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  1. I love the black version of the GD shafts, wish it was standard for all the variants.
  2. Anybody know when Ping will start doing custom fittings again? Talking about the outdoor fitting at one of courses Ping partners with, not the indoor one they do at HQ. I'm in phoenix in mid-june, was hoping I could get fit while I'm there.
  3. I use my routine to pick my shot and aim my shot. Pick shot, then pick something in front of ball, aim club face at it, then align body to club face. And don't forget your yardages are going to change day to day, sometimes significantly. Know your stock yardages but depending on weather, temperature, and how you feel on a certain day you might knock off 5 yards from your 7 iron carry or whatever. Everyones on launch monitors figuring out their exact carry. It's not exact and your 7 iron is going to carry different yardages all year no matter how much time you spend on launch monitor. I usual
  4. Well, I can't speak to the i210s, but if you want more trajectory, try a TP5x ball. I was shocked at how much higher they launched than the prov1 I play. I can hardly tell a difference in flight between the various premium balls except the tp5x. I swear the TP5x was a solid 20 feet higher flying on my 7 iron. It was crazy, too high for me to play. Could just be my particular swing tho.
  5. As you already know, no one knows what it will feel like to you. I am a big fan of filming yourself while trying things that feel "crazy" and checking to see what happens both with ball flight and camera. I've been trying to get my club exiting more low and left. And as that improved a little, I also maintained my posture a little better - or u could say side bend. No one's feel is same, but for me it felt like I was going upside down coupled with my hips feeling like they were further back (like montes zipper away drill i guess). Almost like, as you turn head up to look at ball flight, feels
  6. Ferry point by far best public practice facility near NYC. Last year I think it was $50 to use it all day. Call ahead if you care about hitting off grass at range as it is sometimes mats only. Marine park also good, they have a bunker and a small green where u can hit up to about 40 yard shots (altho, there's usually too many people to attempt shots that far). They have short range, irons only. Also, good size putting green separate from short game area. And the greens are decent, prob best of the munis. You can also go out late on one of city courses and set up shop at an empty hole. As lon
  7. You have more time in full swing to make compensations. Short shots are less forgiving if your setup is poor or if you are off plane etc. There's a wide variety of ways to play short shots. Some guys pitch and chip with a lot or a little wrist action. Some pitch the ball with narrow stances, open, some are square and wider. Only advice I would throw out there is learn how to use the bounce on all your short shots. And get the right bounce for your turf conditions and your attack angle - and if you don't know, go high bounce 10*+.
  8. One thing to consider is that some apps are optimized only for apple's operating system. It might have changed, but I know last year that v1 golf app was almost unusable on my android device. Even though my phone was capable of ~1,000 frames per second, the app was capturing swing video at something much much lower. To the point where a full swing was only comprised of like 10 frames. V1 works really nicely on iOS tho.
  9. Maybe try a short chip shot or small punch shot version of closed face drill to feel getting open? Similar to what Alex Noren does in this video. Maybe throw an alignment stick down your grip to make sure you aren't flipping through impact. Take club back one third with exaggerated closed face. Maybe even freeze there for a moment. Then try to punch the ball straight with an exagerated closed face. I think you have to open your body, extend/rotate, to get it to go straight.
  10. This was me a couple weeks ago. 5 birdies, 14 greens and shot +3.... Doubled almost every green I didn't hit. Alternated between draining 25 footers and skulling chips across greens into sand trap. 3 putted a straight 12 footer.
  11. I have no idea about the head movement. But given my quarantine boredom, I'll kick this off. Has any instructor ever mentioned how both your shoulders and hips are almost closed at impact? For a player at your level, that seems unique. Maybe instructors haven't touched it or mentioned it because it works for you. Idk. That was what jumped out to me. I would expect to see shoulders and hips open to some degree at impact. And as one across the line player to another, you look across the line at the top. I mean phil makes it work so maybe something that doesn't have to change. But prob going
  12. Motion looks pretty good to my amateur eye. I defer to instructors, but you might fool around with getting club head a little more outside your hands on way back. I think easier to hit a pitch with clubhead outside hands as opposed to inside. When I lose my rhythm, which is often, I fool around with one handed pitches. I do it both one handed righty and one handed lefty. Once you can hit some decent little pitches, I start alternating between both hands on and one hand on.
  13. Take this with a grain, as I'm not an instructor. I am a long time sufferer of the goat move tho. The goat love is a symptom of other things in your setup and or swing that are incorrect. So, you can't just focus on fixing the goat issue. It will be resolved when you sort out any number of other things in your swing. It could be your setup, ball position, grip, backswing, or transition that are making it neccesarry for you to goat hump to make contact. Your body is smart, it knows you're out of position and need to goat hump to make contact. Gotta figure out how to get in a good position on
  14. I second the one handed drill for feeling release of putter head. I push putts as well and have to do this drill constantly to remind myself what it feels like to release it.
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