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  1. I tried a set of i20's and didn't care for them. Went back to my i3OS irons.
  2. If you're here, you think it's the clubs and not you.
  3. It's the ball that is hit in the center of the club with the highest swing speed.
  4. Being in my 70's, I need a ball that offers distance. Play one for awhile and you'll learn how to chip very well with it.
  5. We fall for the advertising hype. They have been saying the same things for years. Longer, more accurate, more forgiving. They never tell what it's longer, more accurate and more forgiving than. Their previous model, or any other driver?
  6. I play Ping clubs because they just flat out work for me. I liked their custom fitting when others didn't really offer any. One of the few companies that offered lies up to 5 degrees either way. Great customer service and you could beat the hell out of their older ss irons and they still looked new with a little clean up.
  7. "But I digress....poker chip ball markers. Seriously. I don't know why it bothers me. Just does" I mark my ball with a new crisp $20 .
  8. Many times I have found a ball I really like, only to see the manufacture change it for change sake. I have wished many times that they would just keep making the same ball I spent time testing and liked.
  9. PXG irons are for people that think the more they spend, the better they will play.
  10. These, still haven't found anything I like better and believe me I've tried all the newer stuff.
  11. Like drivers, you can only do so much and still be legal. IMO, 99% of what you hear is advertising hype to get your money. If every driver/ball was 10 yards longer like I have been hearing for years, I'd be hitting it 500 yrs by now. I'm not. Same yardage +/- a few yards every year for me, no matter what I hit.
  12. What would want a new ball to do that the current ones don't. Maybe longer, straiter, better in the wind, etc. Titliest says that every year about the same ball. I don't notice any difference. Balls can't really go any farther than they already do and still be legal. You just need to find one that fits your particular needs.
  13. They really need to get rid of their hydropearl finish. It just looks bad very quickly. Either chrome plate or go back to natural finish SS.
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