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  1. Fair, but let's see what they ACTUALLY look like when they are introduced. You may like'em !
  2. Come on, fellas, a blade is a blade !The 770s are more to your liking, and were designed to be. The reason the best player in the world is playing that "ugly Crown Vic" is to get the forgiveness those "beautiful" blades don't provide. The 790s are GI clubs, have always looked like sleek GI clubs, and always will.
  3. good work, this place is the berries. Better detectiving than Bosch !
  4. BTW, looking at those they'd look way better with some dings. Love the ferrules !!
  5. Don't take 'em out of their little "mittens" they were shipped in, and never, ever hit 'em !!
  6. Bag chatter is cool ! It's like having new sneakers, they need to be roughed up ! Irons are tools, not museum pieces !
  7. I love that people are arguing over the looks of clubs that haven't been introduced yet.....
  8. Not Titleist and certainly not in a real box. BTW, the "blemishes" are pretty minimal, DYT ?
  9. it did till I got a new one, last week
  10. jwb10

    2021 hi toe

    Yup, have 2, 52 and 58 (9), excellent wedges, all I wanted
  11. It AIN'T a blade, they have those and they are sleek like u prefer. It's a GI club meant for us beaters, if you don't want that, don't buy it. There will never be a blade, with no offset, that performs like a GI. TM knows that, it's their business. They have "an expensive looking, clean, forged blade ". Buy it, it won't be the 790
  12. You can play them w/o an issue. they are plenty forgiving and a 6 would love them
  13. They look as I hoped they would, square and clean. They are beefier than than the 770s, as they should be, because that's their niche. I'd love to see the short irons, but TM did not risk the franchise by going rogue.....
  14. with all of this hysteria, once mine are delivered I could make a quick $$$$$ just reselling them......especially if they are backordered to infinity and beyond
  15. That's to help me finally hit a 6 iron 205, just like I see on TV !!
  16. It's getting interesting; I continue to know nothing but my experience with TM is that they only go live when they have the product. It is still invisible, BTW
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