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  1. Looking good LaMont and Brad!!!!! Great to see that putter went to someone who made it a piece of their life... And yes I will try and remember to send that other stuff... I am horrible I know hahaha.
  2. Sent you PM with a trade offer. Anyone know if I would "have" to upgrade my plan to a data plan? I just text mainly with my sprint phone and use my blackberry for everything else. So this phone would be just a phone with texting basically. Anyone know?
  3. Taylormade Rac Black Y 52* SOLD Bushnell Pinseeker SOLD Shoot me offers on the other stuff... I want all of this stuff gone and out of my house. No need for it! PM or email [email protected]
  4. Must sell ASAP, Going to MX.This is going to be a huge listing. All prices are Shipped (lower 48 states) and Paypaled. I will be shipping all bought items on Friday 3/28 unless everything sells before then. * International - Please PM me for prices * Also I am not a huge Tour Vokey person. I only really go by my sources of where I got them from. They say they are tour and I believe them. If the vokeys aren't… PM me and let me know. My personal Slighter Tacoma comes with the Club member grip and kotobuki headcover. - $330/obo -350 Grams before Long Neck weld (putter should be around 355-360g)
  5. mhighman

    Tom Slighter

    Glad you guys like it... it took a while to bring to reality, however we think they turned out great!
  6. Count me in! :good: Very cool halloween surprise for a lucky WRXer. M.
  7. That putter turned out great. and Very heavy! I too can't wait to hear how it plays for you. Congrats on the new putter! M.
  8. Good looking putter KD. Good job C&L as well
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