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  1. Looking for the utility 3 iron with upgraded 95-115g X/TX shaft
  2. Looking for something 80-90g X/TX
  3. Pretty sure something is coming in the spring
  4. Funny enough I was thinking the same thing lol....Fuji all the way through, and ventus at that, would actually be pretty cool
  5. I am wondering the same thing, if you’re referring to the email notification
  6. Man I am stoked to try the 7TX in my Epic Speed Triple LS !!
  7. Damn wish I would have seen this earlier
  8. Mostly sums up my findings as well. I ordered 3 dozen mint. I have quite a few players markings on mine, probably a dozen or more. Those don’t necessarily bother me and they are still in mint condition so nothing major for me. No noticeable scuffs dings or scratches on mine but Maybe a half dozen or so I’d say less than mint based on coloring etc. Will be good for practice/fun rounds but certainly not in the condition that lost golf balls had. Makes me wish I would have REALLY stocked up on those haha! I think the first 4-5 dozen I got for less than $25/dozen if I remember correctly, and they were new.
  9. Will be interested to hear your findings compared to Diamana PD. How’s the Diamana been working for you in the meantime?
  10. How was the 7TX in your testing? Didn’t even know they made that one.
  11. Looking for one playing 44.75-45.25 preferably, tipping can be up to 1"
  12. Man, just when I thought I wasn't spending any more $$ lol
  13. Looking at something 80g plus x flex
  14. Would prefer… Tensei 1K 70TX Ventus Black 7X Diamana PD 70TX But will listen to head only or other shaft combos
  15. I agree, I will certainly report back. Free shipping from Canada is certainly a bonus, and I already got my shipping notification.
  16. Appreciate the heads up, I put in an order for 3 dozen mint. Will report back on condition!
  17. Head Only Like New 8° Loft Headcover Included Asking 325 shipped
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