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  1. Always ride in a cart. I alternate gloves per hole...usually 3 or 4 gloves used in a round. Never putt with a glove on. Attach gloves to the cart frame and use from the bottom. When done with using the glove for that hole, place at top of frame and use the bottom one on the next hole.
  2. Pre-mark with a Sharpie.... 2 small blue dots to the right of the ball number.
  3. I picked this one up...and it has worked great for what I use it for. It's small and indestructible. I like it....and it's blue! https://www.amazon.com/Malektronic-Trick-Bluetooth-Waterproof-Speaker/dp/B018YM14O6
  4. With the 50 gram weight installed, I don't hear or feel anything. The 75 gram weight, however, I do hear it and sometimes feel it in there.
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