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  1. rich beem. callaway, taylormade, then callaway again.
  2. [quote name='eli_yates' post='889142' date='Jan 29 2008, 03:36 PM']really a 3 and 4 iron replacement are available? if so how much for the set i want it![/quote] [quote name='eli_yates' post='889167' date='Jan 29 2008, 03:46 PM'][quote name='haxx27' post='888958' date='Jan 29 2008, 01:59 PM'][quote name='eli_yates' post='888826' date='Jan 29 2008, 09:40 AM']awesome! i am excited to see those pics you should be sure to catch some rory shots im going to the bmw championship in sept and i definitly plan on getting a ton of his whats in the bag pics and him swinging. id like to chat with his caddy and see what hes like for real. you know what i mean? the only difference between his and retail are that he has the 4 and 5 irons... for us regular guys we can only get the 5 iron but rory gets both its a bit upsetting lol because i would love to play them.[/quote] [b]Actually our Adams rep told us that a 3 and a 4 iron are available in the A3 iron set. [/b] [quote name='eli_yates' post='888909' date='Jan 29 2008, 10:25 AM']you should talk to the adams r and d guys and point out how awesome it would be to have a set just like rory's especially the irons and you should send them to me! and any pictures of rorys equipment range sessions anything are definitely welcome on this thread lol. he is without question my favorite golfer.[/quote] Couldn't agree more, I love Sabbatini. [/quote] you tell me how much a set with 3 hybrid and 4 iron thru pw would cost in stiff steel shaft and ill send you a money order as soon as possible. no joke for sure. ive been emailing adams for a while now with no such luck. so if you could help me because there are no adams reps in the area. just pm me with any information. thanks a ton. [/quote] [quote name='Big_M' post='889172' date='Jan 29 2008, 03:48 PM'][quote name='eli_yates' post='888826' date='Jan 29 2008, 11:40 AM']awesome! i am excited to see those pics you should be sure to catch some rory shots im going to the bmw championship in sept and i definitly plan on getting a ton of his whats in the bag pics and him swinging. id like to chat with his caddy and see what hes like for real. you know what i mean? the only difference between his and retail are that he has the 4 and 5 irons... for us regular guys we can only get the 5 iron but rory gets both its a bit upsetting lol because i would love to play them.[/quote] Yeah... the website even lists the 4-iron as being available, and I'm sure the 3 is as well. as to price... probably the same, definately no more as hybrids cost more money. FYI... I just picked up the IDEA Pro Forged set, it is their smallest cavity iron, and only forged iron. Well, anyway, I didn't want a 3 and 4 hybrid as the set usually comes 3, 4 hybrid and 5-PW irons... so I ordered a 2 and 3 hybrid and a 4-PW. I also had them made 3/4" long with midsize grips. I picked them up in early January and got lucky and played on two warm days this month. Absolutely love the clubs. They will make the set with whatever clubs you want... you can probably even order mixed sets... some Idea Pro some A3, or some A3 some A30, you just might have to adjust the price some. But as far as replacing hybrids with irons... it will not be more expensive. [/quote] IDEA a3 Club Specifications Model Loft Length Lie Swing Weight STEEL Swing Weight GRAPHITE 3 Hybrid 19° 40" 59.25° NA D1 4 Hybrid 22° 39.25" 60° NA D1 5 Hybrid 25° 38.5" 60.75° NA D1 6 29° 37.875" 61.5° D2 D0 7 33° 37.25" 62° D2 D0 8 37° 36.625" 62.625° D2 D0 9 41° 36" 63.25° D2 D0 PW 45° 35.75" 63.5° D2.5 D0 Shaft Specifications Weight Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Manufacturer Graphite 80 g 0.600" 0.370" Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Steel 110 g 0.600" 0.370" True Temper Players Lite Flex Options Steel & Graphite Shaft Regular Stiff Grip Options Adams Traction Tour Velvet Custom Options 2 Hybrid, 6 Hybrid, 4 iron, 5 iron, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge
  3. Yep...he tried some of the newer irons earlier this year, but decided to go back to his favorite model... actually, he always tries the newer products, but has 3-4 sets of irons he puts into play most of the time. mostly the prototype x14 and prototype Hawkeye (first model and VFT) irons. he normally plays a proto x14 SW, but will use the proto VFT SW at times. also the proto x14 and VFT lob wedges at times.
  5. i want someone to contact them about the current comments in this thread. the Q and A did not cover what we are discussing here. and they care alot more than you state. they will vigorously deal with incorrect information about their tour products. if someone is consistently defrauding people about taylormade products, they will not allow it to continue, regrdless of the amount of sales involved.
  6. in my dealings w/ the major equipment companies like taylormade, i can tell you that they do care about misinformation about their tour products. they will not put up with it. that is why i would like for someone from this site to talk to the contacts they have at taylormade to clarify all these points being made. they are the only ones that can tell us 100% for sure what the facts are.
  7. if these comments are correct, why does taylormade let them get away with this?? they contribute to the other site as they do here. this site has contacts at taylormade, what do they say???
  8. one pga player has used the G2s for a long time, cannot remember his name right now. he carries a taylormade bag.
  9. Height: 5'6 Born: October 9, 1970 Residence: Incline Village, Nevada Turned Pro: 1993 Tour Wins: 66 Driver: (8.5°) Fusion FT3 Fairway Wood: (7) Big Bertha Fairway Wood: (4+) X-Tour Iron: (7-9) Proto Blade Iron: (4-6) X-18 Putter: WH 2-Ball Blade Ball: HX Tour http://www.callawaygolf.com/en/tour/player.aspx?player=36
  10. September 6, 2006 Callaway Golf Staff Pros Annika Sorenstam, Henrik Stenson Use Fusion FT-3 Driver, HX Tour Golf Ball in Dramatic Wins CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 5, 2006--Annika Sorenstam and Henrik Stenson have much in common: both are Swedes, both are members of the Callaway Golf (NYSE:ELY) Professional Staff and both won tournaments this past weekend while using the power and accuracy of the Fusion® FT-3 Driver and exceptional performance of the HX® Tour Golf Ball. Sorenstam, 36, closed with a 62 to tie the LPGA record for low final-round by a tournament winner in capturing at the State Farm Classic at The Rail Golf Club in Springfield, Illinois. The 10-under-par round propelled Sorenstam from five shots back to a two-stroke victory, her second straight and fourth of the year. She finished at 19-under-par 269, two shots clear of Cristie Kerr. Stenson, whose 15-under-par total of 273 landed him in a three-way playoff, struck his 5-iron second shot to four feet on the par-five playoff hole and made the putt for eagle to capture the BMW International Open over Retief Goosen and Padraig Harrington at Golfclub Munchen Nord-Eichenried in Germany. With his second win of the year, Stenson moved up to No. 11 in the Official World Golf Rankings. In addition to their Fusion FT-3 Drivers and HX Tour Golf Balls, both players relied on Callaway Golf equipment throughout their bags. Stenson also used a Big Bertha® 3+ and 5+ Fairway Woods, X-18® Pro Series Irons, and an Odyssey® White Hot® #5 Putter, while Sorenstam played with a split set of X-18 Irons and new Forged Prototype irons, an X Tour 4+ and Big Bertha 7-wood, Callaway Golf Forged+ Wedges (48 and 54 degrees) and an Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Blade Putter. She also wore Callaway Golf Footwear with the patented Big Bertha Spike. "To come from five behind and to win by two, it's pretty amazing," said Sorenstam, who birdied four of the first five holes and six of the last eight, ending the day with a 20-foot putt for her 10th birdie. "It's something I'm going to remember for quite some time." "I've started to play better in the US recently and this week I felt I was driving the ball much better," said Stenson, a rookie for Europe in the upcoming Ryder Cup. "It was great to be in contention, and it was great practice for what's coming up. I can't wait!" Tour results are through the week ending 09/03/06 and reflect data from the European PGA, and LPGA Tours. Sources: Darrell Survey and Sports Marketing Survey, Ltd. Through an unwavering commitment to innovation, Callaway Golf creates products and services designed to make every golfer a better golfer. Callaway Golf Company manufactures and sells golf clubs and golf balls, and sells golf accessories, under the Callaway Golf®, Top-Flite®, Odyssey® and Ben Hogan® brands. For more information visit www.callawaygolf.com. Media Contact: Callaway Golf Company Larry Dorman 760-931-1771
  11. if it says tour series on the sole, then yes it is a tour only proto, i cannot read the word above the loft, it should say tour. also these had the face like the erc, not the vft pro series retail club. ca you attach a pic of the face and a better one of the sole?
  12. i have also had constant 2mm offset throught out the set, no offset, minimal offset throughout the set and progressive offset, all w/ different sole/topline configurations, similar to the ones listed and otheres, cannot remember all of them
  13. the irons referenced on ebay in the first post are not the newer T stamp model like above. they are a much older grind that has been around for 2 years or more. the newer T stamp model has similar aspects, but even the ones shown above appear to have a wider sole than the leading edge grind x tours i have owned and the ones on ebay in the first post. i have had a few new T stamp models and they all had different girnds, but none were exactly like the ones in the 1st post.
  14. thst sole design has been around for 18 months or longer on tour issue x tours. i have owned several sets of them. while they do make the iron somewhat more playable, it does not reduce the bounce that much or create a thin enough sole to cure the problems most have complained about.
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