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  1. do you guys like the 901 more than the 903 and 906 that came after?
  2. Thanks for those. There are a couple I hadn’t yet seen, and a few I had. Many of those models are 5-10 years old at this point, so I guess I’d wonder if performance wise they’ll still stack up.
  3. Got a set of PRGR 2016 RS Forged. They seem to be about perfect - or at least, I’m in the honeymoon phase. The set is 5-P, and I was thinking of pairing a driving iron replacing the 4 iron. Thought I’d check out JDM to see what’s out there, but it seems like it’s just not something JDM brands do much. Am I missing anything great?
  4. SOLD | Set of MP-57 heads from 3-P in great condition, especially considering their age. Paint is custom. Serial numbers are matched across the heads Standard loft and lie to my knowledge, although have not had them checked. Picture below of specs. Will also throw in a set of Mizuno factory ferrules from cell parts that fit perfectly to make the build a little easier. If you’re somewhere else and interested, or have any questions, let me know. Happy to take more pictures or figure things out as needed. Only trade interest today is DGTI S400 wedg
  5. Project X, 6.0 flex soft-stepped once, 5-P | $OLD Only trade interest right now is Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 wedge shafts. Length is shown in pictures and goes 1/2" between clubs from 5-9, with 1/4" between 9 and PW. These play to standard length in Mizuno or PXG (down to 7, since PXG goes to 5/8" between clubs below 7). Grips are Tour Velvet 360 - definitely have rounds on them, but still have enough life to get some out of them this season before swapping. Labels are pretty new, but will also send along the extra set seen in one of the photos if you'd like.
  6. Currently in the Gen 2 PXG 0311P and poking around, came across this set. From the bits I can pick up, this PRGR seems like a great iron. Has the look of a clean players club, but is hollow and forgiving fitting to where you can get sole distance and compares more to the Srixon 7xx or Apex Pro than a MB. The lofts and hollow with something in there makes me think it would be more like the new TaylorMade P770. Anyone have experience with these? Can’t see them but considering finding a set. Would like to know if that’s accurate.
  7. My question for those who have played them - it seems like the distance of the i500 is better, but the i210 is preferred in most every other category. is the happy medium then just getting the i210 with power spec? You get the benefits of the 210 but the stronger lofts (comparable to the 500) compensate for any distance disparity?
  8. No problem - wasn’t a joke, just a reference to a Bettinardi head shape. Jam is what he calls that shape that’s like the Cameron Monterey. Never seen it with the tri sole, and didn’t see the back of yours but looks like that’s what it would be. Here’s an example.
  9. I’m in that EvenFlow now and have been considering trying whiteboard or Tensei white - how would you compare them (for you of course)?
  10. Feel like I read that there will be an option to customize color scheme for this one... presumably at a higher cost. Maybe that’s the strategy? You can have one with wacky colors, or pay a bit more to color it yourself.
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