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  1. Booked yesterday for the end of March 2022 as a single and only took a total of 15 minutes from being on hold to hanging up. Only lodging available now for singles is the new Round Lake. Have two replay rounds with one being the last available guaranteed tee time and the other is 30 minutes after.
  2. Playing Macktown tomorrow and Swanhills on Sunday so I can give an update on conditions after. Macktown - As you can tell by the yardage,5800 yards, it's pretty short. Especially when three par 3s that play at 220, 180ish, and 170. There are quite a few short par 4s and the greens are not small so it can be a pretty easy course. Usually the greens are a little on the slow side. Most of the holes have pretty generous semi tree lined fairways except for the 9th which is dead straight but very tight all the way to the green. Ingersoll - They've had to take out a lot of trees over the past 5-10 years so the course has lost a lot of its character and teeth. Driving used to be a premium but now not as much. The front plays 500 yards shorter than the back so there is quite the difference. The past few years the greens were in really good shape and can be quick. But I think they have a new super this year so not sure if they are keeping it that way. Elliot - They've taken out quite a few trees over the past 5 years due to storm damage and ash bore so it plays pretty easy. The length is really its only defense. Conditions used to be really good but the one time I played it this year the greens were great but the fairways had some crabgrass and bare spots. There are a few holes that have more elevation changes than you would think for the location. This is the easiest course to get to from I-90. The Rockford Park District is looking at selling the course next year. Swanhills - I only play this course maybe once/twice a year. As with Elliot the only defense is its length and has even less trees. If you are going to play 36 and looking for variety I would say Macktown and Elliot. But there isn't a clear "best" of the group.
  3. The Ogle County Sheriff, where Byron is located, had previously stated that they were not going to enforce the stay at home order. This was posted on their facebook page and a news article about it. Ogle County Sheriff's office will not enforce stay at home order
  4. Hopefully it dries out and we avoid anymore rain today. They posted a picture of the course after last night's rain.
  5. I would say Timber Pointe and the Ledges. Hopefully both are able to dry out before then with all the rain we've had out here. Sandy Hollow and Ingersoll have lost a lot of trees the past few years that gave them their character. Both are nice courses for residents but nothing that I would say are must plays. Elliot is pretty wide open without much trouble off the tee, however, the greens usually have a decent pace to them. Atwood while not bad I think there are better options.
  6. Anybody know if Ledges is open? Normally Atwood is the only of the three county courses that will open during the winter weather. There isn't an update saying they will be open, Atwood. And the only Rockford city course that opens is Elliott and the park district hasn't made any posting about the course being open. I would doubt they open with how wet the ground is.
  7. For those of you who like to play PrairieView, GroupGolfer has a deal for $18 for 18 w/ cart and range balls. Good any day and time.
  8. PrairieView is always my choice in the area. Silver Ridge was purchased a few years ago after being neglected and the new owners have done a pretty good job of bringing it back. Greens are a little slow but has some interesting holes and elevation changes. I've only played Lost Nation once and would go for Silver Ridge but am kinda partial to Silver Ridge since it was the first non par 3 course I played. Haven't played Sandy Hollow this year but they've had a take quite a few trees out due to ash bores and it has changed the course quite a bit.
  9. Did you get an email confirmation for your package or tee times reservation? When I booked a trip, it stated at the bottom that full payment is due when booking within 30 days.
  10. [quote name='bossman641' timestamp='1408109458' post='9940177'] Big golf weekend planned. Heading back to Rockford tonight and playing Aldeen tomorrow morning. Going to play an afternoon 18 somewhere as well but haven't decided, maybe Timber Pointe or PrairieView. Then my friend was able to get us on at Kemper Lakes Sunday afternoon. Neither of us has played it before. Any tips? [/quote] PrairieView's website shows them having an outing starting at 2. Also Timber Pointe would also be the easier drive after Aldeen and after 1 it's $32 with cart at Timber Pointe.
  11. [quote name='DavePelz4' timestamp='1406479704' post='9795235'] Stats for the day...10/14, 11 GIR however, FORTY ONE PUTTS! Yes, 41 for an uninspiring 82. The practice green was very, very slow but the on course green conditions were exponentially different. Obviously I putted like Stevie Wonder but there was very subtle grading on the greens. Uphill putts were very, very slow and downhill putts were fast. I'm averaging 31 putts/round this year but couldn't figure them out. For example, I had a 4 foot birdie putt on the par 5 9th and never sniffed the cup on the birdie putt...or the par putt. Wait a minute...Stevie probably would have putted better than me. BTW, I spent at least 30 minutes putting before we started as there isn't a range on site. [/quote] Normally the greens are on the slow side but today they had the second day of the Rockford City Men's Tournament, so they speed them up for that event.
  12. [quote name='ctfuzz21' timestamp='1402316396' post='9458039'] No golf for me this past weekend, so it was nice to be able to live vicariously through everybody's rounds on here. I have a tournament coming up this week at Prairieview in Byron, IL. Anybody play there this year? Any thoughts? [/quote] I've played there the past three weekends and the overall course is in good condition. They had some issues with damaged greens over the winter but they have really come around. They still have some discoloration but they are rolling pretty smooth with a decent pace. Had a friend that plays in the suburbs and said they were the best greens he has played on this year. So I think you'll be happy with the course. Course is pretty straight forward and has some nice elevation changes, especially on the back nine.
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