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  1. Was hoping for LST in 5 and 7 wood quite honestly, especially since I will be adding a heavier weight in the back haha.
  2. Finau posted a video to IG where it looked like the TURBS were still there. 190 ball speed and 327 carry with a smooth swing. Sound was perfect.
  3. The list of dumb-dumbs grows by one more . I bought and sold about 5-6 sets of RM-22 and RM Raw and I kick myself every time. I will undoubtedly own a set of these. Whether they can supplant my M Type wedges is another story, but I have a feeling they will give them a run.
  4. Thanks for the in-hand pictures (I think) haha. Looks better than I thought it would, which may hurt the wallet.
  5. Gen 2 full face milling is definitely an upgrade over the gen 1 insert.
  6. It really is! Not flashy, but gets the job done and puts a heck of a roll on the ball!!
  7. Nice! We must not be too far away from each other haha. Looking forward to the reviews guys!
  8. That is awesome, reminds me of the PXG Closer.
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