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  1. I appreciate the response. I am a terrible putter but didn't realize 10 GIR was good for a bogey golfer. I used to play the MP59 and they were a little too demanding for me. It sounds like these will be the same. Edit: I just realized 10 GIR is not accurate. It is probably closer to 8.
  2. Does anyone have any experience with the two irons? I saw a comparison thread between the JPX919T v MP 18 MMC but was wondering about the new irons. I'm a bogey golfer with my typical mishit being thin and near the toe. I hit about 10 GIR. I'd prefer the more forgiving iron between the two. Thanks
  3. I prefer a two wood setup with a 4 and 7 wood. If you are getting the necessary gaps then go for it.
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses. My irons are forged if that makes any difference. It seems the consensus is that if you check your lie/loft periodically and you still have grooves, the clubs can easily last 10-15 years.
  5. I play about 25 rounds per year and hit about a bucket of range balls per month. How long do you think irons can last before having to be replace? I plan on getting the loft and lie corrected every few years. When do you know it's time to get new clubs? Can irons last 15+ years?
  6. Assuming you are hitting the club correctly, what would cause a low and left shot? Shaft too stiff?
  7. 15pct is down but shiplo still works. Thanks for sharing the promo.
  8. If you don't mind cleaning the slot after every shot, it's a nice hybrid. My typical miss with a hybrid is a hook, but these are very neutral.
  9. 913 FD is my favorite titleist wood and I've owned a few from different generations
  10. I used to be a 7 wood guy until I tried hybrids again. I find the hybrid much easier to make good contact with due to the shorter shaft.
  11. I think a 3 wood is still good to carry if you're unable to keep your drives in bounds. However, I'm sure a low lofted hybrid could do the same thing.
  12. The 714 felt softer than the 712 from what I remember. No experience with the newer models.
  13. It's a piece of metal at the end of a stick.
  14. If people were completely content, no one would log into this site
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