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  1. 1) Portland, Me 2) 0 3) Ping I-210 5-PW 4) Rt.handed 5) My Pings are great but these appear excellent, very sleek and blade like. I'd like to try new irons with classic looks and control , distance and feel. Heck, who wouldn't ? 6) U bet, I'd love to share
  2. Looking for a comp for the Aldila Synergy in a TM Sim 3 wood. I've searched the net for a shaft with no luck. Is there a similar shaft more universally available ? Thank you for the help
  3. My PXGs are en route, I'll give you an update. And yes, I was NOT fitted and have never even hit one. What could go wrong ??
  4. Not correct, they e-mailed me, directly, that many are jumping ahead as they didn't allocate for the actual special orders, just the stock orders. Why are you telling us and not TM ? And why didn't they say it when we ordered IN JUNE ! U r correct, the clubs are irrelevant, the bait and switch is not. They wanted the hype, the buzz, and they are using it to fuel sales of stock equipment. But they never told the poor fools who hang around sites like this that they would us their enthusiasm, take their orders with promises of "first" delivery and then just whine about the supply chain and inadequate planning. Enough excuses, it's a created cluster and it's about THEM and they got X NOW, our money and loyalty and their misleading marketing. If I did this in my business I'd be unemployed, and u want everyone to believe it's the way things will be. It isn't, and it won't be
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