No trades unless you have Callaway Epic 10.5. Pictures should speak for themselves but I'd be happy to take some more if requested. Callaway XR16 - 10.5 degree Stock specs. This is my backup driver and it's seen little use. Top of the head is clean. Comes with stock stiff Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 and headcover. Condition 9.5/10 $180 OBRO Vokey SM5 48 degree tour chrome (head only) I barely used this last season and the grooves are in great shape. Yes, there are letters "EO" stamped on it. If that's not your initials financial guys will tell you it stands for "Errors & Omissions" lol Condition 8.5/10 $45 OBRO Callaway XR Pro 16 degree fairway (head only) This club just missed making it in the bag. It's in great shape and comes with stock headcover. Condition 8.5/10 $70 OBRO Rife Two Bar Hybrid 34" Comes with the extra weights and LieAlign Fitting System to bend the lie angle. Condition 7.5/10 (will need new grip) $SOLD FootJoy DNA 2.0 with BOA - White - Size 9.5M I ordered them from FootJoy and paid over $200 for them - really wanted these shoes to work but they're too big for me. My loss your gain. I wore them for 2 rounds, still in great shape. Condition 9/10 $SOLD Graphite Design Tour AD GT-7s 43.75" raw and measures 24.75" to the first ring (so it's untipped). Has a fairly new grey Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip. Note - the epoxy ends 2 inches from the tip so you won't be able to use a short ferrule to cover this. If you plan on tipping this there wouldn't be any cosmetic issues at all. Condition 8.5/10 $SOLD Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Heavy (388 grams) 34.75" I've switched back to a blade so this beauty has to go. This is the slight arc model and has a loft of 1*. Comes with the stock headcover that's worn since I always protected my putterhead. Putter face and crown are in great shape. Condition 9/10 (will need new grip) $SOLD TaylorMade Tour Preferred UDI - #3 20 degree #3 20* with KBS CTaper Lite Stiff with stock grip. Face has probably seen less than a dozen balls. Impulse buy from several years ago. Condition 9.5/10 $SOLD Tour Edge Exotics CB5 3 wood 15 degrees (head only) I never even had a chance to test this. Bought from fellow golfwrxer, clean face - there's a small nick near the heel on the crown. Condition 7/10 (would be 9.5 without nick - it could probably be covered with black marker) $SOLD
  5. This is the freshman that put up the crazy good tourney scores: Would you say his backswing is steep? I don't see that - I see on plane.
  6. I've used a hair dryer to help soften them a bit and they slide a bit better but don't get deformed.
  7. I've got this page bookmarked: http://www.ozgolf.net/archive/index.php/t-40398.html
  8. I've seen fluctuations as much as 4 grams apart within the same model of grips.
  9. I've recently started experimenting with Tour AD shafts in my XR16 10.5 driver. I've noticed that the clubhead is extremely light (only 189grams) and that the stock shaft (which I don't own) is set to play at 45.75". I've always felt like I haven't been able to get enough roll on the course and I seem to get more mud balls than my playing partners - obviously my home course has fairly soft conditions on a regular basis. So I'm hoping some fellow golfwrxers can help me choose from the following. Played the MT-5s on the course for 1 round and I hit 13/13 fairways. My golf buddies think I'm crazy that I would even want to switch or tweak that shaft but I think there is still more roll / better penetrating flight out there. Should I tip the MT-5s? if so how much and should I add extension to get it back to 45.75"? Should I look at any other shafts? (I have a DI-6s on the way) Am I crazy? Thanks! Both shafts play at 45.75 in the XR16, I love the feeling of both. Here are the numbers from flightscope with my normal ProV1x:
  10. That's exactly what I did. I bought the i95 regular and put it in my 7 iron. I didn't love the results so I then bought the i80 regular and it was amazing! FYI - I do still have that i95 if somebody is interested.
  11. I'm interested in this as well. Is there an up charge to have the initials? Looks like it's $60 without, $73 with
  12. I hope this fad passes quickly. They remind me of longer versions of women's capri pants.
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