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  1. I have 2 headcovers up for sale today and a Scotty cameron Cash Bag 1. Scotty Cameron Knock Em Dead Mallet $OLD 2. Patrick Gibbons Kobe Mallet $185 3. Scotty Cameron Cash Bag $OLD PM me any q's
  2. I think the sole of the Iv's dont work for the look, wish they had the sole like the ST Trainers, which I love!! I do however like them on the V's, I have most of the V's and they are to me very comfortable and don't feel clunky. I like that they are wider which is why I had to get rid of the VI's, they were too narrow for my foot. All that being said, I wear them because they are "Not" normal looking golf shoes, isnt the reason we wear the Jordans is because they are Jordans and not normal golf shoes. I have several FJ Dryjoys for that. Golf is sport and these are sp
  3. I give up, I had bag and cover, then had to remove bag, then had cover and it is still processing. why is it so crappy? I dont get it, with Swag and others they move fast and I am sure just as many people getting on there to purchase something.
  4. It sucks, i have been sitting for 4 mins trying to check out and clicked on both bag and cover right away. Trash
  5. I have a pair of BNIB Jordan V low Black golf shoes size 13 $OLD plus whatever shipping is to your zip code. PM any q's
  6. They are still Peter Yes they are still Peter Millar shirts. They do sometimes have G/Fore but the vast majority are PM shirts.
  7. I have the 2020 Brand New Golf Bag Nike Air Hybrid Black - $OLD paypal'd and shipped PM any questions
  8. I love the V's, there were one of my favorites to wear as a young man. I think they fit great and love the look on the course. Everyone has their favorites though.
  9. jasman29

    Ts2 vs. Tsi2

    I dont know if this will help, I never liked the look and shape of the TS2 driver, I did play the TS2 fairway wood though. For the driver I played the TS3 and naturally thought the progression would be to the TSi3, which I purchased and play all of 4 rounds with (typically I get fit but with the pandemic I didnt and bought site unseen/unplayed). What I didnt like about the TSi3 was the way the toe looked flared, I struggled mentally while playing with it. I didnt hit it bad but in my mind I always thought I had to turn my hands over to square it up, I tried adjusting the setting t
  10. As you can tell by my Signature, I am a Titleist Ho Ho Ho!! For the better part of my playing days I have played Titleist clubs. Throughout the years I have t played Callaway X-12 Pro irons, Taylormade irons and when I started golf I played all Lynx clubs because my favorite player Freddy "Boom Boom" Couples played Lynx. I have always come back to Titleist and the minimum gains I have had with TM woods have come with a cost of accuracy so I come back home to what I know fits my eye and feel. The new TSi line of woods is very nice upgrade and I am enjoying playing these new clubs. I have tried
  11. HI all, I have 2 clubs up for sale 1. Titleist TS3 9.5 Driver with HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 60 6.5 standard length, head has the +4 weight in it $OLD 2. Titleist TS2 13.5 fairway with HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 70 6.5 standard length, head has the +2 gram weight but can put the standard weight back in if desired. $OLD
  12. jasman29

    TSi3 or TSi2

    I have had a similar experience, I am coming from playing the TS3 to wanting to transition to the TSi3 so it was ordered for me as a bday gift without ever trying the drivers. I played the TSi3 and for me couldn't get along with the head shape so have picked up a TSi2 and really love it (looks much more like the TS3 which I loved). You need to get out and hit them both and just cause you were a TS3 player doesn't necessarily mean you will automatically be a TSi3 player. I would say the TSi3 shape is more pear shaped and the TSi2 is more rounded, for me the toe looked flared on the
  13. These guys have a few cool ones and you can also have custom ones made a a decent price. https://golficonic.com/
  14. Hi all I have several items I am looking to move Putter and Covers 1. Scotty Cameron 1.5 34in Squareback Stamped with Jackpot Johnny on the face with stock Scotty Cameron Headcover $OLD 2. 2020 Cinco De Mayo Headcover NOOB $old 3. 2020 Hazards and Horrors Halloween Cover NIB $140 4. 2016 Hawaiian Open NOOB $old 5. 2017 Knock em Dead (gamed a few time) $old 6. Patrick Gibbons Kobe Bryant $old 7. SWAG Hawaiian Pizza gamed $110 8. SWAG Stack skulls Industrial $old 9. Scotty Cameron Midsize pulled White grip $old Towel is not for sa
  15. Weekend update from Vegas!! Vegas baby vegas!!!! I continue to see the same results on the road that I have seen at my local courses. The 2 different course I played had very different green speeds but the ability to adjust easily was a testament to the look and feel of the putter. We played TPC Las Vegas (Very Fast Greens) for reference and Legacy Golf Club (Slower Grainy greens) This putter is very easy for me to adjust to the different greens speeds and throughout the entire weekend I had only 1 3 putt. Lag putting at both courses was not a p
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