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  1. I’m trying to figure out how those irons are still here, if they last much longer I might be dabbling in some Miura
  2. If you don’t get along with them keep me in mind
  3. I can’t get away from it either, haven’t had 9 birdies in a round before (what the heck did you shoot ?!?!) but it’s been awesome, I’m kicking myself though because I had a SS GT Pistol 2.0 installed instead of a 1.0 and I freaking know better. Always liked the 1.0 best so going to have to get one installed soon. Also, very tempted to put a LAGP 135 or Fuji MC 115 in it but I think the Black TT or KBS (whatever is in it) is actually a pretty solid shaft.
  4. endy

    Toulon 2022?

    That’s awesome, would be very tempting to flip but damn that’s one sweet putter!
  5. endy

    Toulon 2022?

    Speaking of that, did anyone get the chance to buy one?
  6. 1. Scratch 1018 Forged 53/58 Wedge Set. -Hand made by Jeff McCoy from Scratch Tour Department. -53 and 58 Degree CTG Grind: This grind is designed for the Driver/Slider who is looking for maximum forgiveness and enhanced bad lie performance. The CTG grind is the most forgiving of the Scratch grinds. It has moderate effective bounce on a multi-level sole with more actual bounce in the front and less in the back. This makes it more forgiving on steeper or shallower swings and more stable on heel or toe mishits. The fuller heel and toe of the front sole make
  7. Whoever buys these will be pleased for sure, great irons here comparable to all the big boys and quite honestly the sole grind is better than most. Very similar to what Bridgestone does.
  8. Sweet Jesus I’d think about dumping my ZX7 for those….
  9. @getitdaily grabbed a BR closer with LAGP in it, and initial thoughts are right in line with what you described when battling against the Operator. If I can dial in the consistency inside 10 feet with it, it’s gonna be a weapon. I think the one I had before was just too long. This one feels more balanced to me. We shall see.
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