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  1. Rocking my RBZ driver and woods. Got the longest and straightest balls during my fitting with the RBZ!
  2. [quote name='bpark1210' timestamp='1371372284' post='7253388'] [quote name='FlyFish' timestamp='1371366487' post='7253286'] I feel you guys. In Oregon, I was able to find grass tees to hit off of in summer. They weren't always in the best shape, but it's still worlds better than mats. You're almost better off going on a real course during twilight (when it's dead) and practicing out there. I've compiled this list from my own research of public places in the area that have grass practice tees, but I can't vouch for it as I have not visited all of these locations yet. I've gotten the fee
  3. [quote name='jamie' timestamp='1371139541' post='7231006'] I'm in the same boat...I can't find any practice facilities that I can do that. Eagle Pride (Ft. Lewis), I think has a pretty big area by the chipping areas that you can do that. [quote name='golflvr' timestamp='1371137359' post='7230660'] I just came back from vacation and played 3 days in a row and realized my distances for each of my clubs are a little longer. I want to find a practice facility where I can hit my own balls in an open area. I used to be a member at a course in the south that had a practice facility area where y
  4. I just came back from vacation and played 3 days in a row and realized my distances for each of my clubs are a little longer. I want to find a practice facility where I can hit my own balls in an open area. I used to be a member at a course in the south that had a practice facility area where you can hit shots that are 120 yds and closer. Anyone know of any course out here in the Seattle area that I can do the same thing? Obviously I can get my distances locked down as I'm playing full rounds but I would love to get at least some of my distances locked down before I head out again. Thank
  5. I had 2 bulging discs in my lower back in my mid 20s which my neurosurgeon told me I would need surgery if it didn't get any better. I re-aggravated it twice (once coughing really hard and once again while sneezing). I went to chiropractors, sports therapist, and rehab centers. Surprisingly, the thing that worked for me was my teeter hang up that you see on TV. Hanging upside down helps my discs breathe and slide slowly back in. My neurosurgeon said that he's had a few patients that have tried that and it worked for them as well. I'm sure it won't work for everyone but I'm able to go out and
  6. [quote name='bvmagic' timestamp='1367255680' post='6937937'] I feel the same way. Maybe they do this for better lighting outside? I don't know, I've always put my clubs on carpet / sheets to take pics for my ads. [/quote] +1 I know I try to take all my pictures with natural lighting which means I'm either near a window or outside. My guess as for taking pictures behind rock gardens or something similar is to add a nice background to the picture. Just trying to make their clubs stand out?
  7. I'll be going on a vacation and will be in Myrtle Beach for about 4 days. I've been reading great posts about what courses to check out but nothing about practice facilities. I would like to work on locking down my distances for all my clubs. Can anyone recommend any facility where I could do that? Would be perfect to spend the first 2 hours locking it down and then heading out for a round of 18. Tell me what you think.
  8. Yeah I also agree with West Seattle. They just sanded and aerated the greens last week so by the time you come, it'll all be settled down. Amazing views and overall a great course for a muni.
  9. [quote name='kencanuck' timestamp='1366130244' post='6857369'] Good question, how the heck did you know that was fake?? [/quote] +1...
  10. Played Jackson over a week ago. Not too bad. Had a few muddy spots but everything was playable.
  11. Damn wish they had this 2 weeks ago. Bought mine for 130. Love the watch so can't complain
  12. [quote name='brewer2125' timestamp='1363644680' post='6638941'] Maybe the solution is to get a small valuables bag (Titleist and others make them), put your wallet, keys, etc in there, and just grab that smaller bag out of you club bag's pocket when you take a break. Just a thought. I'm with the others who said it's a huge pain to lose wallet, keys, etc. - especially car keys nowawdays. Best of luck no matter what you decide to do. [/quote] That's probably the smartest idea yet. I'll look into that option.
  13. [quote name='Lefty94' timestamp='1363636231' post='6637933'] Take a look at Addidas Samba bag. I just picked one up a few weeks ago. Not sure what else your looking for in a bag, but I can tell you, half the time I can't find the valuables pocket. But as the previous poster said, I wouldn't walk away with anything of value in it. Phone, wallet and keys go in my pocket whenever I leave my bag unattended. [/quote] Thanks, will do.
  14. [quote name='espressoo' timestamp='1363626460' post='6636537'] If valuables are defined as wallet and keys, I never walk away without them in my pockets unless someone I'm playing with is standing nearby. Your bag/clubs/electronics might be worth a couple grand but losing your wallet and keys is much more stressful. Imagine having to change all the locks in your house now that some stranger has your address the keys. Car keys nowadays with the smart chip is a couple bills. You might have to get that reprogrammed or changed as well if you park your car in front of your house. [/quote] Y
  15. Can anyone tell me which of the bags have the most hidden pocket for their valuables? Looking for something where it would take someone more than 30 seconds to find it. 99% of the time it's not a big deal but there are times I walk away from my bag to go into the clubhouse etc and it would make me feel better if my valuables were in something more discreet. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone in advance
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