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  1. Irons traded. PXG putter + full weight kit still available !!
  2. I'll have one in a couple days and can report back, but the fact you prefer this to the Betti Inovai 6.0 makes me pretty excited to give it a run haha!
  3. I don’t want to do anything to upset my Operator . Until I have a bad putting round !! lol
  4. Haven’t seen that Bat Attack in the wild yet, looks nice!
  5. endy

    PXG Operator

    Also the slant neck is 10g lighter and double bend is 20g lighter than plumber neck I believe
  6. 1. New Level 623-M 4-P. DG AMT X100 shafts. Play 1/2” long. Standard loft/lie. Rated as “Most Forgiving Player’s Iron” by MGS. Asking $Sold shipped. 2. PXG Gen 2 Lucky D. Upgraded Stability Tour. Plays 35”. Upgraded SS grip. Asking $345 shipped. Also have full weight kit will add for $395 shipped.
  7. Dang I’m all set for shoes but can’t say I’m not tempted !!
  8. endy

    PXG Operator

    Nice, yeah that Lamkin Grip that comes stock is a beefy bastxxx. Head weight on these can get away from a guy in a hurry, I've gone 10g up front and 5g in the back with success as well.
  9. endy

    PXG Operator

    Glad it's working out for you! Really is a phenomenal putter. What weight configuration did you go with?
  10. With the 75 being that much more expensive, must be tour only or something. Should easily drop 1-2 strokes.
  11. If anyone is on the fence about trying Fourteen wedges, you cannot go wrong here!
  12. Tickle me silly all the way down to 52, that's pretty cool. Always liked the Edel design of full face grooves on all their wedges, just makes sense lol. That being said, I will likely need to get my hands on a set of these in May!
  13. endy

    Srixon ZX7 AW

    Will be curious to know if it replaces your ZipCore 50
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