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  1. Has anyone been able to checkout? I have the same issues with Bag in my cart and the wheel keeps spinning
  2. Yeah it is my fault, typically I buy size 13 but I got a pair of the Tye Dyes in 12.5 to try and they fit better so I tried to get the same size here but I was looking at the W 12.5 instead of M 12.5, so I got a pair of m 11 coming smh
  3. I was able to get them too, but in my haste I misread the sizes and ordered 12.3 for women and not men DOH!!! Hopefully I can exchange them
  4. If they made the XI's with a wider toe box that would be fantastic but for us wide feet folks the V's are a perfect fit!! I would like some more ST Trainers, those are the most comfortable fit IMHO.
  5. Better to pull everything down now and fix it, I would get an item in cart and then it would time out trying to go to checkout. Dont understand how all their other pages are working fine but the new release page keeps crashing.
  6. Really loving the looks of these TSi woods!! I can't wait for some on course and tech reviews. Can't wait for demo day so I can do side by side with my TS3 shaft and compare some real data.
  7. City, State? Duarte, California Handicap? 4 Current Putter? Scotty cameron Select Squareback 1.5 Biggest struggle when putting? Distance Control What model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test? HUNTINGTON BEACH SOFT PREMIER 8 PUTTER Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? YES!! Do you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website? YES!!
  8. I have a few items up for sale, all new from the Scotty Cameron Gallery ready to ship to you Skull & Crossbones Navy HHH Shirt - XXL - $old 2. Leather Donkey Cash Bag - $old 3. White Jack the Donkey Rope Hat - Snapback - $old Pm any questions PP is jasman29@hotmail.com Thanks for looking!
  9. I have 2 different Scotty Cameron Hula Hawaiian headcovers for sale NOOB 1. 2019 LIGHTS OUT LUAU HULA GIRL $OLD 2. 2015 HULA GIRL Mid Mallet $OLD
  10. I did all the removal of the donor soles and the uppers and had a shoe shop glue them on for me.
  11. They were the same size. I have a pair of TW14 soles I wanted to use that were 13 wide but they were too wide for the upper.
  12. Hi all this is a custom pair of Nike Air Jordan IV golf shoe. This is Jordan IV mcs upper with Nike Vapor Zoom sole size is 13. They a bit to narrow for my foot compared to Jordan Golf Shoe ST Trainer Which I have 3 pair . Fit closer to the XI Jordan golf shoe $OLD shipped an PayPal’d. pp is jasman29@hotmail.com
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