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  1. Honma TW-X probably available cheap
  2. I’ll post one last update on this. First range session where there was no wind into me and slightly warmer temps in mid 50s. I’m really, really enjoying this club. Todays range session was tremendous. I increased my width and upward angle of attack more (and tee height) and was launching the ball pretty high this time and it still hit the ground running. No spin numbers unfortunately. I cranked the loft down to 8 and then 7.5 and was still getting a 13-14.5 launch angle most often (weight shift flaw adds to +AOA). Large carries. Very few poor drives. Lots of high (too high at time
  3. It's hard to draw a perfect conclusion on what's driving the results, but I do think: - The Speedzone face is more forgiving than the ST190G across the face. Not really close. I think "average" ball speeds would be up as a result. - Speedzone MOI seems higher or weighting fits me better. - I was never quite able to get within 2-3 mph on ball speed with the 190G and more typically 3+. Is that face or shaft? Not sure. Some of each probably. - I do think the Ventus is making some of the difference, but the head is more forgiving regardless. I think the 190G is
  4. That sounds like a great setup. The Velocore really does want to go straight.
  5. Given the interest in Ventus Velocore, I though my I would update a bit based on a few more range sessions (in the cold). General observations: - Ventus Velocore plays firm, but not too stiff. The 6-S flex plays like a fairly stout S, but not abnormally so. The softer butt must help a bit. Not boardy. - I don’t think it flights the ball as low as I originally thought. I would say it doesn’t add a lot of loft, but it doesn’t flight it down artificially low either. More mid-trajectory. - The spin seems fairly low, but not super low. Haven’t had many balloon and haven’t had
  6. Yep, that's a good reminder that they are all meant to be relatively stiff in the grand scheme of shafts. And everyone's swing reacts differently to them.
  7. I guess that’s the question. Did it not square the face when you deserved to square the face? I feel like it’s not magic more me, but I get slightly better than I deserve(slight push vs big cut, big draw versus hook). But the tendency is it doesn’t close the face hard for me, but based on straightish ball flights I think that’s a good thing for me.
  8. I’m not saying it can’t be hooked, but that’s not its general tendency for me. I compared directly with my Atmos black on a day my swing was off and the Atmos tended to go low and left with poor results more. Where the Ventus stayed more mid and less left. It seems like based on wrx and YouTube feedback, that’s the consensus for most(Ventus tends toward straight). But I’m sure it’s all about how if fits everyone’s specific swing and timing and flex fit. On TXG, before a head weight adjustment, the Ventus Black hooked more than the Blue for Matt so it’s not purely a stiffness thing. I
  9. Ventus Blue S is going to be on the stiff side at 100mph. But it does launch consistently. It doesn’t want to go hard left unless it has no choice.
  10. The Ventus blue Velocore is a nice shaft. It does want to go straight. Workable. Doesn’t want to duck hook. It is fairly tip stiff, but the rest of the shaft isn’t too bad. I honestly expected it to be borderline soft based on what I had heard about Blue, but it’s definitely quite stable. I like it certainly more than the Rogue and the Atmos Black. It just seems to respond to off swings and mishits a bit better. We’ll see. I haven’t had mine long. I probably wouldn’t look at an X flex (for me) unless my ball speed was mid 160s+ Mainly because the ball isn’t doing odd things or having excess cu
  11. Interesting. I may need to loft up or tee high as well to get my usual launch conditions with the Ventus Blue Velocore. We'll see.
  12. I played the original CBX for maybe 1.5 years. As soon as I switched to something else, my wedge game improved immensely. I found the CBX clunky and not very good from tight lies or even the sand. Virtually all of my best 2020 wedge shots came after I got rid of my CBX. I get that they work for you some people and I’ve never tried CBX2, but the illusion of foregiveness and actual forgiveness are two different things. The CBX look forgiving, but precision instruments....not for me.
  13. I was hitting mine with the 14 gram in the front and it did seem to roll a good amount for hitting into a stiff breeze. Interested to see it on the course. Do you find yours to be high flight? I was surprised mine is more medium or even low for the loft given my expectations for it to fly very high.
  14. Thanks. It’s obviously impossible to know what will actually fit, but high MOI and forgiving are good starts in this environment where demo’ing is more difficult. I haven’t hit anything but Titleist FWs or hybrids in recent years, but I don’t love my 3 wood shaft and therefore used it less. I didn’t like Ping drivers until I hit the G400LST either, but really like their products now.
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