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  1. If you are looking a Galvin Green look into KJUS as well. Galvin to me looks baggy and looks like wearing a diaper it seems but I may be wrong. KJUS looks more sleek and athletic to me without looking super baggy. It’s between those two brands for me for waterproofs. Just not sure what I want.
  2. Oh that’s good to know! What did u put in the wedge? I’m 4-PW, 50,54 in the 125X iron shaft and put the wedge 125 in my 58deg. When you switched did your feel you lost anything? Or did u gain some distance? For me I worry about spin as I was always high ball high spin. But when I switched to 125X my spin and launch were greatly reduced!
  3. Are these just a lighter version of the 125s? I love the 125s and have found nothing to beat them out! If the 115s are the same launch and spin but a little faster swing speed I may have to try them out!!
  4. Got the Black Roshe Tours for $50 on sale in my size! Been looking for a black winter shoe!
  5. For those with the P7MC how are you liking them so far? Currently gaming the Srixon 765s and looking to switch to either the ZX7 or the P7MC.
  6. Currently games the 765s and they have been great. Longest set of irons I’ve kept in the bag! ZX7s have me interested in switching. Wonder how much of a difference they would make. For me it’s between the ZX7 and TM P7MC
  7. Awesome thanks for the confirmation!!
  8. Quick question, can I take my Driver and 3 wood club heads and put them in my carry on? Headed to AZ tomorrow. I saw golf balls are ok in the carry on but didn’t see anything about club heads. Thanks
  9. I got one for my Bandon Trip in January it’s Galvin Green so it’s classy
  10. Copy yup brand new out of the box I can’t really tell on the toe when on my foot golfing but can when I look closely
  11. Anyone else’s black 270s look like this? Faded part on the toe and the glue showing on the heel? They are on both shoes!! Been waiting for ever for a re stock and finally get them and they have this. Now they are out of stock
  12. Awesome did you go with your current size or size up? I wear a L in Nike
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