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  1. just ordered 2, 56 and 60, replacing last model, shipping on the 19th
  2. they look just like....golf balls ! Cool boxes ....
  3. one round, unless it's scuffed. have a great shag bag
  4. 500s are junk, get the 210s
  5. back to the subject, any word on 210 replacements ?
  6. 1.Portland, Maine 2. 1.6 3. ZX-5 4. so far, yes, rainy winter 5. they're purty 6. you bet, I'd love to report to my friends about great clubs
  7. LOL, yup works for me until the new ones arrive. Then, of course, I'll be breaking 60, every time !!
  8. Of course it was comical. I meant it to be. I play a yellow X so I definitely could tell the difference , blindfolded. And with all of my other mad skills ( I've broken 60, 3 times, this month, so you know ) the other differences would melt away, like butter. Happy New Year !
  9. Ha, I could, and have, blindfolded with ear plugs
  10. I think 99% is low, it's 100 %. No offense to my fitting friends, but I think you could give me (or someone with way better credentials) a TracMan, 5 OEM drivers, some shafts and we'd fit em'up . Just like they do at Dicks, or Golf galaxy, etc. There is no mystery, no sorcery, just numbers and results. No flaming now, because you know it's true. We have great OEMs, with great (expensive) products and whichever one suits your fancy, for whatever reason, is the best
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