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  1. I was fit at True Spec using an indoor/outdoor bay and I will say every club felt like garbage and flew the like garbage because they were using last years range ball.(It was March and the club they were at hadn’t replaced yet) I knew they feel of my mizuno’s with range balls and had to go from there and trust the track man for numbers. If you go inside you will at least use a ball you are familiar with and from your warm up build trust in what their equipment is showing you. I will say I was fit into some 785’s and I love them.
  2. I ordered on the original $1.99 BXS and it came with the logos. Ordered again and received 12 boxes of the BX and they arrived today with no logos.
  3. PayPal G&S only First up Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Mid-slant. This is a prime candidate for restoration. Original shaft, new extra grip. SOLD and shipped Ping I e1 4-UW. Green dot +1/2 inch Nippon Modus3 105s. Great shape. $350. Update 2/12 NOW $300 Ping Gorge 54s & 60ts KBS Tour X. Green dot. 54 is 3/4 over 60 is 1/2 over. $50 set. Diamana Kai’li 70x 43 1/4 & 80x 42 1/4 Taylormade Tips Update $50 each or $90 pair Finally j40 52 wedge head. $20
  4. Payment sent. New Pulled True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 S300 3-PW (.25" over)- $50
  5. Any updates on Myrtle? We are supposed to leave tomorrow night.
  6. I received mine. I got the sonar midsize. I usually play tv cords with a bunch of wraps to reduce taper, but put this on my 3 wood and loved it. I handed it to my dad he didn’t even take a swing and said you will be installing these this winter.
  7. I went all the way through and actually paid but it was $79.98,for 3 dozen so I cancelled
  8. Sign me up. I just ordered green yellow and purple. They looked great and needed to order them now.
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