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  1. Hit down on it. I am much more accurate when teeing it low.
  2. I hit if off the deck some tee shots because it becomes really accurate when you pinch it a little and don't need the extra distance. Have mine at 13.5 as well. I find it very easy to hit off the deck.
  3. I really like it off the deck surprisingly.
  4. A few more thoughts on this club: - I played on the course for the first time yesterday. Didn’t hit this club particularly well(pull tendency based on my swing), but I did avoid bad trouble. - I had a couple very sweet shots including once off the deck. - I actually scored better on the holes I hit the mini. Partly luck but partly avoiding bad trouble. - I think one problem I had was still trying to hit this with an upward angle of attack which contributed to the pulls. - I don’t love the stock shaft. It’s soft. - Today, I swapped out the shaft with an old Rogue 110 S, which helped even at longer length. - I also teed it lower and hit with a downward angle of attack to stay down and thru and upped the loft to 13.5. Was much straighter this way. - I’m really enjoying this off the deck. The big head makes you want to pinch it and hit down and thru and I’m super straight with it off the deck. Maybe slight fade from pinching it against the turf. Wonder if anyone has been hitting this off the turf or super low tee off the tee box because it is so accurate this way. I’m still really enjoying this club, but need to get it dialed in before the next course outing. Think the main swing thought it make sure the angle of attack is neutral to negative. Wonder if that’s why the guys who usually hit 3 wood really like this off the tee. The sweet spot is a little lower on the face. Anyway, I think it’s a fun club. But my goal will be accuracy vs distance. I’ve hit some long shots with this club and got a few 160 ball speeds, but it’s not near my driver when I want to rip it.
  5. If you rarely intend to hit off the deck? Why not? To me, it’s never going to replace my driver, but i like it as a strong 3 wood for tight holes, dogleg, shorter holes.
  6. Why is it a driver? Plays more like a 2 wood to me.
  7. He’s a +1.8 if he’s reporting accurately.
  8. I had another range outing today. Still haven’t been on the course. I think I found a swing that works well. It’s a little shorter swing with stable lower body. More 3 wood like. Before that I pulled a few hard left hooks when I tried to swing hard turning thru. I hit exclusively in 13.5 but thinking next time I may dabble down to 11.5 to try that again. Once I got in a groove: - easy to swing - A solid carry distance: maybe 240 to 255. Still short of driver. But partly may be function of the weaker shaft versus my driver Velocore. But I did nut one or two that carried a long way. - Most good hits were in the 158 ball speed range. Driver probably would be 5ish higher(sub 165 typically), but lower spin and fair amount longer. - Mostly successful with the shorter swing of hitting it high and straight. When I got in a groove it seemed very easy to hit straight. For low handicaps or people who hit their 3 woods great, I may agree with Rick Shiels. But I will almost assuredly have more confidence to hit this straight than a driver so I think it will be a good club for me. I see it staying in the bag for quite some times personally if I can translate any of the range to the course. I may need to try some other shafts to lower spin a bit.
  9. I agree. I wanted to hit up on this but my best results were teed medium and flatter swing with no upward angle of attack.
  10. Wow. Second range session with this and you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands. This club is super fun. I was originally trying to swing this with a very upward angle of attack like a driver and tee it high at a low loft setting(9.5 or maybe 11.5). Results were fairly good but a bit sporadic. I finally set it to 13.5 with a flatter swing with little upward or downward angle of attack. Once I got in the groove and figured out a swing, I could point and shoot. Slight cuts, slight draws. High or low (more high). It wasn’t quite as long on these settings but oh so straight. Off the deck I had very, very good results directionally. I could hit it straight with a little fade. If I worked a bit, I could elevate it. The only issue is it comes out “squeezy” because you need to hit down and pinch it so it comes out with a little more spin and less distance but very straight. But I’m really loving it with this flatter swing (more fairway woodish swing and teed more medium height). It doesn’t go as long as a driver under these settings, but it feels very controlled. To me this is a 2 wood that is very hittable off the deck if you have some speed. If I can translate this to the course, it should help me on a number of holes per round. Easier to hit for me than 3 wood.
  11. Post your results. Interested to hear how Velocore does with this.
  12. I finally had the chance to hit it. 11.5 degree with stock stiff shaft. Feel: phenomenal. So solid, muted and great feeling. Shaft: too soft for flex and my swing. Not terrible, but it would be hard for me to consistently hit a variety of shots with it. Distance: pretty good when it came off the center and with low spin. Much shorter when the spin got up, but I was hitting straight into a stiff breeze. I have to believe it is at least 15 yards shorter than my driver. Trajectory: It was easy to control different trajectories. Tee it high and increase angle of attack and I could hit it really high even when set to 9.5. Or come in neutral and hit more low stingers. Forgiveness: it’s surprisingly forgiving. I put a few really lousy swings on it and it wasn’t as bad as expected. Shot variety: this is where I got a little greedy. You feel like you can hit lots of shots with this club and you can, but I became more erratic as I tried too many of them. I want to be able to hit a low cut fairway finder and a mid trajectory bullet with this in theory. I need to hone those in. I think I need a go to shot or two with this (for control)rather than thinking I can do everything with it. I am using it as a driver for tight holes, doglegs, etc. Loft: I probably liked it more at 11.5. when I dialed it down to a 9.5, it seemed to miss right more. I could still elevate it easily at 9.5. Off the deck: I didn’t try it yet. If I had a strong 3 wood I really liked, not sure I would take it out for this. But for people like me who don’t click with 3 wood and could probably hit this 3-5 times a round off the tee, hoping it works. I’m optimistic, but probably will need to swap shafts. The shorter shaft certainly makes it feel more controllable vs taking a bit off a driver. Interested to hear more feedback as people use it more.
  13. I’m planning to pick one up this week to ply in instead of an off the tee 3 wood.
  14. this one is awfully bullish on accuracy
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