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  1. I recently went from PX 6.5's in the P790/760 combo to the MMT 125 TX ss x1 in the P770's. Amazing. Same weight (but you can feel the head weight more) and stoutness with superior feel. I have also played Recoils in the distant past. MMT is legit.
  2. I have the 770's with MMT 125TX ss x1, and they are amazing. Prior set was the 790/760 combo with PX 6.5's. Was worried about transitioning to graphite, but I will not be looking back. They are amazing. GLWS!
  3. Some good items I'm looking to move. Prices include shipping, PP fees, and are OBRO. Open to certain trades. Willing to add cash on certain Cameron tour issue putters. 1) 2019 Taylormade P790/760 combo set with PX rifle 6.5 shafts and TM tour velvet grips. +.5" long with standard l/l. 5-iron comes in at 38.5". I purchased almost brand new from a very respected WRX member, and I only played about half a season. 3-6 are P790's, 7-PW are 760's (the 7iron still has the insert). Now $SOLD OBRO. Can work a deal with wedge set. Can give exact lofts upon request. 2) Taylormade
  4. Forgot to add, I am open to any Scotty CT putters and will add cash. Prefer a Newport style fang or something with little toe hang.
  5. Have a few quality items I’m looking to move. Prices include PP and shipping. Open to trades but only really looking for select stuff mainly a TPHDe7 x driver shaft, MG2 or hi toe wedges 50, 54, and a maverick 3w with upgraded shaft or head only. On to the goods. 1) Scotty Cameron Newport Buttonback - custom paint with jackpot Johnny 20g weights. 35.5”. Red dancing Baby T grip that had been games. Can work out something for headcover. Not much else to say here. $875 obro shipped. 2) Scotty Cameron TeI 3 Newport 2 sole stamp with sight line. This is the Tiger version he used to win the ‘97 Mas
  6. Updated pics per numerous requests. Had a family member take them since I’m out of town, so clubs have not been cleaned at all.
  7. Sorry guys. Lots of inquiries on the BB and TeI3. I should’ve taken sole and top line pics but was rushed out of the house Friday afternoon. I’ll update the post and send additional pics Monday, maybe Tuesday, per those that have requested them. Out of town for the weekend.
  8. Have some unicorns and other great gear. Excellent feedback on the old site. All prices include PP fees and shipping. Feel free to make some offers. Worst I can say is no. Custom Scotty Cameron Buttonback Newport with site dot, red dancing T grip (gamed), green paint fill, 20 gram Jackpot Johnny green weights. Had it extended to 35.5”. Played it some but still in phenomenal shape. One of the few putters that will never depreciate in value so not in a hurry to move it and hurts to even post it but figured I’d test the waters. Will advise potential buyer of reputable source I purchased putter f
  9. What’s is your current shaft/driver combination? Tensei Pro Orange 70tx/tour issue Taylormade m4 9.5*What is your current handicap? 3Where are you located (City, State, Country)? Jax, FL What driver (brand/model/loft) will you be installing this in? 9° Callaway Mavrik SZIf selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the shaft. AbsolutelyDesired driver shaft weight and flex. 60tx or 70txPlease include any tipping instructions and OEM adapter (if applicable). Callaway optifit. I'll tip duri
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