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  1. Got a couple sleeves too yesterday. Supppsedly for wet weather play. Looking forward to trying them out.
  2. abacoa golf club is usually pretty nice. ive always liked palm beach national too. abacoa is just off donald ross real close to 95. pb national is a little north of lake worth road near the turnpike.
  3. avoid south florida. all the courses feel the same minus a handful. id stick to the carolinas closer to the mountians. also cant count alabama they have some nice cpirses plus the rtj trail is there
  4. i have a husqvarna 190cc awd push mower that i love. just wont quit, eats through everything. suuuuuper fuel efficient too.
  5. my grandfather (a plus handicap and relatively accomplished amateur in his day) was shooting par until his early 70's. couldn't hit a drive much more than 210 220. but all he did was make pars and he was the best around the green ive ever played with.
  6. i like quail ridge and if i remember correctly they have half a dozen or so clubs you can play at on certain days as part of their reciporical play program. my old man always had a summer membership at a nice private club (for many you must be invited or at least have a sponsor). he always walked after work though so the cart fee never really affected him.
  7. im at about 190k on my 02 f150. i bought it at about 185k and put about 150 to 200 into it (oil change, coolant flush, pcv valve, alternator). heater doesnt work but thats ok in south florida. she idles real rough sometimes and gets horrible fuel mileage but shes already paid for herself three times over with work ive been able to get with it.
  8. there is general parking which is just off bee line hwy by this big park on top of a dump. free for hondas/acuras, 10 bucks for all other vehicles. expect a 20 to 30 min ride on the busses to the course. im not sure what day yoire going but i alwaya go sundays and if you stay til the end expect to wait up to an hour to get on a bus to go back to the parking. the preferred parking is next to marsh point elementary but i believe you need a pass. much shorter bus ride to course. by the way im looking for a few sunday grounds passes if you know of any...
  9. [quote name='Alexblakk' timestamp='1416393476' post='10471103']I thought TPC Eagle Trace was a member only course ? How do you book a tee time there ?[/quote] Last time i checked golfnow you could get a tee time there, albeit limited time slots
  10. Plantation Preserve is one of my favorites in the area. TPC Eagle Trace is a great course too
  11. Played 18 yesterday afternoon. Birdied number 1 then proceeded to bogey holes 2 through 9. Added 2 more birdies on the back and made some pars too. Ended with an 82. Also used the same ball all round and never made worse than bogey. Oh and i lost my cb4 4wood headcover
  12. I have callaway driver, tee fw, adams irons, titleist wedge, cleveland wedge and ping putter. 6.
  13. Callaway razr hawk tour 9.5 - $120 TEE CB4 13 deg diamana ahina - $130 TEE CB4 16.5 deg miyazaki c.kua - $120 Adams a12 pro 3-pw - $800 Cleveland Cg14 52 deg - $30 Titleist vokey spin milled 60 deg - $110 Total - $1310 add another 250 for bag and shoes
  14. I play a strong 3 wood and a 4 wood. Both tour edge exotics cb4s. One is 13 degrees with a diamama 'ahina 80x and the 16.5 has a miyazaki c.kua 59x. The 13 has a higher launching shaft and the 16.5 is a lower launching. Typically I use the 13 for tee shots and the 16.5 for second shots on par 5th
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