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  1. What beat an RM-4 wedge??? Those are fantastic and $125 is a steal. If I didn’t have three already in my bag I’d be all over them.
  2. would love to hear how the TB-5 compares. Been looking at both those and the new TC-7 they just released.
  3. By the way, saw someone in another thread saying the Mizuno Pro script looks terrible - couldn’t disagree more. I think the Japanese version looks classier.
  4. Not privy to anything but the MMC has always had a cover like that, but not an elastomer insert or anything. The name MMC is multi-material cavity and that piece is usually a cover over the top of the tungsten weighting or whatever.
  5. Few items up today. Tried to get good pictures of everything, but let me know if you have any questions or need others. Prices are shipped in continental US. If you’re interested and somewhere else let me know and we can figure something out. No trade interests today - thanks. Fourteen RM-22 Tour Raw wedge heads, 54 and 58 | $OLD No interest in splitting them up. Have some wear on them and tried to get pics looking as bad as I could, as well as showing the grind. Nice patina. Fourteen RM-21 50* gap wedge, DGTI S400 | $70 shipped Less wear on this one than the raw heads. Length shown in the pic, just needs a grip. Dynamic Gold S200 shaft pulls, 5-P | $55 shipped Single pulls from a standard length set of JDM PRGR irons. Shaft bands show some wear but grips are in good shape and they’re ready to go. Lengths shown in image.
  6. Still available - $180 via PayPal Covers fees and shipping in Continental US. DM sent
  7. $55.99 per wedge, couple different KBS shafts. https://www.2ndswing.com/search.aspx?SearchTerm=vega&facet=CategoryID:golf-wedges,Condition:1,Dexterity:Right Handed,ManufacturerID:482,UsedCondition:9.5
  8. Hey all, clearing some space. A few notes: Prices are shipped continental US. If you're somewhere else and interested let me know and we can sort it out. No trade interests today. If you're interested in multiples let me know and can discuss packages, but make them reasonable. I've got lots of good transactions here and on eBay as well. Lots of pictures, but if you need more of have any questions let me know. PXG Gen 2 0311P Irons, 5-P, True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT Tour Issue S400 | $OLD Pictures show condition. Removed paint from logo on backs - I prefer the clean look, but could add paint back in if preferred. Standard L/L/L. Length of 5 iron shown - standard length, with half inch increments to the 9 iron and 1/4” between 9 and W. Shafts bought from Will Peoples, and are increasingly hard to find. Tour Velvet +4 grips in good shape, with the exception of a tear (pictured) at the bottom of the 6 iron. PXG Gen 1 forged wedges, 50*, 54*, 58*, True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 (AMT for 50*) | $OLD 1/4” increments from W down to 58 for standard length. Pics show faces, and have lead tape on the back of the 54 and 58 that can be removed. 50* has a Tour Issue Dynamic Gold AMT S400, others are “standard” Tour Issue S400. Tour Velvet +4 grips in good shape Not interested in breaking set unless I have offers for all three. Fine with selling heads only as noted in pricing, but would not sell shafts in that scenario. PRGR RS Nabla Tour Utility 4i, Tensei CK White 90 S Hybrid shaft | $135 Plays at 39.25”, loft 24*, lie 60* Club is in pristine condition, purchased direct from Japan. Brand new Golf Pride Z grip +2 rubber grip. Can see from the pictures - leaning between hybrid and utility iron. Includes the iron head cover you all secretly want. Lamb Crafted “Evergreen” Donut - Brass Masters Release | $OLD About 10% off eBay rate for this new, unused, hard to find Lamb donut release. TaylorMade M5 driver, 9* loft, Project X Even Flow White T1100 Shaft, 6.0 S 65g | $OLD Plays at 45.5” Driver face is in great shape, albeit with a couple paint chips pictured and factored into price. No head cover on this one. Not interested in splitting head and shaft unless I have a buyer on the shaft. Add $30 if you’d like the Seamus Waxed head cover in the pics. Callaway Epic Flash 3 wood, , 15* loft, Project X Even Flow White T1100 Shaft, 6.0 S 75g | $OLD Plays at 43” Head cover included in great shape. Setup is great and head is in great shape. Not interested in splitting head and shaft unless I have a buyer on the shaft.
  9. Limited Hive release Bettinardi 3 Step Jam 34”, black stepless shaft, grip master leather grip Includes unused marching head cover $OLD Tried to capture all of the detail you need plus more in the pictures so you know exactly what you’ll get. Will ship in the original Bettinardi box. Has been gamed a handful of times, and has one mark on the edge of the sole near the toe (captured in picture). Not visible from address but, again, want to be sure everything’s out there. If you have any questions or need any other pictures let me know. No trades on this one - freeing cash for another project. Thanks for looking!
  10. That looks cool, but night putting will get you kicked out of college.
  11. It’s a good point. Not sure why I’d so immediately be hung up on the number on the club. FWIW I sent a note a couple weeks ago to Fourteen asking about those TC-7 irons and was told to expect to start seeing them before the end of June.
  12. SOLD SOLD SOLD Got a big purchase you're thinking about? Save a few bucks for nothing and help me make my purchase somewhere else! $100 PGA Tour Superstore gift card. Will sell for $90. I have the hard card but the safest way to transfer is probably just emailing the card number and pin. Screenshot verifying (numbers blacked out) below.
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