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  1. Hi. When will PING replace the now old i210 irons
  2. Some guy posted this on Facebook. I'm sure it won't last long here Thank you very much for the iron picture. Lets hear, it does not look like I will upgrade my G400 irons
  3. [quote name='golfnhack' timestamp='1404156997' post='9609531'] Lets get realistic here. There surface area of a vehicle is waaaaaaaay more than that of a club. To suggest that the "Turbulators" will help generate any additional club head speed is rather ridiculous (IMHO). It just seems gimmicky. I am personally surprised that ping did not join the forward CG and adjustable CG band wagon. Now can someone please post pics of the G30 irons.... the ones with the shark fins on them. [/quote] I must say that your post is ridiculous. I am sure that PING will tell us how they work very soon :-) From my point of view, many golfers are older than their birth certificate indicate Summer is at its peak, lets play :-) and I will order a 10"SR ASAP when possible
  4. CROCN It is against all what PING stands for and I love them for it. How big is the market for REAL blades ?
  5. Hi :-) I am a Dane but the best golfcourse I have played is Ganton Golf Club i North Yorkshire England. It is bad bad bad bad mean course right from tee to cup. I get kicked in my ... every time I go there and I wouldent miss it for the world, see you 12/9 :-) http://www.gantongolfclub.com/ In Denmark it is the Scandinavian, waw there is 2 courses and they are really good both of them http://thescandinavian.dk/
  6. I got my Ketsch a week ago. It is 33 long 2" loft and have slim 3,0 grip. I have some in my collection, but I have never ever had one so good. Normally when I leave it 2 m. short I say to my self "dammmmmmmm" not a bogey or worse, I dont have to any more. My confidence is boosted big time.
  7. I was playing the demo :-) with my own shaft
  8. I always play with a fade and from fairway with my Anser 3 wood it sometimes gets worse. With the Rapture its nearly gone (and it is set up to neutral), just my observation :-) It is easy of the deck and it is nearly as long as my i25 driver, so ME LIKE :-)
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