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  1. PayPal Only. Shipped USPS Priority Mail to US Only.Callaway 23* Super Hybrid - $300 Shipped This listing is for a Callaway Super Hybrid 23* with upgraded Graphite Design Tour AD HY-65R Regular Flex Shaft with Golf Pride MCC Align grip. I hit approximately 10 shots with this club in an indoor simulator and it’s in excellent condition. Headcover and Tool included.Evnroll 2.2 Mid Blade - $260 Shipped This listing is for an Evnroll ER2.2 Mid Blade Putter 33.5” with a Garsen Quad Pro Grip. I used this putter for approximately a half a season and it is in very good condition. There are two small
  2. Below prices are shipped USPS Priority Mail to US only. PayPal only. $295 - Miura KM009 Putter, 34”, Headcover included. There is a nickel ball retriever attached to grip. I used this putter for less than one season and is in very good condition. $140 - Srixon Z F85 5 Wood 18* Regular with stock Hzrdus shaft and stock grip. I used this club for only one round, and hit literally 3 shots. No range time. Headcover included.
  3. > @spook29 said: > Those Miura and Yes! putters look great. Easy to take the nickel ball market contraption off? Yes, that is just screwed on. Will leave small holes I would imagine on top but should have no impact if you want the grip.
  4. Thank you for looking. All prices are PayPal only and include shipping to US Only. **The measurements of all the shafts are butt end to end of tip without club head. The playing length will be longer.** $300 - Miura KM009 Putter, 34”, Headcover included. There is a nickel ball retriever attached to grip. I used this pitter for less than one season and is in very good condition. SOLD - Yes! Dawn Putter, 34”, Headcover included. There is a nickel ball retriever attached to the blue Winn AVS grip. This model is fairly rare. SOLD - Titleist Vokey Jet Black 50.08 F. I used this
  5. **$230 shipped to US. PayPal only.** This listing is for an Epic Flash 4 Hybrid in excellent condition, with stock regular shaft and grip. I hit approx 15 shots with the club (no range time). NO headcover or tool.
  6. This listing is for a Callaway Customs Epic Flash 12 Degree Driver HEAD ONLY including Headcover in excellent condition. There is approximately 5 rounds on this club. **$300 shipped** USPS Priority Mail to US. PayPal only.
  7. This listing is for a pair of NEW Callaway Mack Daddy Forged R Grind Wedges, 56.10 and 60.8. PayPal only shipped to US. $150 Shipped
  8. Sold **AXIS1 ROSE Putter $350 shipped to US, PayPal only. ** This listing is for an Axis1 Rose Putter (34”) in excellent condition (one round on this putter). There is a ball retriever attachment at the top that can be removed. Thanks for looking.
  9. > @Gatorfan72 said: > I only need the head. I already have a shaft I would want to use. How much just for the head? I received an offer for the full price. Thank you for the interest.
  10. Hi Everyone, I have the following for sale. Prices include UPS Ground Shipping. Will ship to US Only. Thanks for looking. **SOLD Callaway Epic Flash Driver $325** - 12 Degree Head, Project X Even Flow Green, Regular Flex, Green MCC Align. This club is in excellent condition. I used for approximately 10 rounds this season and NO range time. Tool included. Headcover NOT included. **SOLD** **Ping G410 6 Hybrid $150** - 30 Degrees, Accra 128H M3 Shaft, Red MCC Align. This club is in excellent condition. I used for only one round and less than 10 shots. Headcover included. NO Tool
  11. Thanks for the feedback, that was certainly one I was uncertain about, and I’m probably going to narrow it down to 7 or 8. We should definitely get a group together sometime this year.
  12. It looks like there is 20 or so private clubs on the schedule this year. They are always weekdays which makes sense so I have to pick and choose as it requires some time off. Tentatively looking at the following. Rhode Island CC Madison CC Indian Hill Yale CC of Waterbury Wallingford CC Wampanoag New Haven CC Bulls Bridge Shuttle Meadow
  13. Yale is terrific. One in the same, I think I’ve explained it that way to people and forget to call it by the actual name. I haven’t played with them since 2012, but am joining again this year. Hoping to play in 8–10 events.
  14. What in particular? I’ve see it on a few best of lists and in a thread I had started last year. It’s not on the rotation for the traveling men’s club, but they have about 20 area private courses on the schedule. I don’t think the very top private want/need that revenue.
  15. Reopening this thread, hoping for some more recent feedback to see if the same courses are at the top, or any new users have an opinion. Looking at a few this year...Madison, Wallingford, New Haven, and Indian Hill
  16. Are you in the ctamtour league? I was a member a few years back, and thinking about joining again for access to some of the privates.
  17. I was finally able to get out at Keney. I think we lucked out in terms of green condition as there is a PGA sectional the next two days. The fairways had quite a bit of GUR, but I think all CT courses are having a very rough season with the rain and humidity. I thought the course was so much fun to play and I loved the green complexes in particular. Very challenging. I think we may have had some tough placements today as there are a bunch of pros practicing. The only drawback was a WASPy d**khead we were paired up with for a few holes.
  18. Didn’t play at Keney as I was not feeling the weather this Monday. Going to save my time off for a little better weather. What the hell happened at Richter...bunch of a**holes tore up some greens.
  19. It would be awesome if you did a review of keney. I have never played there which is astounding given that I grew up in Hartford and play just about every course and that area of the state. Ironically, I'm playing Wintonbury Hills tomorrow and then Keney will be next on my list For sure, I will post something early next week. My understanding is there is some neat classical architecture as the front 9 was designed by Devereux Emmet, who has quite the list of courses attributed to him.
  20. Booked a time for Keney Park next week...really looking forward to it
  21. Thanks, I took your word and made the earliest possible tee time for Friday. Any particulars I should know about before I go? They take good care of you there. Range balls included and when we played $20 for the pro shop or restaurant in the price. Avoid the rough is possible. I know that’s pretty standard advice but it was particularly penal in spots when I played last week.
  22. For those of you that watch Mark Crossfield’s content, you know that a big bone of contention is Ray’s 7 handicap. As Mark explains many times, it is based on potential, and also it seems the English handicapping system adjusts much slower than ours, especially if you post a very good competition round. I think the comment uproar stems from the fact that many higher handicapped golfers watch Ray’s game and assume they can beat him consistently. I think this may be the case depending on the type of golfer you are. My handicap fluctuates between 10-12, and watching Ray, I feel like I shou
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