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  1. when can we expect the copper ones that we can't get ?
  2. True dat, but I'd rather do 12 ounce curls than Speed Stick. I am better at that, and it's not as disappointing as going from 93mph to 96mph .....
  3. nothing has changed in 4 years and i know i'll win something, soon
  4. now i have to STOP to go fast
  5. yes, similar to the Ping WRX grind, and I've never liked a 60
  6. I have a 50, too. 50 is for up to 110. 56 for 100 and less and chipping. 58 for the rest
  7. stealth is better, but still looks like a space heater
  8. i got the 56 and bent the 60 to 58; perfect
  9. jwb10

    Irons with names

    mashie niblick, ok ?
  10. I heard they get x-rayed so much they glow in the dark; is that correct ?
  11. only 4 degrees off, u r slipping
  12. no way, every new club I buy lowers my handicap by 2 strokes, every time
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