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  1. Best wedges I’ve ever used. But I haven’t tried the SM8.
  2. I’m a snob and I’ve been touting these. They spin like crazy, but that’s not even the best part. The turf impact is great and they hit every shot well. Very very versatile. I play them. Better than my recent Clevelands and Callaways.
  3. Mavrik Pro is very neutral. Better than my old Titleist.
  4. I played the original CBX. Have not played CBX2. But I really hated CBX. Nothing good I can say about those.
  5. People really are sleeping on the K Sig wedges. These wedges are meaningfully better than my prior Callaway (Mack Daddy) and Cleveland CBX wedges. The turf and sand interaction and easy hitting a variety of shots is great. And they are precise and forgiving. They deserve the praise of Rick Shiels and others (and me). The label is ugly though.
  6. I absolutely love my Cobra Pars and Stripes Driver....but is it much because of the real Ventus Blue? Perhaps, but I can’t say for certain. Does it help that the Speedzone isn’t draw biased and fairly long, probably.
  7. They really are amazingly versatile. The place that maybe surprised me the most is the 56 (and 60 I guess, but use less) is absolutely fantastic out of the sand. I was worried I would struggle out of the sand because these look more “precise” but they glide thru sand and turf really well.
  8. I wasted a year with the 190G. The Cobra Speedzone is much much better for me. Not even close really.
  9. The Kirkland Sig wedges are fantastic. I bought them on a whim for messing around with over the late fall/winter. They are the best wedges I’ve played. Much better than my recent Cleveland’s and Callaways. The only problem at all with them is the label. I’ve hit some of my best wedge shots ever with them. I was shocked.
  10. How do these wedges not get more love on WRX? The Kirkland Signature wedges have given me the best results of any wedges I have ever played. Bunker, fairway, rough, tight lies. Really well designed and good spin. Feels precise.
  11. Cobra Speedzone Pars and Stripes with Ventus. When it goes left it’s because I really, really deserve it.
  12. The address view of that 10 iron is beautiful to my eye
  13. First round of the year and this club performed absolutely outstanding. Long, straight, good gear effect. The thing I loved the most was that I got basically no left hooks. I assume the Ventus had a part in this. My misses were mostly slight push rights and still pretty long. Not sure if bargains are to be had, but hard to imagine anything outcompetes this by too much.
  14. I hit more memorably good shots in a handful of rounds playing these than recent years with my Clevelands and Callaways. They set up very well to my eye and spin well. Precise, but easy to hit. I’m sure my playing partners roll their eyes a bit.
  15. These are WAY underrated. They are really good. But I would probably rather see them in 50, 54, 58. Or something nonstandard 50, 55, 60. The gap between modern loft PW and 52 makes an AW needed most likely. That’s not a problem with the 52, but more the 43-44 degree PWs.
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