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  1. Cobra F6 Baffler, loft set to 16 degrees, 1.5" extension in grip.
  2. 1. Magnolia Blossom 2. Citadel Size L, please...thank you. Jon Silverberg
  3. Carnoustie (for its shot values) and Spyglass (because the ball would not stop anywhere near the hole, notime, nohow...)...Pinehurst can be chipped and pitched to, the Black can be putted, and both have reasonably generous fairway landing areas (except for the first on the Black, which they narrow every year, year after year, and now looks like its about 15 yards wide)...
  4. I have hit three 2017 drivers on indoor launchmonitors: the Epic, the new M1 and the new M2...none of them are better than the best ones produced between 2015 and 2016.
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