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  1. computer or religion ??? WWJD,or any info. on the new Pings ?
  2. Give me more and how did you get 105s ??
  3. how do they feel and fly ? Looks are in the eye of the beholder but the proof is in the shootin'
  4. And ? He proved the point ( had his best fit in 4 swings) and later tinkering just got him clubs he's already ditching
  5. 1. Portland , Maine 2. 0 3. 4 to 5 a week 4. Ping I- 210; 4-PW 5. NEW MATERIALS, precise 6. Of course, who wouldn't
  6. The left dash is firmer, much. it spins much less than the X, even less than the V1. It's supposed to be a "niche" ball, but it was fun to play on a really hot day when I imagined I was compressing it
  7. no question the white X dings up way more than yellow. i've tried dozens of the now and the only damage to the yellow ones come from roads or rocks, it's uncanny. Anf the yellow cover feels softer off the club
  8. Is it true they have changed the # number and configuration of the dimples ? Apparently the X flies a little higher and is softer. Like the 27 Yankees it would be very dumb to break up the team while they are still winning
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