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  1. We’re probably in the minority, but I agree. These are some of the ugliest MPs I’ve seen from the back. I’m sure they will look better in person though.
  2. Brand new still in plastic. Selling price is 1300 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  3. 1 Los Angeles, CA 2 14 3 Titleist TSi2 4. I want to find a hybrid I won’t hook 5 yes
  4. I’m still playing the blue board and am a big fan. What would be the modern equivalent?
  5. You have no argument from me there. It's an issue with the oem more than the country where it is made.
  6. Driver every par 4 and par 5 for me
  7. Ping was already one of the more expensive companies before the price increase.
  8. I’m playing at 44.25 and it’s probably the strongest part of my game at the moment.
  9. First thing I did was sell the headcover to a friend. I’m currently using a generic magnetic one.
  10. If karma was real then you will hit a root on your next round. I’d say it’s just bad luck.
  11. Made in China used to mean inferior a long time ago. Nowadays it doesn’t really matter as long as the company chooses to require the same standards it would have in Japan.
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